KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 7

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Shot 7
The Episode starts with twinkle and Aditi sitting in the conference room while Kavya was showing them all the work and cross checking it with twiditi …they both were waiting for another partner of KY INTERNATIONALS as they decided that they will held their first meeting today everyone else important members started coming yuvi too reached within some time and came inside and greeted both of them …

Hey girls hi yuvi said smiling while they both too greeted him …
Where is your partner mr yuvraj ??? We need to start up the meeting soon twinkle said as her eyes fixed on laptop ..

Ohh he will be here in sometime yuvi said and his eyes caught a glimpse of kunj coming inside the cabin ..ohh here he is yuvi said while twinkle and Aditi both looks at KUNJ they were shocked while kunj too reached them till then he was too shocked seeing them both …

I think we should start the meeting now as everyone’s is here Aditi said while twinj and yuvi nodded ..

The presentation were going on for the better ideas from both of the companies twinj were busy stealing glances of each other soon after an 2hrs of boring session they were done with their meeting …

So yeah this is gonna be perfect we all gonna crash the stock market let’s proceed with this idea yuvi said while all the others nodded and left from there leaving twinj and advi alone …

Kya Yaar kunj you came so late well let me introduce you to these beautiful ladies yuvi smiled …

Kunj was now getting TWIDITI it actually means twinkle and Aditi he didn’t knew that somewhere they will cross path like this he never wanted to come India as he didn’t wanted to face her ever but no destiny had some other plans for him ?
She is Aditi yuvi said bringing him out of his thoughts ..

And he is kunj KUNJ SARNA my business partner another one of KY INTERNATIONALS yuvi said …
And she is yuvi said pointing towards Twinkle …

“MRS TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA” kunj replied stretching each n every word while twinkle was glaring at him angrily this time yuvi got shocked he looked at kunj asking him if she is is wife while Kunj nodded in yes …

Now we have to see you here too Aditi said while KUVI looks at her ..well it’s nice atleast you will be Infront of us she ended while kunj smirked …

Yeah and I think even destiny wants you to be here with us twinkle too taunted him well let’s be professional she said and forwarded her hand …

Twinkle she said while kunj too shakes her hand kunj he replied while yuvi smiled and Aditi looked on not interested ..

So yeah Aditi as kunj is here so his cabin yuvi said while Aditi looked on at him ..
Well our other side is under construction and all the other cabinets were already occupied so sorry I couldn’t help she ended while kunj smiled …

Arey I can even share someone’s and I would like to share it with MY WIFE kunj said while twinkle looked on Aditi tried to interrupt but twinkle cuts off her in middle …

Yeah why not MR HUSBAND you can shift there twinkle replied kunj was hell shocked as he was just teasing her and she agreed ..

Well it’s good kunj said while all the 4 discarded from there KUVI goes to yuvi cabin while kunj sat there and yuvi looked on ..

What was that man ?? That’s why I was thinking where I saw twinkle ..huh I once saw her pic in your wallet yuvi said while kunj looked at him …

How dare you check my wallet huh kunj asked while yuvi smirked ..
Wo once I was working in your cabin there you left your wallet and I saw it waise she is hell man yuvi ended with a wink while kunj looked at him glaring ..

Huh don’t you even dare “BHABHI”hai wo Teri kunj said while yuvi smirked and sat beside him Tu toh bada chupa rustom nikla Yaar …he said smiling
Means ?? Kunj asked him …

I mean you say this dialogue all the time I don’t love her blah blah now when you got chance you demanded to share cabin with her too Haan saale yuvi hits him ..

Arey I was to making them frustrated but she agreed well it’s good thing only I can irritate her by staying in front kunj replied ..
You will never improve yuvi said while both of them laughed …
@ Aditi cabin …
Twinkle was standing near window seeing outside while Aditi was Roaming here n there she wasn’t able to understand how did twinkle agreed …
Why you agreed to him twinkle she finally broke the silence ..

I wanted him to be in front of me each n every second I wanna see him till when he is gonna stay as cool he didn’t even had that guilt he broke all my promises I wanted him Infront of me so that even my heart agrees that he is a BETRAYER he never loved me twinkle replied while Aditi looked on ..

It will hurt you twinkle don’t do this Aditi said while twinkle turned ..
I am used to Aditi now it doesn’t matter waise bhi these all are gonna end soon that they will be in some other part of world living their life and we will be in ours twinkle said ..

