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at college:

om is not listining classes all the time he is thinking & seeing guari with some thoughts.
Guari saw this &decides to talk om.
in break time.
guari & om went canteen.
gu-can I ask u something om.
om-ya sure
gu-today I observed u in class.ur seeing only me.u didn’t listen the classes also.y.
om(tinking)-ohh…no.she observed me very clearly.how should I tell that I love her, and also I am thinking how to knowher fellings on me.how to propose her .how to tell her.
while om is thinking of this questions.
gu-om I am asking u where u were last.
om come back senses and said.
om-I will tell u in evening party.
after that they go back to classes and went home.

In OM:
All came back to home & decided what to do in party.
at evening:
Malhotra family cameto om.
elders recieved them & they are discussing on business.still malhotra princess has not come.
so boys are waiting for them.after sometime.
pinky ask to mrs.malhotra.
p-mrs.malhotra where r ur daughters ther r nowhere to seen.
before mrs.mahotra answered.there a three voices came from entrance.
all turned to see.there at the enterence three sisters are stand.
elders are mesmerized to see to see their bahus like queens.
the three are shown & they dressed like queens.
Here the three kings are also mesmerized to see their queens in an awesome way.
they welcome them.all went stepped inside in a newly weeded couple way.
first shivaay anika stepped inside with hand in hand.next rikara following ruvya.
elders feel happy to see them like that.they all are seated & talking.
sh/om/ru-not taking there eyes from there loved ones.
oberoi family signalled shivaay to propose anika tell about his love.
shivaay is getting nervous fully on thinking how will anika react.
om/ru support him.here guari&bhavya also supporting anika.

all yongsters come near pool.
shivaay& anika came forward with tension.
in unison sh/an said I Love You.at the same time elders also came and listened an d feel very happy.
In exicetment all are hugging and enjoying sucess.
gu/om also hugged in excitement .they are felling very happy.
all become and thought to discuss about marriage.even sh/an also back from hug.but is still in hugging position.
all noticed that couple.

precap>:which couple is still in hugging position. Rikara or Ruvya.????

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