Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 10

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At the hospital (sorry)
Ward Boy 1: Sushant Sir
Dr. Sushant: Kya hai?!
Ward Boy 1: Aapki green tea
Dr. Sushant: Rakdo
Ward Boy 1: Sir, me, nurse and another ward boy saw Sanchi madam run outside
Sushant: Did she take her car??
Ward Boy 1: Yes sir

Sushant: I can’t follow her. Whenever Sanchi is super angry or sad it’s best to listen to her and not do what you think is right. Thank you tho
Ward Boy 1: Ok sir have a good one
At Kabir’s office
Dr. Kabir: This is all my fault. UGH

Dr. Pragya comes in…
Dr. Pragya: Nothing will happen if you show your anger… I have a patient’s file for you
Dr. Pragya walks out in anger….
Dr. Isha: I’m so scared… what if Sanchi does something to herself
Dr. Veer: Shut up Isha. Just hope nothing happens to her. Everything will be fine soon…

Let’s now rewind a little to when Sanchi had gotten into her car…
She was not able to control it anymore, all her tears were running down her cheeks. She started her car and drove off. She was quickly accelerating… 40, 50, 60, 75 MPH. She reaches an empty road and continues to drive. Big fields of green grass all around and then… she hit her break. She almost slammed her car into a tree. In front of her … MAHAKALI KA MANDIR…
Sanchi slams the car door open and then slams it again. She throws her shoes off and runs into a field barefoot and lands herself in front of the mandir.

Sanchi: Maa aisa kyun MAA aisa kyun… maine aapka kya bigara hai… kyun har pal mera ateet mere samne aa jata hai KYUN MAA!! Uss rakshas ne sab kuch bigad diya. MAA KYUN, meri zindagi bigarade… I can’t handle this burden anymore please answer me!!! My reputation was stolen… I was forced to leave my family… my life was full of happiness but why is my life worse than HELL AAJ AAPKO MUJHE JAWAB DENA HI HOGA.

She cuts her palm and pours the blood onto Maha Kali’s feet. Just then an elderly lady comes …
ED: SANCHI yeh tum kya kar rahi ho, tumhi larna hoga
Sanchi: Bebe please I can’t do this anymore… I want an answer today or I will die
Bebe: Sanchi !! Shut up.
She rips a cloth from her saree and ties Sanchi’s hand…
Bebe: You have to learn to fight!!! Prove the world that you are not weak… you are strong, you can fight, you have the right to live… FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT PROVE TO THIS INDIAN SOCIETY THAT WE ARE NOT WEAK!!! Sanchi, yeh Maa Kali hume shakti deti hai aur humara saath tab dethi hai jab hum uski sabse zyaad zaroorat hai!! She helped you 6 years ago and you found us… Sanchi… stop crying and tell me what happened

Sanchi tells her everything…
Bebe: That’s it?!?! Sanchi you are not this weak!! I know my Sanchi!! Come on, let me take you home and your dadaji will fix this up. Come on…

Sanchi follows her and meets dadaji…

Flashback to 6 years ago:
Sanchi is heavily crying. She has wounds all over her body and a few on her face. She’s complaining similarly like she was now… then Bebe and Dada come in and take her to their home, they treat her like their own and give her courage to fight against this disgusting society. She promises to come back soon…
End of Flashback

Sanchi enters their home.
Dadaji: Sanchi!! What are you doing here?!? And your palm and your feet OH MY GOD come come let me fix this.
Dadaji quickly fixed her cut.
Sanchi: Dadaji you can’t touch my feet.

