Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb (Episode 2)

Next morning
Suhani waked up and saw that yuvraj has already waked up
She went to washroom for getting ready
She opened the door
Yuvraj shouted – aahhh cant you knock
Suhani turned herself – cant you lock
Yuvraj – ok fine it was my mistake now go
Suhani closed the door and laughed at this situation

Yuvraj came out of bathroom after few minutes
He saw suhani laughing
Suhani stopped laughing seeing yuvraj but again started laughing
Yuvraj looked at her angrily
Suhani – yuvraj birla laughing doesng cost anything so laugh…
Yuvraj passed a smile but a annoyed one
Suhani – when you smiled or laughed last time ?
Yuvraj – i hope you know that laughing is best medicine but if you laugh without reason you need medicine
Suhani – i m laughing with a reason
Yuvraj – whats the reason ??

Suhani – you
She again laughed
Suhani – a 25 years old person doesnt know that while bathing we should close the door
She again laughed
Suhani – and second reason you are a sadu monkey just look at your face
She got up and turned yuvraj towards mirror
Suhani – forgot everything and live may be not me but find someone else now i dont know if i will be in your life or not but i will not change myself thats for sure

Suhani left from there
Yuvraj sees himself and thinks about suhani’s words
He smiles (a real one ) and thinks that he really looks nice when he smiles
He goes to dining room
Ragini – good morning yuv
Yuvraj – good morning bhabhi

Dadi – beta chalo we have to go to farmhouse for ragini and saurav’s 5th wedding anniversary
Yuvraj – but its after one week
Dadi – one week we will enjoy there come on . Everyone get ready fast
Everyone agrees

Yuvraj entered his room
He saw suhani and stood behind her
Suhani turned and was shocked to see yuvraj
Suhani was wearing a white long one peice with floral print on it
Her hairs free

Yuvraj first time looked at her and felt that she is really beautiful
Suhani – who stands like this you stupid fellow
Yuvraj – no one gets scared like this
Suhani – haan but i get any problem

Yuvraj – no and leave all this get ready bcoz…
Suhani – i know
Yuvraj – good
Suhani goes in front of mirror to get ready
She keeps her hairs ahead but her one hair strand gets stuck in her dress zip
She tries to take it out but couldnt
She looks at yuvraj from mirror
Suhani – ohh sadu monkey help me
Yuvraj – dont call me that
Suhani – ok toh yuvraj the monkey help me

Yuvraj makes a face
He comes near her
He unzips her zip lil bit and takes out her hair strand carefully and zips her dress again
Suhani feels a spark inside her because for the first time yuvraj was near her
She smiled and turned to yuvraj
Suhani – thank you sadu
She left from there
Everyone complemented her for her dress
Suhani smiled and thanked everyone

YuvAni were sended in one car alone and or else in other 2 cars
Yuvraj took out her blush ( car )
Suhani – not again sadu
Yuvraj – dont you dare tell anything to my blush
Suhani – if you like her soo much then why did you married me ??
Yuvraj – i will think about it
Suhani makes a face and sits in blush
Yuvraj starts the car

Suhani takes out a scarf and holds it in air
She sees the scarf flying and smiles
Yuvraj sees her
Yuvraj – you are actually mad
Suhani – not my fault if you have gaven me time before marriage you would have known me
Yuvraj felt bad and turned on radio
Suhani felt like sleeping and slept

Yuvraj stared at her
Suhani woked up and saw yuvraj staring at her
Yuvraj turned his gaze
Suhani’s pov….

I dont know we will be together or not but i feel that i will be with you always

End of pov…

Soon everyone reached farmhouse

Precap – i dont know…

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    Awesome epic yuvani Nok jhok was so cute

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