1st Epi – Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Daadi was in the kitchen and says it seems super hero is ready. He says yes. She says it is good he doesn’t get crazy being a super-hero and asks if he will take tea. He says his tea and breakfast is ready, he prepares them at night and will make for her from tomorrow as well. He offers her his tea but she asks to take it himself, what to do about this tea. He says she may take it in evening, tea never gets waste. Dadi asks does he feel awkward telling her any work, he says no. Daadi says she can do everything from breakfast till dinner, he may take trial if he wants to. He says she is getting him ashamed now. Dadi says it is possible he might not like her cooking, they will prepare for something else than. He says he liked her cooking when he took them and says he is habitual of these and he got himself used to of some good habits, why get rid of them. Daadi says that is alright Om, but now she is there, someone his own lives with him. Om looks at her for a while and says to be honest, he is more used to of being alone still and urges to leave.
Outside, Dada ji asks Om what is going to be new in the court, Mr. Lawyer. Om says good morning to him, Om asks how is he? Dada ji asks how he seems to be. Om says as usual, younger than him. Dada ji asks Om to bring a medicine of constipation for himself, Om says he will get it. He starts the bike and moves out when Dada ji calls him and says today his horoscope tells he might meet someone special today. Om smiles and says thank you to him, his bike doesn’t start and he mocks at Dada ji’s good time’s prediction. He takes the bike to service station that he got it services last week and it is not working again. The workman tells him it is aged now, one of its feet is in grave now, and still he moves it around. Om says he has an emotional attachment with this bike. A girl in veil calls him as Mohan Bhaiya and says he looks too good in makeup. Om says he isn’t Mohan. She says her eyes aren’t defected, is it possible she doesn’t recognize him. Om looks behind him and the workman was laughing at her. Om gets them way. The girl comes to Mohan and asks why her vehicle goes out daily, how would she go to office. Om tries to see her face as she removes veil, but couldn’t. Mohan says he already has a bike, Om says it is ok, ladies first. The girl calls him and says it isn’t needed, there aren’t such manners in Ladies First, he might be thinking himself to be strong and the lady to be weak but the times have changed now. Om stared at her lost, and speechless. Om says is she a social worker as she isn’t wearing any saree or uniform. The lady says she doesn’t want his help and doesn’t want to tell him either.
Om comes talking on phone and gets inside the lift. A lady calls from behind for lift. Om gives his hand to stop the door from being shut off. She was the same veiled lady and gets into the lift. She says thank you removing her veil, both are shocked to see each other again and asks You? The lady murmurs that today is a useless day. Om asks if he said something, she says not at all. Om gets into his talk on phone again, saying pollution has increased in city, even in lift. The lady removes her veil off. Om says it is said if someone meets you twice, it meets thrice as well. She asks what? He poses as it was nothing. The lift suddenly stops, Om says he didn’t do anything. The lady asks him to do something, Om looks around and asks if he is a spider man. The lady calls the watchman, but Om says it will start over in 30 seconds. The lady asks if he is a lift man too, Om says this is common sense, these days there is a back up for lifts. The lady was worried, Om tells her not to worry as he is there. The lift starts over again, the lady is relieved. Om asks if she needs firebrigade, it will cool her down. The smile together. The lady says she dislikes closed places, it is psychological. Om says he likes being in closed places. She gets out of lift, Om says he has to go above her.
She asks the man on seat of he is alright. He was hiccupping, and says he himself has some issues. He wonders why Ramday said the statement sent by Om has childish clauses. Om just answered his childish petitions. Om enters the room, he hears why Bramhay said Om’s female colleague must have torn his draft. Mr. Divadkar tells Om that he has been murmuring this way for a long time now. The boss asks why advocate Bramhay that one of his girls has some good points for his arguments. Om says it must be Ashvini, they discuss a lot of cases together and even exchange books. He asks boss what then, boss says nothing then. Mrs. Divadkar asks his boss if she should consult another advocate if his case is weak, she wants to teach good lesson to Divadkar. Boss makes her sit, but Om says this is really unprofessional to call an opponent and tell his weaknesses to him. The boss smiles that we are childhood friends. Om says we are professionals as well and there is something like professional ethics as well. He gives him promise to win Mrs. Divadkar’s case.
The peon asks Om if he should tell him his horoscope. Om says he got to know about it in the morning. Om ignores a girl, she comes behind him. He blames Ashvini about knowing all the points about Divadkar’s case and now is challenging him. Ashvini doesn’t know what he is talking about. The veiled lady comes there and tells Om she took Divadkar’s case points. Ashvini says this is Esha, new joining; did Om think she will use his arguments against him. Esha tells Ashvini to get silent, he is a male chauvinist, he should have said this all to Ashvini in court or he kept professional ethics paper on choice. Om was left speechless, Esha leaves with Ashvini.

PRECAP: Om’s dadi complains as she recalls her children didn’t care whether she was alive or dead. Om was talking on phone at a public place telling someone his uncle is coming with his friend. The name of his uncle is Data Raam. There Ashvini tells Esha on phone about Data Raam. They all call the name together, Ashvini and Om were actually standing back to back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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