Sanchi bandages her feet…
Bebeji: Now tell me what have you been doing these past 3 months??
Sanchi smiles and tells her everything from then to now…
Dadaji: We are really proud of you!! Good Job
Bebeji: Let me bring some jalebi
Sanchi: Why don’t you two come to my house and live with me?? You will feel so much more better.
Dadaji: No Sanchi, we are happy here and if we need anyone we can call you or our son. He comes to visit every month now…
Sanchi: Please

Bebeji: No Sanchi
Sanchi: Ok fine, JALEBI i missed these!!! Thank you so much Bebeji
Bebeji: Lo kaho
Sanchi: Can I please stay here for a while?? I don’t wanna go back yet please… this is the only place in the world that can bring me peace. I can be myself… I can cry, I can smile, I can complain, and I have loved ones with me
Dadaji: Stay as long as you want
Bebeji: Reason #675 why we live out here and not with our son!!
Sanchi: You two are the best people in the world!! Thank you so much

Back at Savitri Devi College and Hospital
Dr. Garv: Veer tumne soona Sanchi ki bara mein
Dr. Veer: Haa, I can’t believe Dr. Kabir made her cry
Dr. Garv: One of the nurses told me that she went to Dr. Malhotra’s office. Why don’t you ask him??
Dr. Veer: Choro Sanchi will tell us herself…
Dr. Garv: Fine
Dr. Veer: Let’s go see how Sushant is doing

In Sushant’s office
Sushant is holding himself from crying…
Veer: Sushant just let it out…
Sushant: I feel like it’s the same thing all over again… when Sanchi left for US without telling us.
Veer: She will come back, she said so herself
Sushant: I just hope she doesn’t hurt herself !!
Garv: Sushant everything will be okay… just wait Sanchi will come in smiling through that revolving door.
Sushant: I hope what you say is true bro
Garv smiles and pats him…

It’s 10 PM, Sanchi left Bebeji and Dadaji’s house and has arrived at her house… she feels much more better… Dadaji also gave her some crutches since her feet were badly cut up and now are bandaged. Kabir is near her door waiting for her. She gets out her car and heads toward her house slowly on crutches and Kabir sees her
Kabir: Sanchi!!! Where were you?!?! And what’s happened your hand is cut up your feet are bandaged

Sanchi: Get away from me you sicko,
Kabir: I am … I am …
Sanchi: I am what… now move away
Kabir: Sanchi I am very sorry for what I said I know what I had said was wrong and I take every word back please don’t be mad at me…
Sanchi: Keep your sorry to yourself, I don’t need you pity. Now move away before I take any action against you.
Kabir: I am not going without helping you.

Sanchi: Kabir Kapoor if you don’t get away then I will call the police or scream. So leave… I never want to see you again. In fact I already talked to Malhotra… I HATE YOU SO GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!!
Kabir: San
Sanchi: NOW !!!
Kabir: Looks down and walks away.
Sanchi: Hopefully Malhotra listened to my pleads. I never want to see this *curses* again in my life. I hate him with all my might…

So… it’s been awhile since we saw Riya and her party let’s see what they are up to.
Bala: Look at these pictures, don’t they look like they are dating
Riya: These aren’t convincing… we need a better picture.
Madhu: I have one!!! Kabir was just now at Sanchi’s house
Riya: That could work!! If bade-papa sees that a new doctor is romancing the best doctor in SDCH then he will surely fire her!!!
Bala: I don’t get why you hate her. She doesn’t even like him…
Riya: But she might be a thorn in my path to Kabir’s heart…
Madhu: Here…

Riya: We still need more pics for stronger evidence…
So… Riya is planning to get Sanchi kicked out. Let’s see what Isha and Pragya are doing now…
Isha: Pragya I’m so scared Sanchi’s never fallen so weak after
Pragya: I know, I just hope she is fine. What do you think made her do such a thing??
Isha: I don’t know… a nurse told me she ran out of Dr. Malhotra’s office into her office and ran out and a ward boy told her Sanchi speeded away

Pragya: Ugh, I just hope nothing happens to Sanchi… Sushant will actually kill Dr. Kabir.
Isha: Dr. Malhotra will most likely stop him
Pragya: Let’s see what happens…

At Sanchi’s place…
Sanchi: How will I go to work tomorrow?? I’m on crutches. I can’t work. I will email Dr. Malhotra telling him about my situation. Let’s see what happens.
She quickly emails him. And she immediately gets a reply.

