Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritu has died

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says you died. Tara says I only kill. Arohi says you got shot and that body. Tara says that’s so easy for me. You will now see how I take my life and deep back from me. Your game is over. I will kill you. Aorhi says he loves amd he will never be yours. Tara says he only mine. He is playing this game with you. Tara grabs her and is about to stab her. someone comes and takes Tara with him.
Deep comes and says Tara where were you lost? She says where were you.. I was so scared. He says let’s go. Arohi says in heart is deep fooling me too? Tara says Arohi you have ot pay for taking my love from me.

Arohi and DEep are asleep. Aroohi wakes up and goes downstairs. She says why are lights off. she sees makeup there. Deep comes. He says what happened? Arohu says why are lights off and what is all this stuff? He says this is of mummy ji. Lets go sleep.

Scene 2
Next morning Arohi sees fainting medicine in Deep’s bag. Deep comes nad says you will find what you are looking for. Its a surprise. Deep takes Arohi somewhere. Its a restaurant. He says its the same place we came for our first date. She says thanks for this surprise. They sit down and have lunch.
Arohi mixes the fainting medicine in Deep’s coffee. Deep picks the cup but doesn’t drink. A waiter falls. Deep says are you okay? He takes the coffee. Arohi faints. deep says are you okay? She says I.. She faints. Deep takes her home. He says do you want water? She says I wanna sleep. Deep goes out.

Virat comes to Roma’s room. She says you are mad at me. you will hold all our projects from now. Its all yours I am sorry. Prithvi steals the file. Roma says where is the file. It was on bed. Roma says what. Virat says you are fooling me again? She looks everywhere. Prithvi says there was no file here. She opens locker, File is there.

Deep is jogging. Deep says you.. I asked you to stay home and rest. She says lets sit. Our life is being played. He says I wont let this happen. He says I loved to jog with you. She says lets do the next favorite thing. Deep says lets go for long drive. She says you still remember? He says yes but you forget things. She says just like you can’t see things. They go on the walk.

Virat says to Prithvi roma thinks she was fooling me with these papers not knowing that we replaced the file. Prithvi says we need to be careful. He says I am always ahead of her.
Deep drinks and says all jogging waster. He sits with Tara. She says are you the same deep who loves me or have changed? He says what do you see? She says there is a change don’t know good or bad. He says why I feel like I met you after long. she says your heart wants to tell me a truth. He says you think I lie to you? He is about to kiss her. She says true love is about doubts. He says we are here to start anew. Cheers to that. you wanna know whats in my heart.. I love you, Arohi. He falls asleep. Tara is angry.

Arohi wakes up adn recalls everything. She is dazed. She says this means deep is with tara. Where is he? Aorhi comes out of house to look for deep. Someone informs Tara. Arohi faints on the road. She wakes up dazed and looks around. tara says arohi.. This was all my game. She says this is my trap. why don’t you understand that you can never win from me. You didn’t come here I brought you here. You are in the trap now.
Tara says in ritu’s voice Arohi save me please they are killing me. arohi is dazed. Tara laughs and says I was calling you as Ritu. Arohi says where is bahbhi. Tara says you brought deep here as well. Tara says I forgot to tell you she is dead. She shows deep shoot her. Arohi screams and falls down.

Precap-Arohi and Deep are on the cruise. Deep is on the same cruise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I know that it is someone else but not deep who is helping Tara
    He is the same person who helped Tara in keeping an eye on Aarohi when she kidnapped Nikku
    He was also involved in showing Tara’s fake death
    He was also the one with Tara who asked the goons to attack Aarohi one of the goons put the blame on Aarohi

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I doubt same… all 3 have differ motives of revenge… So may be deep is not helping tara, but we can’t say about writers…

    2. Hai are correct.

    3. hii imm i agree with u but we don’t know what is going to happen in last

  2. Why there ‘Mr unknown person’ are always on the side of the antagonists and play drastic game with them
    Why can’t they show the Mr unknown person in Protagonists side
    Now Aarohi will believe that Deep is helping Tara but it is Mr unknown person
    Pls Aarohi use your brains and try to get through this Mr unknown person and pls try to distract Tara and Mr unknown person so that they don’t get the chance of conspiring against you
    Ur overall revenge journey will go waste because of this Wicked Tara and Mr unknown person
    And pls makers show the Mr unknown person in Protagonists side as well
    Aarohi u always had coverup plans try to fool Tara and Mr unknown person

    1. The unknown person is non other than Arjun himself as I strongly believe that Arjun has double role one is deep and other is helper of tara

      1. Hi Pks it could be..and the funny part Is even i was thinking about it but felt it was too stupid& completely not logical???looks like we think the same???

