Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rachna calling Suresh and asking about the party and if he will come home and have food or in party itself. Suresh stammers and says party is really good and couple are really good. Rachna asks what happened to him and if everything is alright. He says Bulbul is getting married and says he did not expect much in life and wanted to marry Bulbul, but he is a loser now. Tanu hears his conversation and thinks she should take this secret into her favor. Rachna says Suresh that he is not a loser and will get a better girl. Suresh enters Pragya’s house back.

Pragya searches for Suresh. Abhi asks what is she searching. She says Suresh. Abhi says he must be somewhere around enjoying and takes her saying he has some important work with her.

Tanu apologizes

Suresh for doubting him in MMS scandal. He says it is okay and says he wants to go back home as Rachna is alone. She says it is already midnight and he should leave in the morning. She orders alcohol for him. He says he does not drink alcohol. She signals waiter to give him juice (alcohol). She forces Suresh to drink it and brainwashes him that Bulbul will not be happy with Purab and only a simple guy like him would have kept her happy. Suresh gets emotional. She says she heard he is very loyal and every girl would want to marry him, etc., says if he does not stand out for himself, people will call him loser. Suresh starts drinking more alcohol and gets fully inebriated with blurring of vision. He goes near Bulbul who is with Pragya and asks her to come to his house, says this house is not hers and she cannot be happy here. She asks why should she go to his house and says she is happy here. Pragya smells alcohol from his breath and asks why did he drink. He says he did not drink and asks Bulbul again to come. Pragya asks him to go home. Suresh says he will not go alone and wants Bulbul with her.

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Suresh holds Bulbul’s hand. Sarla comes and asks him to leave Bulbul hand. He says if he leave, she will be married. Sarla slaps her and asks how dare he to hold Bulbul’s hand. He says he loves Bulbul, so he held her hand. He says Bulbul that he loves her and says his love is not of days or months, he started loving her since he saw her first time. He says Sarla that he accepted to marry Pragya thinking she will get him married to Bulbul. She asks if he has gone mad. He says he could not control seeing Bulbul’s engagement. Bulbul says she hates him and any girl would just hate him, he spoilt Pragya’s life first and now he is trying to spoil her life. He says again that he loves her and cannot see her go away from her. She says Pragya invited him thinking him as her friend, but he got inebriated and is insulting her. He says he did not drink and says he is speaking his heart out for the first time and apologizes everyone, says his way of expressing is wrong. Bulbul says not only his way is wrong, he himself is wrong and says she will marry only Purab and hates him. He says he will make her believe that she loves him.

Bulbul asks him to stop his rubbish. He says he is not talking rubbish and is sensible, though he cannot give her lavish life, he will love her his whole life and will care for her. She says she does not love him but. Purab intervenes and says Suresh that he can understand his feeling. Suresh says if he understand, then he should leave Bulbul so that she can marry him. Purab says if Bulbul would have loved him, he himself would have got her married. Purab says the truth is that Bulbul loves him. Suresh says the truth is that he loves Bulbul and why no one is accepting that truth? All are shocked.

Precap: Abhi taunts Pragya that she is boring. She says she is not. He asks her to prove it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Here we go……

  2. How can Tanu make Suresh drink….Come on – Really!!!

    1. right u r – and “forced” him seriously guys. u can do better thn this

  3. Plz Suresh and tanu should get married to each other……..they both make an adorable couple!!!!! their beautiful chemistry can definitely be seen in the scenes they do together.

    1. amen u r so right grl lol

  4. Oh god whole episode dedicated to that Suresh….I just can’t handle his awful presence.seseriously I really cant get into fact how can makers even think of pairing Suresh and bulbul that also at the cost of such an adorable and popular couple like rabul.

  5. pls pls pls pls don’t separate rabul
    kind request

  6. Hi friends can I join ur group

  7. I want just rabul marriage in the show….and if this time they didn’t do that na I am never gonna watch this show again.

    1. no one cares if u gonna watch this show or not

      1. Excuse me it’s not only she is not going to watch the show rather all rabul fans will never watch this show again if rabul doesn’t get get married….nd this thing matters to makers or not let them decide!!!

      2. It doesnt matter whether rabul fans watch the show or not because there are way more abhigya fans

      3. Also for your information rabul aren’t gonna be together so that means all the rabul fans have to stop watching the show

      4. Oh yea if rabul fans really don’t matter then howecome they both are still not separated as per serials initial plan?? Or why TRPs become so low when these two are not on the tube that Kkb which usually comes in top 5shows slips to positions like 8 th and so on?????? Howecome then abhigya’s romance hold up the TRPs ???

