Casanova (RagLak FF) S2 Chapter 6

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Ragini was annoyed as she was standing from fifteen minutes waiting for Laksh’s guest. “Damn. This is so boring” she leaned to the pillar behind placing her one leg on it. “Ragini stand straight” Karan whispered but she did not give him any heed.

“Ragini” he whispered and looked back. She was yawning not caring for what he was speaking. He moved to her and shook her. She was about to fall due to the jerk but was held by Laksh across whose neck she dangled her hands looking up at him surprised.

He adjusted his hands on her waist and stared at her beautiful face. ‘Not again’ he cursed in his mind when those two demons were ready with the violins on his either side.

“Lucky” he jerked hearing a voice and left Ragini in mid air and stood up. She was about to fall to the ground with a thud but someone supported her shoulders. She looked up to find Sanskar. She weakly smiled at him and Laksh fumed looking at them.

He held Ragini’s elbow and dragged her up. There was a pinch of jealousy in his heart when he saw Ragini with Sanskar. He rolled his eyes when Ragini stared at him.

“I so missed you” the girl hugged Laksh and drooled and Ragini moved her gaze away from him. “I missed you too Soumya” he said hugging her back. He moved his gaze to Ragini who stood unaffected.

When he could not see her with Sanskar then why Ragini was not feeling same when Soumya hugged him. He was confused. ‘Damn Laksh are you both in a relationship that she will get jealous?’ his mind questioned.

“Hey Sanky” Soumya moved to Sanskar and shook his hand. Sanskar smiled at her and gave a cold stare to Laksh before entering his cabin. Soumya stood there confused due to his behavior. “Soumya come let me introduce you to my staff” Laksh said and walked holding her hand.

Laksh was introducing one by one everyone and finally he stood in front of Ragini. She looked at his hand which was held by Soumya.

“She is” “Ragini” she interrupted Laksh and introducing herself. “Hi Ragini” Soumya shook her hand with Ragini. “Ragini what?” asked Soumya. It hurt Ragini and Laksh could see that pain in Ragini’s eyes. “It’s just Ragini” said Laksh.

“No sir” Karan walked and stood beside Ragini. “She is Ragini the superwoman” Ragini chuckled hearing him as her eyes had hint of tears.

“She manages everything related to Laksh sir single handed and best employee of the office” Ragini looked at Karan who gave her an assuring smile.

“True” Laksh looked at Ragini. “Interesting” Soumya looked at Ragini with an appreciating look. “You manage only Laksh’s official things or personal things also?” asked Soumya teasing.

“Soumya” Laksh felt it offending. “I have enough things to manage in my personal life why will I manage somebody’s personal life” Laksh looked at Ragini who answered with the confidence.

“Attitude” Soumya appreciated it. “Correction ma’am. It’s confidence” Ragini smiled and walked to her desk. “Soumya come” Laksh dragged her along to his cabin while she walked looking at Ragini who was least bothered to look at anything but things related to her work.

“So when will be my cabin ready baby?” Soumya sat in front of Laksh. “Soon” he smiled at her. “When are you going to propose me?” asked she with a glint in her eye.

He felt uncomfortable. “Soumya I need time. See I had told you earlier only that I don’t do relationships” Laksh gave her a helpless look. “You promised” Soumya complained.

“I never did. Don’t make it a issue Soumya. I was very clear that I can’t promise you anything in this. You agreed for this fling on your own” Laksh’s temper was raising which Soumya guessed.

“Okay okay baby. Cool down” she walked and consoled him rubbing his hand. Ragini looked at Laksh’s cabin and nodded her head. “Mr. Casanova. Why does he even introduces anyone as friend when he can’t spare any girl out of his Radar” Ragini placed her hand on her head looking at the file.

“Ragini come to my cabin” Laksh spoke over the intercom after sometime and Ragini walked to his cabin. Soumya was busy on her phone. “Sit” Laksh signed her to sit on the chair. Ragini gave him ‘where should I?’ look. Then his eyes moved and he found Soumya placing her legs on the chair beside her.

“Soumya” he called. “Um” she did not look up but smiled looking at her mobile. “Take your legs off” Laksh said but she did not seemed to be hearing.

“Ma’am” Ragini called her a bit loud. Soumya looked up annoyed at Ragini who signed her to take her legs off the seat. “What’s your problem. Stand and take the dictations girl” Soumya turned back to her phone.

“Soumya please” Laksh requested. But she did not listen to him and continued staring her phone and smiling. Ragini fumed rolling her eyes.

She held the chair and before Laksh could realize what was happening she pushed it and made Soumya’s legs drop to the ground. “Chairs are for people to sit. Do you even realize aaya aunty takes so much effort to wipe them and clean them” Ragini crossed her arms looking at Soumya who was watching Ragini in daze.

“Who Aya aunty?” asked Soumya. “The one in our office like everyone who earns money for their living not like some who live on the ancestral property their grand grand parent left behind” Ragini gave her a tight smile.

“You” Soumya fumed and stood in front of Ragini. “Sir. If you have dictating work my desk is just outside the cabin.” Ragini walked from there not looking at Laksh but staring Soumya who narrowed her eyes displeased.