Malhotra Email:
Dr. Sanchi so glad to know that you are okay!! I’m sorry but we really need you tomorrow. I can get you a wheelchair to use if that helps.

Sanchi’s Reply:
Okay sir also about my office

I will get it done asap

Sanchi’s Reply:
Thank you so much sir!! Good Night

Good Night

Sanchi: Okay so let me call Avantika’s men came over and got the intern room ready. So I will show that to ALL the interns… I should email them too!!! She emails all interns saying to be at A-235 at 12:30 PM!!
Okay so Sanchi goes to sleep so finally see what Sushant is telling the kids and his family.
Anita: KYA
Meera: Why didn’t you follow her??
Sunidhi: Oh my god is she okay
Sushant: It was too late when I found out, and idk.
Aryan: I hope she’s okay,

Alia: Does that mean we won’t be able to come to work with you??
Sushant: If Sanchi isn’t good then I will send you back but if she is okay then you guys can stay for half the day!!
Rohit: That Kabir uncle is BAD!! How can he hurt our Sanchi bua???
Aryan: Ya, he made Massi cry
Sushant: Remember it’s a hospital not a playground…
All kids: Yes Sir

So it’s Tuesday morning…
Sanchi arrives in her car and she find the valet ready with her wheelchair…
Sanchi: Thank you, here your fees+tip
Valet: No ma’am today no fee or tip…
They take Sanchi inside into the main lobby…

Sanchi: Okay I will go myself now thank you so much… please park my car close by okay!!
Valet: Yes ma’am
Just then Dr. Veer comes and accidentally bumps into Sanchi.
Dr. Veer: Very sorry
Dr. Sanchi: No problem
Dr. Veer(typing on his phone): Would you like me to drop you somewhere ma’am
Dr. Sanchi: My office Mr. Rude

Dr. Veer looks down
Dr. Veer: SANCHI!!! What happened yesterday, what is this wheelchair?? Why, where did you go!!!
Dr. Sanchi: Can you…
Dr. Sushant: SANCHI, what happened yesterday, why are you in a wheelchair, where did you go??? Do you know how worried we were?!?!

Dr. Sanchi: Bacha Party!! Can you take me to my office? These bozos obviously won’t!!
Aryan: Rohit Alia let’s take Massi. Massi please give directions Byee Mamu!!
Dr. Sushant: Chalo Veer
They both follow the kids and Dr. Sanchi and text Pragya and Isha!!!
Dr. Sushant: Sanchi, I know you went to your secret special spot and the nice elderly couple helped you but how??

Dr. Sanchi: I don’t wanna talk about it please!!!
Dr. Veer: You have to answer!!!
Dr. Sanchi: I was running through a field barefoot so that happens and umm I fell and cut my hand “Sorry Sushant”
Dr. Veer: Why were you running??
Dr. Sanchi: My special spot is there!! No more questions
Dr. Sushant: Bacha party chalo aapko ghar chhodo
Dr. Sanchi: Please can they stay?? They can help me stay away from Dr. Kabir
Dr. Sushant: Kids,

Kids: Promise we won’t do anything silly only follow Sanchi aunty’s order
Dr. Veer just smiled hearing the kids. Isha and Pragya rushed in
Pragya: What happened???
Dr. Veer: Running through field barefoot cut her feet up fell and cut her hand up!!!
Sanchi made a “please don’t tell truth” face

Isha: Idiot!!!
Pragya: Are you crazy??
Isha: Do you know how worried we were??
Sanchi: I’m here naa that’s all that matters. I just have one request for you guys please keep Dr. Kabir away
Kids: Bua/Massi we would like a list of people who you don’t want talking to you and we will handle the rest… Rs. 20-30 per hour

Sanchi: 25
Kids: Deal
Sanchi: I don’t want Dr. Kabir Kapoor, Dr. Riya Malhotra, Dr. Madhu, or Dr. Bala to come near me… this is Dr. Kabir’s office so just keep him away okay
Aryan: Samajh gaye Massi
Rohit: Don’t you worry. Dad can we change??
Sanchi: Restroom is right there. Ladies first
Rohit & Aryan: Of course
Everyone left and a while later the kids came out in black clothes and leather jackets…
Sanchi: I love you too, mint??

