Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Evil Nanda’s Evil Plans Restart

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma gets romantic with Kanak. Kanak says he is misusing their loneliness. He says he does not need anyone’s permission to love his wife and is about to kiss her when door bell rings. Kanak asks him to go and open door. He says let it be. She says there must be something important. Uma opens door and sees a mother of patient whose lie he saved who thanks him for saving her son’s life and asks to come out. He walks out with Kanak and is surprised to see new mobile ambulance bike. He asks what is the need for this. Reporters surround him and one of them says it is needed to thank his good deeds, only a few like him can help people. Mausaji drags Nanda maasi and throwing her on floor shouts she cannot be forgiven. Uma fumes reminiscing Nanda’s betrayal. Nanda tries to enter house. Uma walks in and tells Mausa he will not let Nanda inside his house. Mausa says he should give one chance for Nanda to repent and he himself will examine Nanda, if she is same evil Nanda. Uma says she can stay here, but she should interfere between his family.

Maasi walks into her room and sitting on sofa thinks they changed even her room. How can she not create problems in Uma and Kanak’s lives. Mausa walks in. She says she called him back for her work and he should just do as she says, this time her plan is very big and without Uma and Kanak’s help it is impossible. She praises that his acting was good.

Uma continues getting angry reminiscing Maasi’s repeated betrayals. Kanak asks him not to worry as Nanda or anyone cannot interfere between them, let Nanda stay here, she cannot harm them. She hugs him and consoles.

At night, Kanak serves milk to Mausa. Mausa says he will go for a walk and asks her to go and rest. He walks towards door signalling Maasi. He walks a bit and act as having nerve entrapment and shouts. Kanak runs for his help and takes him inside house. Kanak goes to Uma and acts as coughing. He gets concerned. She laughs and says her acting was good to divert his attention and tries to divert his mind from Maasi. Ambulance driver with his goon team comes and breaks mobile ambulance. Uma and Kanak walk down to check, but Mausa acts as scolding Nanda to divert their attention. Uma walks to him and asks what happened. Mausa says they will hear these fights often, so should not bother and sleep now. Once they leave, Mausa and Nanda smirk. Aditya walks in late at night. Nanda asks if he will not speak to his mother. He says he is tired of boring life and needs excitement.. They both laugh.

Precap: Uma fumes seeing mobile ambulance broken. Mausa says woman met with an accident near Gandhi market. Kanak says Uma is not at home, so she will go. Mausa smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. what with this track now CVS are hell bent on frustrating viewers Aditya with masisa????most all d serial b full of evil kanum just got married can’t they live a happy married life without masisa or aditya

    1. Mavisboamah

      My sister say it again kanak and uma just got married but there are already three villains why cvs and please just stop making seems that they are about to ? kiss ? cos we are know that they won’t . Cant this couple in live in peace for just one month by showing their romance. Anyways guy please keep watching on tv we need trp please for kanum sake and always this show is much better than other starplus shows

      1. Send them on their honeymoon pls

  2. OMG… this kanum kiss… I know this CVS are driving hooked viewer mad. Pls create the atmosphere for them to do it peacefully without and disturbs. Bolenath pls help them.

  3. What happening with script please dont turn aditya into negative characters?? he looks cute doinf funny things. ……yes this serial can run without villians n stupid separation track again n again like ishqbaaz. …..every serial has same story…..I found this serial different bt please dnt prove me wrong..n why vansh left the show if director give the every cast little space n some logical story n dialogue then it wont happen…..I think serial run for 21 min main leads can hv 12 min n rest 9 min we can see rathi family story…..oh writer ji kuch seekh lo mere se bcs I hv majored in national language. …

  4. Oh i like this serial we want to see mad love between this couple…..why indian serial dnt show gentle kiss it’s not a bad thing bt your intention should be right ……I found avinesh Rekhi is very humble n caring person……his acting just superb….n I felt bad wen I found that this actor never appreciated for his acting with an award ….guys he deserve an award….

  5. This serial can be more interesting if they dnt put unnecessary track n separation between the couple…….yes we all need more romance between the couple bt story also showing social message n awareness which is good thing……both leads deserve an award but we know the truth it’s also fixed that whom they want to give award. But for us they are truly winner….

  6. How much they try show will be off air as Trp is low, let see if this Massisa track works for them, wondered how people watch stupid Ekta Kappoorr bina sar per ki story, always on top.Here poor guys showed Uma body to attract female viewers it didn’t work I guess.It seems something missing.

    1. And who says trp is low please is f you don’t like the show better don’t come and comment anything that you don’t know we don’t have time for haters go to your favorite show and comment and as for trp this show don’t have low trp at and is trp topper for 7:00 pm also is not going off air you think ? so it will only be in your dreams. ? bye

  7. I almost miss Meera Mittal. She would have kicked Maasi and her husband out.

  8. How easily Uma n kanak gave entry to massisa in their house not making any sense yr
    And y they don’t show the full cast of the show
    Where is Masa shiv suman n other family members Yar
    Y don’t they give some role n dialogue to every actor in the show

    1. Yes Shreya the audacity of Masisa to move in KanUma house after how much torture she inflicted on the whole family the nerve That too with the old man who she can’t stand the husband & now Aditya is on his moms side too Just hope Aditya is doing this to help KanUma ???? to fish information from his Mom & mental dad Couldn’t Masisa find a place of her own why come with your tail between your legs at Uma’s house???To poison him ?? With these villains in the house how do the newlyweds romance

      1. Yes vj they ruined our sweet romantic show with all this negative stuff
        Even they r unable to show the romance of newly wed couple?
        Look at the ishqbaaz show yr they guys have no storyline no good luking pair & even I dont feel any chemistry between them bt they showcase full Romantic scenes to hook the audience

  9. Amenah faruk

    Hi viewers I’m new here I love dis show its really a good show Nd pls help kanak Nd Uma Shankar to have dere romance CVs Fe have suffer alot tnx gud nite amenah faruk from Nigeria…. ishqbaaz is my favorite show but now I lyk dis show more…..

    1. Welcome hunny hope to see you here often

    2. Hi Amenah enjoy the show n this fan page too.. gud day to all

  10. The ratio of villains verses the good guys is not in proportion Its like 4 bad guys against 2 good guys ??

  11. Oh plz send masisa n her husband to another home aditya can afford a new home for their parents. ….If not then uma help them to buy new home….zaruri nhi aafat ko ghar pr rakh ke dar dar ke jiya jaye obviously they ll not leave single minute to hurt or attack on them

  12. Hem

    what is nanda new plan ? I hope umkan don5 separate again, suspension is increase trp

  13. tsmsp going off air in first week june

  14. Hem

    its confirm news?

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