“You are impossible” Laksh stood up and looked at Soumya. “Like seriously you are going to your assistant to dictate?” asked Soumya. “Like Karan said in the morning she is the best employee of the office and I would not like to make her sit on the chair which people spoiled with their legs” he said and walked out of the cabin.

Soumya fumed when Laksh sat in front of Ragini. “Take your note pad” Laksh said. “I’m too lazy to double work. When I can directly type on my system why will I use the note pad?” she looked at him.

“You know you are talking to your boss?” he leaned to his seat. “Have I said ever that I’m the boss?” she asked and he let out a deep sigh not able to answer her. “You are crazy” he said. “This I can agree” said she and both of them chuckled.

Karan was surprised looking at Laksh who was dictating Ragini. “Surely the sun has rose from the west today” he walked to his desk.

“Sir” Ragini called when Laksh stood up to walk after the dictation. “Sorry” she said looking in his eyes. He cocked his eyes in confusion.

“I made you sit here na that’s why” she looked at him apologetically. “For your kind info” he leaned to her. “This chair is way comfortable than the one in my cabin” he winked at her and she just stared him in surprise.

He walked to his cabin and she bit her lower lip blushing remembering his intense gaze when he leaned to her. Something was pricking her emotion less heart lately. But her mind always snapped her and reminded her of Laksh’s Casanova behavior.

She brushed her thoughts and continued her work. Laksh was talking to Soumya and in between was steeling glances from Ragini.
For a strange reason he missed those demons today who did not appear to play a new tune.


Ragini collapsed on her bed in the orphanage after returning from office. “Ragu… Ragu” Akshat walked to her and sat on her bed. Ragini sat in front of him.

“Today I learned to make something” he said smiling looking at the ground. “What?” asked Ragini confused. He folded his lower lip and forwarded his left hand fist.

As he opened it there was a small doll made up of candle. “It’s pretty” Ragini took it in her hands carefully. Her eyes gleamed with happiness.

“How did you make this?” asked Ragini surprised. “Micro Art” he smiled looking at the ground. “But you need a microscope right for this?” she asked confused.

“My new friend gifted me that” said he and Ragini looked at him confused. “Who is that?” asked she. “He is very good Ragu. You know I met him last month in park. He has become my best friend. He gifted me microscope” said Akshat happy.

“But Popu. This is costly gift na. We should not accept such costly gifts from our friends” said Ragini cupping his chin.

“But” he pouted cutely. “Okay fine. I promise you I will buy it for you. From this month’s salary you can return the money to your friend okay?” asked she and he nodded his head.

She moved forward and covered him in her embrace and he smiled staring the ground. “My bholu Popu” she kissed his hair and his smile widened.

“Ragzee food” they heard Pakya’s voice. “Come” Ragini held Akshat’s hand and both of them walked to the mess where all had seated for food. All of them thanked the almighty in the nun’s guidance where as Akshat was as usual playing with his cutlery.

Ragini opened her eyes and looked at Akshat. She nodded her head and held the food morsel in front of him and he ate it staring down.

She wiped the food near his lips with the napkin and him the remaining food. After that she ate her food and Akshat sat there playing with the spoons.

“Akshat get going” Sister Rashmi called from her table when she saw Akshat still in his place. “Just a minute hitler. I’m taking him” said Ragini raising her hand.

“You know right they both need extra time to finish food” Janaki looked at Rashmi. “Next batch is waiting Mother” said Rashmi. “Five minutes will not starve someone to death Sister” Janaki said. “You only spoil them” Rashmi complained. “I only love them” Janaki smiled and Rashmi smiled nodding her head.

“Come come” Ragini dragged Akshat with her as soon as she finished the food. “Ragu chew the food properly na” he said running behind her. She stood outside and chewed the food completely.

She choked on food and started hiccuping. Akshat looked around helpless. She found a glass of water in front of her which she grabbed and gulped the water in it. Pakya smiled looking at her. “Thanks Pakya” she said relaxing.

“This is all due to me na Ragu?” Akshat asked pouting. Ragini turned to him. “I will eat my food from tomorrow” he said sad.

“But my food will not be digested na Popu” she held his shoulders. He looked confused. “I feed you because it is my digestion therapy” she pulled his cheek. “Really?” asked he widening his eyes still staring the ground.

“Hitler says you haven’t heard if she doesn’t scold me her food will not be digested?” she snaked her hand across his neck. Akshat nodded his head. “Like that only if I don’t feed you my food will not be digested” Ragini looked at him. “Oh” Akshat said and she hugged him. He patted her back and she smiled at the weird way of her Popu’s emotion expressing.

“Now sleep time” said Ragini walking to his room. “Story story” he jumped on the bed and clapped his hands. “Okay” Ragini made him lie and sat near his head caressing his hairs and narrating him a story.

She kissed his head and walked to her room when he fell asleep.

She lied on her bed facing the ceiling and the day’s happenings flashed in her mind. A smile crept on her lips. She turned hugging the cushion and closed her eyes waiting for the sleep to cover her.

Soumya is from Ikyavan
Hello guys.

I know I’m too irregular but will try to be regular with this story.

Thanks for being patient with me.


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