Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Appreciates Pratibha

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti continues confronting Pratibha and asks why she stole money. Chaurasia mama enters and says he will tell. He gives letter to Pratibha and asks her to read it. Pratibha says it is Janjeevan hospital’s advance payment receipt. Mamaji says Pratibha paid his treatment fees. Pratibha says she will pay remaining amount after her parent’s gifted FD matures. Kunti gets emotional. Mamaji says she did not pay for his treatment. Kunti says she had already spoken to doctor and starts praising Pratibha and says she is a thief, thief of hearts. Kusum says what about 3600 rs deficit. Pratibha checks calculations and finds 700 rs electricity bill payment receipt. Prema says she paid 700 rs. Other bahus also say same. Pratibha says the all 5 bahus paid bill on Kunti’s

order. Kunti says she ordered to keep bill and give it to Kanhaiya when he returns from trip. Kusum says what about remaining 100 rs. Pratibha says auto fair is 20 rs, so 5 bahus x 20 rs = 100 rs. Panjiri says she will prepare 5 different halwas to celebrate and asks Prarthana to bless her 5 times. Pari says she will not take selfie.

Kunti infroms bahus that bua is coming to pray in mata temple to fulfill her oath after her grandson is born and daughter get married soon, Bua will try to find defect in bahus, so they all should be careful. Door bell rings. Prema opens door. Bua with her grandson enters. Prema greets her in French and continues. Bua says she spoke well, but something is missing. Pari gets sad. Bua then joins Prarthana in prapers. Prarthana does aarti and speaks in pure Sanskrit. Bua says she chanted mantras well, but something was missing, she forgot to take god’s name itself. Kunti asks Prarthana not to speak so much Sanskrit, else Bua will go up immediately. Bua continues finding defects i bahus. Pratap enters singing bhajan. Bua says his bhajan was good, but was lacking melody. Pari enters and falls on her fee. Jokergiri continues. Bua asks Pari to apply oil to her hair if she knows. Pari agrees.

After sometime, Pari enters Bua’s room and seeing her sleeping cuts her braids thinking of not to disturbing her, takes it out and applies oil on them. Kunti and other bahus see that and panic..

Precap: Kunti pleads bua to stay back. Bua says she will stay but will have only 1 meal, orders Panjiri to prepare good prasad. Panjeri brings a big thali with different prasads.

Update Credit to: MA

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