      2. Hai pls.may be your guess is correct.

    2. It was a good episode when deep say i love you i was sure that he was thinking about arohi its good that tara hear him. Now tara want arohi to kill deep or the trap him to get deep back on her side, deep and arohi have to join hand against tara but deep i’m consufed i feel like he want to end tara life. What do you think ? He bring her to london to kill tara but she’s arohi, or he want to end his own life i don’t know, i don’t think that ritu die i supose that deep send them this video with ritu help to protect her and niku so richand family think that there are dead. We will see next but this time i think that deep will be on arohi side. Even if he is on tara side now tara know that he really love just arohi

      Very good, tara really smart to make arohi against deep to regain deep loyauty, now she can say see arohi was fooling you all time, she don’t love you she want to end your life.

      1. Agree with you.

      2. hii arohi&deep i agree with u i also thinks same

    3. Yah right Imm now only these people are making our doubts clear..but in an interview aalisha said that there will be an entry not sure whether its new or not not I can’t think is it some1 we know or not????

    4. Agree with you.I want arohi be strong and face all the problems.

    5. i agree imm i wish there would an mr. unknown on arohi’s side also

  3. I feel there could be a look a like of Deep or Deep is really helping Tara or there is someone who is helping Tara. Who is the person helping Tara? I am getting goose bumps after knowing that Tara is alive although I somehow felt in my heart that Tara can’t die so easily. However I pray to god that Aarohi should win in her revenge and not Tara. Tara should die. By the way how long is this show? Because when I saw first few promos of this then I felt that it gave a hint that show will end with Aarohi winning completely in taking her revenge. But when will this good news come so?

    1. Same question here.may be this show end in June.

      1. Hi Rhivanya,, is it true,, did this news came in any spoilers?

  4. As I strongly believe that Arjun has double role. Deep is not involved in Tara’s plan. Do u think like me

    1. i don’t hope that it’s too much so what arohi as a doppleganger and deep and who else virat !! jUST arohi as a double role of arohi and tara i don”t hope deep die so easly

    2. I do but doesn’t it feel funny two pairs two doppelgangers how the world could it be possible we get two look alike in one frame im I’m just imagining it????

    3. Oh no.I don’t want arjun play a double role.let see wt happened next.

  5. As per spoiler deep will die in upcoming episodes in London.

    1. really ??? this spoilers is sur i don’t think or this is his game no ? Arjun will leave this serie i don’t think because if deep die this serie die too even if they introduce a new look alike of deep it’s a veryyyyy bad idea, i hope isn’t true.

    2. Without deep show not interested. Am only watching for arjun and Alisha this news is fake mean am happy.

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    Uffffffff, deep, tara ya aarohi kun hoga shikar london trip ka… Hope aarohi jeete na ki tara… And deep plz realise ur true hidden heart feelings….
    And aarohi is such a big dumb, who plan well, but get over confident and sometime believe everyone easily and blindly …
    I knew aarohi bhabhi is dead…. #dumbaarohi

    1. Hai guess also arohi Bhabi was die.yes deep love arohi from heart.but he hide the truth from others.

  7. Maybe there is a look a like of Deep or Deep is the one who is involved with Tara and he is again pretending to be with Aarohi or there is a third person who is helping Tara. I agree with Imm that why can’t the protagonist have the unknown person to help them? Why does the villain always get one ? Aarohi should not fall in any trap or fall weak anyhow. She needs to be strong and cunning again to come out the trap Tara and her unknown person is setting up for Aarohi. I was not surprised to see Tara alive because somewhere in my heart I knew that Tara can’t die so easily, but I am angry that the makers kept Tara alive. Why can’t Tara die? By the way how long is the show? I like the show but according to the story plot I heard is that the whole story will be complete when Aarohi will win in her revenge. Aarohi should win not Tara. Please makers show Aarohi as emerging winner in this London special episodes!

    1. Hai shinjini.I hope arohi win this battle.

  8. Maybe Tara’s helper is Aarohi’s bhabhi. She’s not shown dead in front of anyone live. It must be a game.
    I am not able to understand update well today. There are some mistakes. Where’s Dhara? She would write better for understanding.
    And I’ve found one grammar point from the name, Aarohi. We can use “ROHE” instead of “AAROHI”. Pronounce the alphabets and they will match!

    1. Yah could be..i just have multiple things on my head it seems to burst.. s it deep’ s humshakal or Aarohi’s bhabhi or someosomeone new or someone old??????

    2. Hai critic.I don’t think unknown person is arohi Bhabi. But someone help her.

      1. I didn’t watch the episode so I thought that. Since a few days I am seeing temporary changes in Deep’s character. I too think Deep has twin or doppelganger as well. One who loves Aarohi and the other who helps/loves Tara.