      5. @anonymous did you conduct any kind of survey to check if rabul has more fans or Abhigya has more fans???? If you are an abhigya fan that doesn’t mean you have a right to hurt feelings of rabul fans which you always do…..

      6. @anonymous are you working with cvs of kkb then how the hell you can say that rabul marriage won’t happen….ok lemme guess you just said it by going as per ekta’s trend…common so called predictions….so it will be better next time that you mind your own business regarding abhigya and leave rabul fans on their own worries or any kind of quarries. We really don’t need your any kind of stupid information.

      7. Yes as we all now [email protected] is going to put all thumbs down on any comment regarding Rabul……lol hate such people.i am not getting any kind of personal with any one but what’ stress need to hurt feelings of other fan groups??. IF you ship any couple support that why to act so cheap and low???

      8. Guys do we need to prove anything to @hawa or @anonymous ???? We all Rabul fans know how much we love our cuties Purab and bulbul!!! There is no need to prove anything. And @kate it’s not only one but we are going to get lots of thumbs down by gealous abhigy’s fan.but do we care naaaa.

      9. @anonymous way more abhigya fans is this is joke????? I guess the most candid one!!

      10. You know sometimes the fact that abhigya fans are so gealous of rabul fans give me a sense of pride.because there is no other show where even the second lead enjoys so much popularity that sometimes it even outshines the popularity of the first leads. But what to help rabul are simply adorable.

      11. I watch this show only for rabul! Haters pls stay away.


    Hell with this double battery…he is spoiling everything

  9. this episode was not so cool but i just love the precap wonder what pragya will do next

  10. Hate this suresh. . .better 4 him to com dwn to earth and marry the double batery girl TANU , they togthr wil surely mak a yoyo couple..And these writers . .hw can they imagine to couple bulbul and tat stupid , old fashioned suresh? ?

  11. Sick of this Tanu character, someone please reveal all her wrong doings at once

  12. Lmfao so everyone just stands there and watches the drama for 30mins….like tie him up and throw him out

  13. Hi people… I used to watch this show… But left it coz of all childish episodes. Is this going goof now??

  14. Abhi won’t spare her if he finds out how she was

  15. Only piece good here ia tge precap..Suresh- maha boooring!!!

    1. Serial maha boring.

  16. I want rabul marriage and nothing else from this show…

  17. Guys I know today’s episode sucked it was all Suresh and Suresh but did you guys saw something that efficiently makers have drawn the difference between purab and Suresh. Suresh an unbalanced lover who wants to force his love on bulbul on the other hand purab the real gem who wants to see bulbul’ s happiness at most and knows the actual meaning of love.

    1. Seriously I agree I love you Purab.

  18. Purab’s line ‘”agar bulbul tumse pyaar karti toh main khud uski shaadi tumse kara deta ” it just kills me!!! How adorable are you Mr Purab Khanna . I am definitely in aww of yours.

  19. Fedup of this Tanu
    Y dont aliya reveal Tanu’s original colour if she has really changed m wants to see him happy

    Luv u rabul n abhigya………

  20. Yaa sanya…
    really purab is simply

  21. I think aliya will marry suresh.. To take revenge

  22. I honestly feel kind of bad for Suresh but im also angry. He is very selfless and he took good beating from Abhi for Pragyas sake. But he is being so dramatic about Rabul! He needs to accept it! It’s better that he forget about Bulbul cuz she doesn’t even love him back! But that Tanu needs a good slap! Why is she still in that house also? she need to leave!!!

    1. Whenever someone feels pity for Suresh or Alia …I always think that they should have the same kind of sympathy for tanu too..like she also loves abhi alot and in the fears of loosing him she does all those things.

      1. By the way I hate three of them they just love to ruin the lives of two beautiful couples by forcing their not love but obsession on them.love rabul love abhigya.(Okay yes I know I am very few of the kkb fans who love both the couples alot so can’t listen anything wrong about anyone)

  23. Purab will marry aliya.Suresh will marry bulbul

    1. Seems like another secret agent of kkb cvs around who just love to predict pessimist things.love my rabul!!!

    2. How do u know

    3. Read that on two different sites plus Tony going to get pregs

      1. *tanu *

  24. I hate suresh …. I don even pity him. he admitted that he agreed to marry pragya so that he can marry bulbul . Idk how he is gonna do tat but h e is such an a*sh*le. Hate u to the Max. But loved the precap though. ..

  25. hmmm suresh u better stay away from rabul… u was so irritating of this serial seriously.

  26. I thikk i know wat is gonna happen
    Suresh and tanu wlpair up and tanu wl take revenge of aliya slapping her…,

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