Muskaan 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak fools Bablu

Muskaan 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak pushing the cop. He runs away with Muskaan and Hanumanth. Police follows. The sheikh asks Sir ji to pay him double if Muskaan doesn’t come. Sapna handles the clients. Sir ji worries. He says Muskaan is responsible for this insult, I will never forget this. He throws his phone in anger. Rakhi calms him down. Bablu Rangeela comes and shoots at the glass. Sir ji says I was waiting for you, see Muskaan’s pic, she is hiding in some jungle, police is finding her, I m sure you will get her first. Bablu laughs and says this will be done, you didn’t say about those two guys. Sir ji says I want them alive. Bablu says you will get them alive. Ronak, Muskaan and Hanumanth board the bus. Hanumanth teases Ronak. Police looks for Muskaan. Bablu sits on the jeep. A man says I have seen

this girl going in the bus with two guys. Bablu gets the info and says I know a shortcut, we will overtake them, come fast. Police tracks the bus. Muskaan sleeps on Ronak’s shoulder.

Muskaan sees VIP and hides face. Ronak asks what happened. Muskaan says he bought me in childhood itself, but I got to know his truth now. Ronak says he is such a creep, see police has also come. He asks Hanumanth to leave with Muskaan, he will see VIP till then. He goes and slaps VIP. He says its your mistake to hit the bus. They argue. Cops look for Muskaan. Hanumanth asks Muskaan to come fast. Bablu says stop them, they are wasting my time. Police looks for Muskaan. Hanumanth and Muskaan run away. VIP says my day is bad. Bablu asks Ronak about Muskaan. Ronak asks is she Bhabhi ji, sorry I didn’t see her. Bablu says I don’t like jokes. Bablu asks conductor did he see this girl. Conductor says yes, she was here with that girl.

Bablu says he fooled me, its fine, it will be fun now. Ronak says we have to leave fast. Sir ji asks Bablu why didn’t he get Muskaan, catch her, she is very imp. Ronak takes Muskaan. Hanumanth laughs and says I recollected some comedy. Ronak says police and goons are after us. Hanumanth says I m feeling like side hero. Ronak says I slapped VIP as he came to buy Muskaan. Hanumanth says there is a well, I will go for a bath. Ronak gets Meera’s call. Meera says dad is worried for you, I m managing something, I will come back soon, when is mum coming. Hanumanth asks Ronak to have a bath. Ronak says I will talk later. Police looks for them. Ronak’s hand gets hurt. Muskaan cares for him. He looks at her. She goes to freshen up. She washes face. Hanumanth gives her biscuits. She gives it to Ronak. Ronak refuses. He says if you guys are done, we shall leave. They walk in the jungle. They reach some place. They see some people praying at temple. Ronak says we lost the bus and way, we want a place to spend night. The man says I think you guys have run away. Hanumanth says no, husband and wife don’t run, they are married, if you help us, it will be a favor.

Bablu asks the man about Muskaan. Ronak says Hanumanth and I will go jail. Bablu breaks inside the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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