Tu Mera Hero 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rachna crying and coming to Panchi. She says Chetan has signed on those papers on my saying. She asks her to out the blame on Titu and save Chetan, Titu can get bail,. But if Chetan goes jail, he will lose job and our future will be ruined. She asks her to talk to Titu and make her accept this mistake. Panchi says Chetan is not wrong man, but think if he did mistake, why should Titu take the blame, it will be wrong to get him punished, I m really sorry, ask for anything, I will give, its not about Titu, I would have done same for anyone.

Rachna gets angry and asks is she doing this for her Nikhattu husband, and refusing her sister. She says she can’t believe she is her younger sister who could not see her tears, if Chetan goes jail, everything will be gone, we will come on roads, Titu does not have any respect, what will he lose, you did not support me in this tough time, I did not expect this from you. She cries and leaves. Titu hears this and smiles.

Panchi asks Titu why is he taking the blame on him, and tells inspector that its not his mistake. Surekha asks what is he doing, tell them the truth. Panchi defends Titu. The inspector asks Titu is he doing this in any pressure. Titu gives his reasoning and says its his mistake as the shop belongs to him. Govind gets angry. Rekha and Vaishaili smile. Panchi asks him not to do this.

He says this happened because of my careless and he is the culprit. Panchi asks him not to do this. The inspector says he will seal the shop. Rekha smiles. Panchi asks Govind to do anything. Govind leaves. Panchi says this lock is for dad’s dreams and asks Titu why did he do this, everyone knows its not his mistake. Rachna comes and says yes, its not his mistake. Titu has done this to save Chetan.

Titu says Rachna did mistake to make a right man wrong. He tells Panchi that he did this as he felt this is right, so he did this. Panchi says how will dad feel, he has dreams of you working at the shop. Titu says its not about shop, but smile which came on Rachna’s face now. He says they can dream more. Chetan says I don’t know how to thank you. Titu jokes. Chetan apologizes as his shop got shut. Titu says its fine. Rekha says Titu did not wish to sit at shop. Rachna apologizes to Panchi and thanks Titu. Chetan also apologizes to everyone. Vaishaili says we should thank Chetan for solving our problem. Chetan and Rachna leave.

Panchi tells Titu about Rachna calling him Nikhattu and asks him did he not feel bad. He says a thing that goes in one ear comes out of second ear, try this, it will make you feel good. She thinks the world thinks he is Nikhattu. Titu tells Surekha that he is feeling light and she makes him have food. Panchi gives tea to Govind and talks to her. Govind says Surekha is ruining her own son. Panchi says its also a mum’ love, she has to understand this love is biggest reason of Titu’s laziness. Govind says I m trying to explain her since years.

Surekha says she has always supported Titu. Titu smiles. Panchi says when she thinks to make Titu work, Surekha comes in between. She says Surekha feels she is helping him. Govind says we have to be careful, I m sure she will help Titu and blesses her. Rekha has headache and calls Bhagwati. Sundar says mum went out. Rekha sends him to bring medicines. She asks him to get water too. Keshav comes and asks Sundar did he not end homework. Sundar says he is writing something for mother’s day and says Bhagwati went to medicine shop. Keshav thinks maybe she went to doctor for test, maybe she wants to give surprise.

Rekha takes the medicines and Vaishaili stops her, showing she can’t take this in her age. Rekha says what is she saying. Vaishaili says its birth control tablets. Rekha says what, its good she stopped. Vaishaili explains her and Rekha is shocked. She brings head ache medicine and gives her. Rekha thinks why did Bhagwati keeps these birth control pills. Vaishaili says whats this new matter. Surekha comes to Govind and asks what happened. Govind exercises and says he is having back pain, as he is bearing all burden in old age. She asks what is he saying.

She argues with him and defends Titu. He says nothing can happen of Titu. She says why not, everything will be good, he does not need to change and praises Titu. Govind reads newspaper. Keshav asks for Rekha and Sundar asks for Bhagwati. Govind calls out Surekha and asks Mukund to ask Vaishaili to make tea. Mukund says she is sleeping. Govind asks where did everyone go. Titu says all men are helpless without women. Govind asks where is his mum, and calls him. Titu says they can’t do anything without Surekha and says think about them too.

Titu explains them, and Govind asks him again. The ladies come out in good dressings and they all see the ladies.

Titu says how Surekha helped him getting rid of books and he posed like doctor to feel that post, instead of qualifying as doctor. Panchi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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