  9. Hello friends.
    Fabulous episode. I love today episode.
    I like deera scene.
    Best part:deep said I love you arohi in front of Tara.that scene arjun is so cute.
    Best dialog: Tara said: kabhi tum se pyaar kabhi tum par taras.
    I don’t think deep kill arohi Bhabi. Who help Tara? Am sure that person is not a deep.I like title change into Tara may be that scene shown in afternoon episode.
    Goo night friends.

    1. me too Rhivanya missed tara and also deera scenes. lovely episode and agreed all points of yours and tara was happy when deep said “i love you” but poor tara she didnt know what else were there for to store in and deep remembered aarohi and uttered “aarohi” then tara’s anger but i expected tara to slay deep for that but for my astonishment me she didnt do that…deep was confused with tara’s behavior and he realized he had met her after a long time (it shows he isnt planning with tara but dont know how the cvs will change it)

      1. Hai nabs.every character always confuse us.

    2. hiii rhivanya agree with u

  10. Hi everyone I liked the episode yesterday’s update crossed 50 comments the show is getting interesting day by day after Taras return it’s a long time we’ve not hit a century but hope we will soon…i can remember we twice crossed 1250-1500 too hope days like that comes back..ok back to the point Imm has cleared and explained most of my opinions so..???sad thinking Aarohi doesn’t have anyone to help her except deep which I’m yet not sure will he help but although I know he loves Aarohi??even Tara got to know that today??..again to the track thinking who this mystery person could be??? why is he/she helping Tara??do we know the person?etc I just cant bare this suspense anymore?? but hope London track will stimulate the story waiting for ardeep to Unite but love Tara..but one more thing Aarohi boasts that she has come from the university of jail blah blah? but why can’t she understand such a play?..cant she think that she did the same thing with the raichand parivar like really Aarohi is becoming weak and lifeless day by day??.she used to be so independent&strong but hence forth couldn’t do a single thing without chavanni’s help..hope the cld make the characters stiff or smooth (to me Aarohi is none of them she is neither strong as she always falls for small traps and she’s not innocent as well and isn’t portraying a passion on love) I don’t know but this is what I feel..yourll can give your opinions I don’t mind??

    1. Agree with you.arohi is so week.I hope upcoming episodes she will be strong and take a revenge from enemies.

      1. hope so

    2. hiii nabs in my opinion arohi is trying to take revenge and be strong but she is not cunning like tara mastermind like deep roma and virat so it is difficult for her plus she is all alone in this no one is here to support her or take care of her except chawani who is a kid she need someone strong and smart to help her in all this

  11. When he say i love you … arohi i was like ohhh so cute

    Do you think that is vedika who help tara ? she is alive AND SHE help her sister or not ? i wonder who is him we know him or her ? Who can know tara and arohi truth and help tara ? Tara real father’s or deep doppelganger loool ?

    Just imagine if the all story show us at last tat there is no arohi and no tara just the same person with doble personality loool i know there are many incoherence but inspector laksh after we see that he is virat and tara’s brother is not logical too i don’t want this story just imagine i like the twin story too

    1. To find logic in this show is illogical for us. There are so much thing that the writer himself can’t answer

    2. i was thinking if it was aarohi in that place what would have she thought or done

    3. Vedika is not a’s my guess.but who help her. I can’t guess it.

  12. and yeah Pks had written in the previous update about arjuns time slot totally I agree in fact i was also thinking about it and was upset as an arjun’s fan..i had made some stupid calculations about it too. normally the drama shows only for 20 mins and Deep Tara Aarohi and supportive characters all together 4 so 20÷4 = 5 every character should minimumly get 5 mins each but normally the supportive characters even takes arjuns time deep is nothing like a supportive role (not in the London episode) yah but hope the cvs will stop showing stuff like Aarohi walking searching but it was shown to make us realize Tara had an eye on Aarohi as a clown following her everywhere..we as viewers want to see equally parts of Deera and Ardeep ??..sorry if these updates hurted anyone or too long to read I just wrote everything which came to my heart

    1. Yah thanks nabs, but after today’s episode I can feel it is Arjun with a different character who helps tara secretly…. I mean if Arjun may have double role like Alisha then it would be a interesting turn if the writer can handle it

      1. You know what Pks I think we think alike I was literally thinking but you are the one who writes it..anyways deep double role means the characters would get a good time to play..and what about the spoilers it says he does right(deep)??

