Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Manish feels hurt

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish saying Naira has come home, Kartik and everyone are happy, we had havan at home, if you didn’t see this, maybe the matter is big. Akhilesh says its my pain of many years. Manish says vent it out. Akhilesh counts the number of times when Manish scolded him in front of staff, asked him to get file and phone. Dadi says you have kept account of this. Akhilesh says let me say, Manish asked me to leave clients, asked me to make coffee, ordered me to switch off AC, made me compose emails. Manish and everyone get shocked.

Manish says you have kept count of everything. Akhilesh cries and says yes, I have been hurt so many times, this is my worth in your eyes, we forget count of happiness, but count of sorrow is written on heart, I remember everything. Naira

says you would have count of other things, dad hugged you many times. Kartik says he would have held you with love, blessed you. Naira says he would have thanked you, he has praised you many times.

Kartik and Naira count many things and ask Akhilesh to tally all the things. Manish and everyone cry. Kartik says sorry to say, you are acting childish. Akhilesh says enough of this now. Kartik says stop it now. Naira says this house won’t be divided. Akhilesh and Surekha leave. Suwarna hugs Dadi. They cry. Devyaani asks shall we leave for temple, we are ready. Bhabhimaa says I was seeing this photo album, memories are like a box of sweets. Rajshri says yes. Bhabhimaa asks do you remember this. Rajshri says Dadda ji made Naitik and Akshara away from home. Bhabhimaa says we have to see many things, one thing is good, bad times will not remain forever, times will change. Rajshri says Naitik and Akshara had their loved ones with them, our kids live with us. They smile.

Naira gets dizzy and falls down. Everyone worries for her. Naksh asks what happened Naira, are you fine. He says Kartik you should have taken care of her. He asks Naira to come with him to meet doctor. Naira says no, I m fine, I m thinking who poisoned Akhilesh’s mind. Suwarna says I asked Surekha also, she didn’t say anything. Dadi thinks I wasn’t wrong, that fog was a bad shadow on my family, Lord protect us. Kirti, Suwarna and Naksh pacify Manish. Naksh says maybe someone has made him against you. Manish says no, this thing is in his heart, so he behaved this way. Suwarna says it was momentary. Manish says no, it was an outburst of many years, its not that simple, its deep. Naitik asks what, its nothing like that, don’t pay heed. He says journalist called to ask about issues in Goenka family, Akhilesh filled tender by other company name, so what, its business. Devyaani says Akhilesh is like Laxman, who stays along to support and encourage.

Surekha asks Akhilesh not to do this. He packs bag. She asks why did you get angry on Naira. He says I tried not to say anything that hurts her, she doesn’t listen, say sorry to her, I couldn’t help it, a person who is in pain, how can he hide his wounds, no one can understand what I m going through. He gets a call and says I told them everything, I vented out all frustration and feeling relieved, you had said right, we need to say its enough when we can’t take it anymore. Dadi thinks the same day and fog, what signs is Lord giving me, why does this look so similar.

Lav and Kush say we want to stay together. Suwarna says don’t worry, all of us will stay together. Naira says we shall talk to Akhilesh once. Naksh says you have to take care of yourself, this tension will affect Naira, talk to Akhilesh and analyse his problem, I can send Naitik, but this stress isn’t good for Kirti and Naira. Naira says I have held Kartik’s hand, I won’t come, everyone cares for me, nobody will stop me from leaving, but I don’t want to go. Kartik says Naksh is right, you should go, we don’t know what will Akhilesh do, I promised your brother and dad that I will care for you, I won’t break the promise, you go, once things get fine, I will come to pick you. Manish says yes go, we will talk to Akhilesh.

Naira says its my house, I will decide, I don’t want to do same mistake again, I left when my family needed me, do you want me to leave again, don’t punish me more, worry won’t end if I stay away, I didn’t come back to leave in a day, I have some responsibilities here, we have already hurt family by foolishness, even then everyone supported us, I will not back down. She says Kartik its our duty to keep family united and strong, I m not so weak to leave family in trouble, Kartik will drop me to home when my family problem gets solved. Dadi smiles.

Naksh asks why are you adamant. She says I want to stay here, this has my happiness, my recovery will be fast too. Kirti nods to Naksh. Naksh and Kirti leave. Naira says I know you are worried for me, I will not take stress, I will be here, we will find a solution together and make Akhilesh realize how much we love him, we won’t let relations fall apart.

Kartik and Naira place idol. Naira says until this issue is resolved, that side is yours and this is ours. Akhilesh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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