Kids: Yes please
Rohit: Can I see a pic Dr. Riya, Dr. Madhu, and Dr. Bala??
Sanchi: Yes sir…

Rohit: Got it!!
Aryan: Do you need to be somewhere else today??
Sanchi: Yes Aryan I need to be in A-235 at 12:30PM. You can ask the volunteers in the front about A-235, here take this note!!
Aryan heads to the information desk and gives the note.
Volunteer: A-235 is on the 2nd floor on your right, you got it little man
Aryan: Yes ma’am thank you!!
Volunteer: Here a lollipop
Aryan: Can I get two more for my cousins??
Volunteer: Here you go

Aryan: Thank You!!!
He heads back and gives the lollipops to Rohit and Alia too.
Alia: Any sign of Hitler
Rohit: He’s coming in 3, 2, 1
Dr. Kabir notices the kids with their lollipops he lets them in first and then goes in to find Sanchi in a wheelchair and the three kids guarding her desk…
Dr. Kabir: Sanchi are you okay?? Why are you in a wheelchair?? Your hand!!
Dr. Sanchi: ….

Aryan: Excuse me Dr. Kabir Kapoor you are NOT allowed to talk to Dr. Sanchi Massi until further notice. Please sit at your desk and

Dr. Kabir: Sanchi what is this
Alia: That is Dr. Sanchi to you Dr. Kabir Kapoor
Rohit: Don’t forget what we did to you on Saturday
Dr. Kabir: Beta this is an adult problem
Alia: Anything related to Dr. Sanchi
Rohit: Is something we should
Aryan: Be a part of

Dr. Kabir: Sanchi what is this??
Rohit: DR. Sanchi, you are not her friend, her brother, or her husband
Dr. Kabir: But…
Dr. Sanchi: Listen to the kids Dr. Kabir
Aryan: You have caused, Massi what is this word,
Dr. Sanchi: Enough
Aryan: You have caused enough damage…
Dr. Kabir: What if I need to talk to her??
Alia: We will forward your message, write it on a paper
Aryan: I will read it and forward it to Massi
Dr. Kabir: Dr. Sanchi what nonsense is this??
Dr. Sanchi: hands Aryan a paper
Dr. Kabir reads it and …
Dr. Kabir: FINE then
The seconds, minutes, and hours go by and it’s 12:20 PM
Dr. Sanchi: Kids
Kids: Yes
Dr. Sanchi: Can you take me to A-235

Aryan: Yes let’s go
Slowly the kids take Dr. Sanchi to A-235 and sees that all interns are there.
Rohit: Please make way Dr. Sanchi is on a wheelchair

The interns made a way and Dr. Sanchi smiled at them.
Dr. Sanchi: Come in fellow interns… so I’m also new so I don’t know your guy’s names but with time I’ll learn them. This is your guy’s tutoring room/chill room. This year and forward we will be allowing the interns to choose their break time. You will enter it into one of the computers available all around campus. This is an advantage because lots of doctors around campus have agreed to help you guys learn more in a specific field. Let’s say that you, blue polo, are having trouble in cardiovascular well now you can ask let’s say Dr. Veer to come in and help you understand it better. Or when it’s your break then come in here grab a snack, coffee, play some games, study, whatever. If you need some emotional help then call me and I’ll be there or any doctor that is available we can help you guys. But I have some rules. A lot of the senior doctors aren’t part of this “project” yet because DR. KABIR IS BANNED FROM THIS ROOM!!! Yes you heard it right Dr. Kabir is officially banned on Dr. Malhotra’s order and my request. If I find out that he is here because of you I will also ban you because he DOES NOT deserve to be here. If you need his help go to his office. Here is a list of doctors who have agreed to help you… that’s really all have a nice day… Aryan, Rohit, Alia… please THANK YOU
Aryan: No problem Massi

