Mahakumbh 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra asking Shivanand to face his fears and overpower it, he is the brain of Garuda, get over it, nothing can happen to us. Shivanand recalls the tortures by Dansh and falls. He gets scared seeing the Naag box. Rudra asks him how will Garuda powers get activated. Shivanand says the Naags have to die, then Garuda will get activated. He breaks the box. Rudra calms him. Tiwari hides and hears them. Thapadiya Maai is taking care of Leela’s wound. Her sign turns blue by her blood.

Shivanand says Garuda asked for a blessing, if any Naag dies, then one Garuda power will be activated. Rudra asks how will this happen. Tiwari comes and says he has done it. he says we have Leela, maybe she came back to us for this, she is from Naagvansh, we can sacrifice her and revive Shivanand’s powers and then he will show us the right direction ahead. Balivesh does aarti. He talks to Grierson and says he will meet his boss today. Grierson says its not easy, he is controlling the world. He says if he refuses to meet, he will not be able to save him.

Balivesh gives aarti to Devesh and says today dark sea will be seen instead Ganga, in which we will dive. Rudra brings Shivanand. Thapadiya Maai says Leela got conscious. Rudra and Tiwari go inside the camp and see her. Leela says she has returned his favor by telling about his dad, he did another favor on her by saving her life. Charles says enough of your drama, we don’t make anyone captive and torture, get out from here. She says I can’t go back now. She says Dansh feels I supported you and so Rudra has attacked Naaglok, I got punished for the crime I did not do, now I don’t have any place in Naagvansh. Tiwari asks her to stay her and shocks everyone. He signs Rudra.

Leela says you have one more reason Rudra, you saved my life and I will save Maya’s life. Grierson takes Balivesh and Devesh to meet his new boss and is stunned seeing its Professor Rao. Rao says welcome. Grierson asks is he Augustice. Rao asks them to sit. Balivesh scolds him and his men aim guns at Balivesh. Rao says I know you are angry, and scares him. Rao says he wants the Amrit formula, and does not care who takes it, Garudas or Naags, he will produce Amrit and sell it for costly price.

Grierson asks him how did he get close to Monarch. Rao says I m sorry, I know you were close to him, he used to ask many questions, so I have killed him. Devesh says it means everyone is under his thumb. Balivesh and Devesh greet him bending low. Rao asks them to do as Naags say and Grierson will do what he says. He says whatever happened here should not come on anyone’s tongue, else they will be killed.

Rudra holds Maya’s hand. Leela looks at them and smiles. Rudra kisses Maya’s hand. Leela recalls how Dansh shot her, slapped her and never respected her. She gets teary eyes. She asks them to go out, she will understand which poison has affected Maya and how it can be removed. Thapadiya Maai stops her. Leela says she is here to cure Maya, and says she will not harm her. Rudra says we will wait outside. The Garudas leave and wait.

Tiwari tries to talk to Rudra and Rudra avoids. Charles looks on and asks Rudra did anything happen. He asks them to tell him, Tiwari says we all Garudas should know. Rudra says we found out how to activate your powers. Charles asks why are we waiting, what should we do. Rudra says when a Naag is sacrificed, then a Garuda power will be activated. Tiwari says we have a Naag here right now, what happened, why are you all silent, try to understand, Maai Mui took the books, this is the only way to revive Shivanand’s life. Thapadiya Maai says but Leela can save Leela. Tiwari says Shivanand can become Garuda by killing her, else our duty towards Amrit protection and humanity, will be sacrificed, you all decide who are with me. They all look at each other. Katherine walks to Tiwari. Charles says for Rudra’s Baba, and joins Tiwari. Thapadiya Maai also goes to them. Rudra looks on.

Leela tells Rudra about the poison antidote to save Maya which can be found in poisonous place. Rudra asks the address and she guides him. Katherine says Balivesh’s Guru meets Naags. Rudra meets that man and comes to know only a Naag can get the poison out of it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where is this serial going? I used to like this serial but as others, this one is turning into a dumb serial too. Not really worth watching/reading any more.

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