Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying we will tell everyone that Sandhya has gone to stay with Ankur. Babasa says its almost over now. Bhabho says no, they are annoyed. Meenakshi says about Pushpa and Dilip, they did not call when you were not here. Bhabho says I will call them. Chavi gets tensed and says how will we manage the function. Bhabho says we will manage. They have a talk about the function and Sooraj comes. Bhabho tells him about the function. Bhabho says she wants to do Meenakshi’s baby shower. Sooraj asks her to invite everyone and do anything you feel right. She asks everyone? Will you mind if I call Sandhya. Sooraj stays silent. He gets a call and leaves.

Ankita asks Bulbul not to have more sweets. Bulbul says its very tasty. Ankur says let her have it. Sandhya smiles seeing them. Ankur says Bulbul will have Scotland pastry too. They smile and ask Sandhya. Sandhya says I know its big chance for us. Ankita says it means we will holiday in Scotland. Sandhya says I did not take any decision, I need time to think. Ankita sends Bulbul. Ankur asks Sandhya why did she not decide, its big decision, think about your career. Sandhya says I need time and leaves. Ankur says she is mad and has hope that Soorak will call her back, where did her self esteem go. Ankita says she did not refuse. He says she did not say yes, she is becoming weak in Sooraj’s love. I can’t see her like this.

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Mohit is angry about Vikram and Meenakshi’s taunts. Emily pacifies him. He gets a call and says I will come on time, thanks. He tells Emily that he got the job, and its big company. She says how did this happen when you did not give interview. Its morning, Bhabho removes the shirt button. Chotu asks why is she doing this. Bhabho says Sooraj will think about Sandhya, take this shirt to Sandhya. Chotu says I understood. Sooraj comes and they change topic. Sooraj says its my shirt, where are you taking it. Bhabho says the buttons are not there, I asked him to take it to tailor, I can’t stitch now, and Meenakshi and Emily are not free.

Chotu asks Sooraj to drop him at Sandhya’s home. Sooraj asks him to go by rickshaw. Bhabho says how can you send him alone. Chotu says I don’t know Ankur’s home. Sooraj agrees and takes Chotu. Bhabho says Sooraj can’t hide his love for long, your heart is made of wax, till when will you hide. Mohit gets the job and asks how did he get it, when he did not give interview. The boss says we have experience and we are hiring you for 6 months. Mohit says thanks for the trust. Ankur says I have called you here Mohit. The boss says Ankur is our regional head. Mohit says so I was thinking how did I get job, I don’t want this help.

Ankur says I m not asking you anything for this, you can leave this job, I m no doing this to ask you to get Sandhya back home, we have ended the relation from our side too, if Sooraj and everyone comes home to take Sandhya, I will not send her back, I did not offer this as you are Sandhya’s brother in law, I offered this job for your capabilities. Mohit is stunned. Sooraj’s scooter breaks down. He asks Chotu to get down and checks it. Chotu says Sandhya’s home is close, what will we do now. Sandhya comes there in her police car. Sandhya gets down and looks at Sooraj.

Chotu asks shall I go to study. Sooraj says yes, remember you are going just to study. Sandhya says come, lets go and study. She sees the scooter keys and says there are many people to remind me here, and reminds him to move keys to start scooter. Sooraj says I will manage. Sandhya sends Chotu. She says I know you have solution for all problems, but you can take anyone’s help. She repairs the scooter. He recalls the last time she repaired the scooter. Diya aur baati him…………..plays………. She starts the scooter and he stares at her.

He sees black mark on her nose and says my nose will not get short by taking help, but someone’s nose got a mark, see. He shows the mirror and she sees her nose. She recalls this happened last time too. She cleans it, and he gives the kerchief to her.

Bhabho says I did not say anything when you made Sandhya leave the house, I want to see my family together in the function, call Sandhya once for my happiness.

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  1. Ankur don’t be fool and make any mistake..
    Let Sandhay and Sooraj resolve their issue by themselves.

  2. I hope sandhya and sooraj join together shortly like diya baati

  3. I think the writer is out of his wits and has made this soap a soap opera now. Like Saathiya, this has become a rather drag and has no logic left. The hijacking to sandhya leaving and then loan taken etc. Is such a dim wit stuff.. Cannot and will not watch this any further ..

    1. I totally agree with Mohit. Don’t know what it is with the Indian serials -they start out well but make a right hash of the story line. It would have been better to have ended on a high rather than ruining the series which was otherwise one of the best on TV. Guess the producers think the audiences are right idiots.

  4. I hope Sandhya accept the job in scottland. Mean while , due to family crisis No good ,Kamchore they put Kamchore Babasa ,and Mohit to work.since alone Suraj can not take care of whole family -without- since he lost Halvai shop. Babasa learn lesson whitout Sandhya nothing is possible and he bag Sandhya to come home,on the opther side Sandya and

  5. bhabho… word to say how cute u r………..bhabho is rocking…

  6. when the serial end….pls be logic

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