Rohit: Dad assigned us this Bua
Alia: You’re not heavy Bua
Dr. Sanchi: Ohh these are my friends kids helping me around today. Rohit and Alia are Dr. Sushant’s kids and Aryan is his nephew.
The kids take Sanchi out when Dr. Sushant comes…
Dr. Sushant: Okay bacha log time to go Sunidhi aaegayi
Kids: Aww we had so much fun
Dr. Sanchi: Come again later or come to my house, here your salary

Aryan: Thank you Massi
Rohit & Alia: Thank you Bua
Kids: Bye
Dr. Sanchi: Bye, they were amazing!! Ugh now that Dr. Kabir will be talking to me!!
Dr. Sushant: Let’s go Sanchi, we all are having lunch together…
Garv, Veer, Pragya, and Isha were already in Sushant’s office.

Sanchi: Thank you guys so much but I have a problem
Garv: Kya
Sanchi: The kids have left and Dr. Kapoor will try to talk to me
Isha: Wow you really hate him. Khadoos/Hitler to Dr. Kabir
Pragya: And now Dr. Kapoor
Veer: Ignore

Sanchi: Like that’s going to be easy
Sushant: Don’t worry Sanchi just avoid eye contact
Sanchi: I’ll try but let’s eat now
Garv: But Sanchi what did he do??
Sushant was glaring at him
Sanchi: It’s okay Sushant you guys should know but you can’t take any action or else I will stand up on my feet

Sushant: WHAT!!
Sanchi tells them everything from the moment Dr. Kabir came in that day to when she left
Sushant: THAT DR. KAPOOR !!!!!
Veer: Sushant do you want Sanchi to stand up??
Sushant luckily calmed himself down!!!
They all left his office. Pragya took Sanchi to her office…
Dr. Kabir: Thank God the kids are gone!! Sanchi what happened to you!!
Dr. Sanchi: I …

Dr. Kabir: What !!!
Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kapoor, just because the kids aren’t here that doesn’t mean that their rules aren’t intact. I made those rules.
Dr. Kabir: Sanchi what I did was wrong but …
Dr. Sanchi: First off it’s DOCTOR SANCHI to you Dr. Kapoor. Second off, I never want to talk to you ever again in my life, but unfortunately I have to talk you…
Dr. Kabir: Dr. Sanchi, I … I’m really sorry… is there anyway I can make it up.
Dr. Sanchi: Avoid me whenever you can!!!

And Dr. Sanchi rolls herself out
Dr. Sanchi: “I can tell Dr. Kapoor that you are slowly falling for me. But I will make you hate me just as much as I hate you. Promise”

Author’s Note:
Officially the longest chapter I’ve written. Hope you liked this. Please don’t hate me for making Sanchi hate Kabir. In the end it will be happy but who knows when that’s coming, we’ve got a long way.

So what did you guys think??? Any different guesses regarding her past??

And what do you think did Kabir take it a bit too far?? What will Sanchi do to make Kabir hate her so much?? Is Sanchi’s anger justified??

Also that’s really all the options for the picture if there are romantic moments I will add a different picture but for now the options are;
Kanchi in each other’s arms and Riya looking at them.
Sanchi and Kabir with show’s logo
Sanchi and Kabir, Kabir looking at x-rays
Personal preference option 2

Thank You So Much For Reading!! Have An Amazing Day !!

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    1. Palak.Sharma

      Dang!!! I agree with your point but he shouldn’t have called Sanchi shameless and disgraceful… don’t worry the hate is about to get much stronger!!!

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      1. Palak.Sharma

        Don’t worry everything will be back to normal in chapter 11 or 12 !!! Please be patient understand that Kabir was feeling guilty and Sanchis friends are worried for her

  5. RuCh23

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    1. Palak.Sharma

      No I totally understand, but right now Kabir feels guilty he will be back to the Kabir we know in the next chapter…

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