I believe chal let’s go and gave that sadu some space in that cabin Aditi said while twinkle nodded ..

With in no time twinkle cabin was partitioned with two tables one already of Twinkle another one for kunj her cabin was spacious enough it was all done as per kunj choice …they called KUVI ..

Thanks impressive kunj said passing a smile to Aditi while she faked a smile too they both hated each other since their childhood but just because of twinkle they were accepted each other once ..

Thank you Aditi ji kunj said teasing her more while yuvi wasn’t able to understand anything as he was “UNAWARE OF THE FACT THAT THEY ARE EVEN MORE WORSE THAN ENEMIES” ..

Twinkle knew about them and was trying hard to control her laugh on Aditi expressions to kunj ..

Let’s get back to work yuvi said and advi left from there while twinj too sat on their respective tables Twinkle started working while kunj was just staring at her …

I know I am enough gorgeous you wouldn’t need to stare me like you were seeing off for first time twinkle taunted him while working kunj makes face on her …

Huh babajiii Self obsessed he said and he too started working after knowing about other things soon it was lunch time …kunj went from there while twinkle was still working …someone knocks on door while twinkle looks at Kavya ..

What happen Kavya anywork it’s lunch time ??? Twinkle said while Kavya looked on …
Yeah mam there is a order for you ..she shows her food and kept it on table ..

But I haven’t ordered it twinkle said while Kavya looked on but he said that order was on twinkle name she ended ..

May be Aditi would have ordered okay you go twinkle said while Kavya left ..
Uff I love you Aditi I was starving very badly she said and opened the food while someone looks on from other side of door and smiled …

Foodie he murmured and went aside when sees Aditi and Ali coming they both entered twinkle cabin …

May we come in mam Ali teased her while twinkle laughed and nodded them to come she kept food aside ..

Chal it’s lunch time and I am starving Aditi said yeah even I am with lunch today I wanted to have it with you both Ali ended…

Arey who ordered it Aditi asked while twinkle looked on shocked you haven’t ordered it ??? She asked while Aditi nodded in no …twinkle looked on confused ..

Wo you keep that aside let’s have this home made parathas Ali said siding the food while twinkle Aditi and Ali trio started having it soon they were done with it …

It was hell tasty and yummy twiditi said while the trio had fun ..

Well I am taking a leave you both take care Ali said while twinkle and Aditi bid him bye …even Aditi left too as she had to complete her some pending work ..

Twinkle was still confused who must have ordered it ??? She sees the food Kunj ???? She looked on questioned but then thinks why he will order food for me it’s nothing like that let’s check where he is …she went to yuvi cabin and sees kunj and yuvi having food like hungry Caterpillars ???

See he is here and I was thinking may be he ordered it uff babajiii bas ek katl maaf kardo she said looking at kunj and then left back to work …

The whole day passed by with them taunting each other every second soon they were back to Sarna house and slept being tired on bed …
2 week later :::
It’s had been two weeks since they were back together everything was going on smooth they were very much attentive towards work kunj discovered a new shade of twinkle she was never like that who had interest in business but now the things were changed he was getting that “HIS TWINKLE” was no more HIS She was changed …

It was Sunday and they both were at home twinkle was in washroom while kunj was searching for something important when he gets an envelope he opened it and sees it contained all the pics of twinj from there childhood he sat on bed taking that and was smiling …he went into flashback ….

Twinkle was setting up their messed up wardrobe when she picks the same envelope and sees their pics she was shocked to see this many pics kunj had with him while kunj came inside his room and sees her he quickly snatches that from twinkle ..

It’s bad thing to see someone else things he said while twinkle smiled ohh so thief got caught today Haan when you took this much pics twinkle asked him and what’s yours is mine too she said arching her eyebrow while he smiled ..

No one can ever win over you he said while twinkle laughed and don’t you ever try she replied showing him tongue ..

I preserve these pics so that I can frame and we can recall our childhood memories by these pics he ended smiling looking at pics while twinkle too ..
Flashback ends ..

I thought I lost these pics but yeah it’s here kunj said with happiness twinkle came out of washroom and sees the envelope kunj tried to hide it but it was enough late as she had already seen it and ignored ..

Huh she didn’t saw this it’s good kunj thought while twinkle smirked getting ready …

She went downstairs and prepared dinner as ani was on leave somewhere she wanted to make his favourite things and yeah she made all of his favourite food … And aksed another servant to serve it on dinning table

Kunj was simply sitting when he got a call from usha he started talking but usha was each n every second was taunting him about twinkle to which he was getting more n more angry ..

