Tu Mera Hero 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind asking Surekha to say the keys’ truth. She sees Titu and asks him to run, by saying indirectly. Mukund tells Rekha to see Titu. Govind sees Titu and he runs. He asks Mukund to get Titu. He tells Surekha if he does not get keys till the puja, he will not leave Titu. Rekha acts sympathizing to Surekha and Surekha taunts her. Rekha gets angry. Titu is running, as Govind is after him. Panchi walks by his side and his hand touches the keys hanging to her waist. They don’t see each other. Titu waves other girls and smiles.

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Panchi leaves. Titu talks to Pinky and Golu and jokes. They see Keshav coming and ask him to run. They get inside the Radha’s makeup room, and Keshav looks for them. Pinky asks Titu to do something. Titu acts lazy and yawns. He asks Golu to manage Keshav. Pinky asks Titu not to sleep. Surekha thinks where is Titu. Keshav looks for Titu and sees girls getting ready in makeup rooms. Mathura Das welcomes everyone in the Krishna Leela. Everyone clap for them. He says the time you were waiting for, its ending, and we present the magical Krishna Leela.

Titu gets ready as Radha, and all makeup, and costumes are done. Titu smiles. Nikattu…………….plays…………. He thanks Abha and says I m doing this to find the keys. Abha asks him to get the keys fast and they have to perform as Radha. He says yes, I can’t be in this role for long, I will come soon. Pinky says Keshav can’t identify you, all the best. The Krishna Leela starts. The play goes on. Titu bumps into Keshav and talks like lady. Keshav stops him. Titu hides his face. The girls see Titu as Radha and take her on stage. Panchi holds Titu and senses him. She smiles and leaves his hand.

They bring Titu on stage. Keshav tells Govind that he could not find Titu. He gets angry. The play turns hilarious as Titu does not know any lines. He sees the keys with Panchi, who is doing Daasi’s role. He thinks it means Panchi has the keys. Panchi asks Titu to say his line. Titu says stupid lines and everyone laugh. Surekha says see, today’s Krishna Leela is so entertaining. Titu tries taking the keys. Govind asks Surekha when will Titu come, where are the keys. Surekha says see Radha, if Titu has any sister, she would have been like this. Titu tries taking the keys. Golu says this Radha is like Titu. Pinky says its Titu. Golu says we will die now.

Surekha says this play is very unique. Govind says you see good in every wrong thing, when will Titu come. She says he will come. Titu says when fate is bad, rose looks like cactus and says shayari. Panchi smiles. They perform the dance. Radha Rani…………plays………….. Titu and Panchi dance along with other girls. Everyone clap for them. The panddit says we get peace celebrating janmashtami here, and asks Govind and Surekha to come on the stage and donate the people. Govind says we don’t have the keys and gets tensed. Tnhey go on the stage. Rekha and Mukund smile. The pandit asks Govind to take the keys and do Shringaar of Vasudev. Govind and everyone are shocked.

Govind gets angry on Surekha and removes the cloth from the plate. He is shocked seeing the keys. Surekha gets glad. Titu smiles seeing them. Govind holds the keys and everyone thank Lord. Surekha says see my Titu has kept your respect. He thanks Lord.

Govind scolds Titu and Surekha defends him saying he is innocent. Govind says I have taken the decision, Titu will go to Agra to his Chacha’s home. Titu is shocked.

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