      2. sorry dies*

    2. Hey nabs.don’t say sorry. Your view is correct.

      1. tnx Rhivanya

  13. I am liking this show.Big round of applause for Alisha and her double role acting????

    1. Hai Manu.I love Alisha am big fan of her.

  14. Tara playing games with Aarohi. The video seem edit Aarohi trust that video. Deep:I love you Aarohi finally he confessed his love when deep say i love you at that time i really miss my Aarohi After watching today episode there is many question in my mind.
    1)Who help tara he is deep and someone else
    2)If deep help tara why he says I love you Aarohi.
    3)Precap confused me more

    1. yah right i was much confused with the precap too what did deep take is it deeps doppelganger or is it deep…and did aarohi just again poison deep
      for your no2 question im damn sure he loves aarohi we will have to see…and same confusions

    2. Hai zain.I dont know who help Tara.but not deep.

  15. Salley145

    ..keep it up Deep

    1. Maybe deep will faint his death to escape from his life with tara he is preparing something but what ?,

  16. If deep had a double role and he will fall for arohi then it will be fun to watch real deep reaction. Who else agrees with me?

    1. me me, i really want deep to be jealous i dont know why i like jealousy tracks its really fun

    2. Yes it’s really fun.

  17. Naman pandey

    How it is possible that tara comes back & deep is helping her in all the matters

    1. hmm not sure but deep shot tara in the leg thinking it was aarohi and we all had anyways had the thought tara couldnt die so easily as she was the one whom the story starts for…..about deep helping her cant be that sure is he helping or who is helping we will have to continue watching to know that

    2. It not possible.

  18. I really want Aarohi to fool Tara and conspire in such a way that the Mr unknown person cannot do anything or else he has to reveal himself and I really want Aarohi to hold him/her in her captivity so that she misguide her to her defeat
    Or Aarohi make Tara faint and act as Tara use Mr unknown person

    1. Nice thought Imm as I agree with you in this completely. The show maker should not show Aarohi falling weak in between. They should show Aarohi cunning like Deep and Tara are. By the way how long is this show?

    2. Nice idea.

  19. friends i have a doubt if aarohi came with tara’s passport in which passport did tara come in…

    1. Even if I have that doubt also…but u know there are many more illogical scenes in this show

      1. Yeah true..confuses me more when I think about it?

    2. It’s Alisha passport nabs.???

      1. Good one Rhivanya???????

  20. Hello guys, I just got the gossip that Deep and Tara are together. They both planned the entire thing to end Aarohi’s chapter forever. However I hope Aarohi will find a way to come out the trap and make a strong plan against them to fight back. Oh show makers please show Aarohi as the emerging winner.

    1. Oh no! It’s a sad news for me.

    2. Deep always protect Tara that’s true but what u said will never be true after I saw latest episode… where the real tara and deep were talking..
      Deep said how can u wake up soon..u just sleep now (at the time of jugging). And ……..
      Deep said I love u……arohi
      It indicates deep is not involved in Tara’s plan…it someone else

  21. Is it true that arjun going to quit this show.please reply me.

    1. May be….. In the latest promo arohi shot at deep…….and Arjun will host dance diwanee from June 2

    2. Maybe,,, Arjun himself confirmed he will be hosting new show from June but he didn’t mentioned about exit to Deep character

  22. In latest promo arohi killed deep with her gun

  23. Why was it being stated as “Inteqam ke is akhari padav per (last stage of revenge)”. Btw did anyone notice the man in hoodie running away with tara, because in London promo, there was deep in hoodie with same badge on arm, if I am not wrong. But hearing combo between deep and tara, it doesn’t seem that deep is helping her and tara is so good in mimicry. So the alcohol scene was for deep and tara not arohi and it was deep who confessed not arohi.

    Link of the new promo??? I don’t think so the promos always seems to be misguiding

    1. Yes nabs promos are always misleading in this show
      But I got to know Arjun has got a big holiday from the show…what does it mean( hope it is just a rumour)

  25. Whenever I had seen Aarohi brave it reminded me of Anandi from Balika Vadhu the way she faced the Difficult situation in life changed the thoughts of Dadisa fought against child marriage her talks always won the hearts of others
    But Balika Vadhu became horrible
    When that goon Akhiraj snatched her daughter Nandini when she was of 3 months and got her married to his son and because of the cheap dragging
    1) Mangala giving false promises to Anandi that she will cure all the poison from her Daughter Nandini’s mind but in turn filling more poison in her mind against her mother Anandi she always tried to hide her real identity
    2) they just vanished jaitsar and Badi haveli family like Jagdish Ganga and their kids in season 2
    3)Shivam and Nandini the twins sibling seperation
    4) Nandini’s life upturned by Kundan, Akhiraj son Nandini was shown so foolish scared all the time and this wrong track led to fall in Trp
    Which led to end of show

  26. Some spoilers say !!!!!! don’t read if you don’t wanna know !!! Some spoilers sayed that deep is mastermind he is fooling arohi knowing her to be arohi not tara but i don’t know if tara is involved or she has her own game. All this is confused so much i don’t what to say or think about deep, let’s see what he will do i really hope somethink logical happen and i wan”t to undersand. There are trying so much to do suspense track and other think that they don’t see ower point of view. I hope before london track end we will understand deep once at all

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