Mom it’s enough don’t tell me every Second I had promised you and left her now don’t irritated me it’s because of you only I left her don’t again pressurise me ..

Kunj I was just saying don’t get too close to her what did I said more Haan you very well know she is a murderer daughter you forgot Haan she is a b…

No maa not a word word I didn’t forget anything I beg you don’t remind me those things again kunj ended the call angrily and threw it aside …

Hah no one understands me he said and went from there twinkle reached their room and didn’t found him she sees the same envelope and saw their pics with blood red eyes …

After sometime kunj back to room and sees twinkle burning something he wasn’t able to understand what’s actually it is when he got a glimpse of one of their pic he was shocked ..
Screen freezes …
Thanks to all for their comments likes and dislikes ???…
Do share your views ba byeee …
I am busy so couldn’t talk more ???so aaj k liye bas itna hi bye ???

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  1. This is more interesting than season 1 ……I love your new writing style too…..slowly slowly revealing the story……..

  2. Awesome episode…
    Post soon

  3. Superb episode di
    So twinj are childhood friends
    Kunj n aditi scene was very funny worse than enemies hehe
    Post soon so happy that u posted it muah love you

  4. Shalu Choudhary

    Amazing episode dear

  5. Wow….it was amazing I loved it…ur writing skills is awesome plz post soon can’t wait for next episode

  6. Awesome episode
    So slowly everything is getting revealed
    I think this time usha might have done something for which twinj are suffering bcz the one feeling most insecure with twinj living together is usha
    Kunj and aditi….???worse then enemies
    Twinkle burning the pics…..omg??
    This tells one thing that definitely twinkle was not responsible for any of the past happenings and I think nor was kunj responsible as he said I already left twinkle once because of u (usha)
    Well guesses aside
    Very excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Keep smiling???

  7. Fantastic fabulous mindblowing amazing awesome episode sammu
    Twinj flashback scene sooo cute
    Twinj childhood friend h
    Kunj & aditi scene awesome yrrr
    Post soon dear sammu
    Luvvvvvvv u sweetheart

  8. Anusha

    It was awesome amazing fabulous fantastic
    mind blowing
    so twinj are childhood friends interesting
    Kunj and aditi worse than enemy haha
    Twinj flashback was super cute
    twinkle burning pictures omg
    This ushi gushi told kunj to leave twinkle snd he left her may be she told him some fake story to leave twinkle
    Everything is perfect dear
    post soon
    love u

  9. Superb episode aditi n kunj scene was awesome n flash back was good I think kunj still love twinkle but duo to some misunderstandings he is not telling
    Post soon dear can’t wait to know how will kunj react
    Sorry thodi late hogayi but post soon ??☺️

  10. Really amazing epi dear……..

  11. Anaya_Ali

    Hey sameera epi was awsmm
    I just luvd it…
    KUNJ introducing twinkle as Mrs sarna part was superb personally i luvd that part…
    Waiting for nxt one
    Hope u get free and post nxt soon…

  12. awesome episode
    loved it

  13. it was amazing epi Sam…
    twinj scenes were cute….kuditi were so funny …
    this usha …kamini aurat …hmare twinj ko separate kr diya….
    waiting for next epi …
    post soon ..
    luv u

  14. Hi Sam love it twinj were super cool and awsm and kunj and aditi fight and teasing kunj and twinkle flashback scene loved it man u nailed it plsss ab jaldi post Karna love u take care psot soon

  15. Vibhu

    Superb update.
    Loved the way kunj introduced twinkle as his wife. ??
    Aditi and kunj’s tashan was mindblowing.
    Ofcourse vo khana kunj ne hi order kiya hoga.
    I think kunj left twinkle becoz of Usha’s swear.
    Can’t wait for next part dear

  16. SSK

    Amazing episode. Usha not liking Twinkle, may be one of the reason of Twinj separation. Just waiting for the flashback. I am loving it. 🙂

  17. Loved it a lott

  18. Awesome Amazing
    Seems like twinkle hates kunj with her life

  19. Kiya1234

    Fabulous episode kunj and aditi tashan ????????. Twinj in same cabin uff..
    Mrs Sarna ???????????..
    loved each and everything yaar you are the best loved it.. you never defray to amazed me.
    Dil mange more.. sorry it’s aditi but mujhe avni type hua by mistakenly…
    ?????????maafi behan..
    bye love you babes

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