Tu Mera Hero 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu selling his costly clothes in cheaper rates. He tells the people that he wears the clothes once and he thought to sell it and make it useful for them. Golu sells the clothes. Titu asks them to buy it if they like it. He says he has bought it from big malls. He thinks they are just seeing it, and he has to get 15000rs. A lady says is he selling his sunglasses too. He says yes, her choice is nice, its costly. He says its brand news and few things is which he did not use. The people ask Gulgule to say something new. Gulgule says he has to make his mood and think. He says fine, one min, I got urgent message. He tells his men to get new jokes. Everyone look on.

The man asks Gulgule to say any good joke. Gulgule says fine, and tells them about Titu’s lines, which he has heard on the road. They people clap for him and like the lines. Gulgule smiles. He thinks Titu had some talent, I have to find him. Titu gets the money. Govind asks what did he do, that he got 15000rs. Titu laughs. Golu says Titu’s sunglasses were sold for 10000rs. Titu says just 5000rs loss, not bad. Govind gets angry on him for selling his things. Titu says money can come again. Govind asks will he sell his dad too. Titu says no, its illegal, Kamlesh will arrest me too, you can sell Dada ji’s antique things.

Govind gets angry and says he has sold things bought by my money. Panchi says when she robs in bank, then he has to pay bigger fine and then sell Surekha’s jewelry and home too. She says she wants to get bail by his hard earned money, and Kamlesh asks his staff to put her in lockup again. The people ask Gulgule what did he decide to do anything different. Gulgule tells his assistants that they need to find that guy, he has new mindset and new humor, then my name will get famous.

Govind tells Titu that he will not help him, Titu has to earn 15000rs and bail Panchi. He asks him to find a job. Gulgule says we have to find that guy fast. They all come home. Rekha starts her drama and hugs Titu. Govind gets angry and scolds Titu. He asks him to sit down, why is he standing and pushes him on the chair. He says don’t worry about Panchi, she will be in jail for 15 days then she will lose to you and come back home, she is your wife and needs this punishment. He asks Surekha to feed her son. Titu asks why is he saying this, he worries for Panchi and is feeling bad. Govind says yes, you did not do anything to free her, I have seen what you did.

He says Mukund has done what you had to do, he had made the bail papers, if Keshav and Mukund was not there, he would have been childless. Surekha and Titu get sad. Govind says he is totally useless and leaves. Rekha thinks its time to celebrate. Golu comes and says he got the work. Titu asks what. Golu says 5000rs for 2 hours. Titu asks what is it. Golu tells in his ears and Titu smiles.

Gulgule tells the lines and rehearses. He thinks to make some new lines and his assistants look on. Gulgule says he knows his name Titu. He hears Manorama and Rachna talking. She says I heard there is Lord idol in pandal and she wants to pray for Chetan and Rachna’s baby, I heard all prayers are answered there. Chetan says Rachna take mum there if she wants. Rachna says I was going to meet Panchi. Chetan says I will take you in evening. Gulgule thinks he will also go and pray to meet Titu, if Mathura is coming there, Titu will also come there. Pratibha comes to meet Panchi and asks what will Titu do. Panchi is told that she did not get bail today and will be sent to remand home. Panchi says dad told me but I refused him, I want everything to be by rules, I won’t like dad to break rules.

Pratibha asks her to leave all this. Panchi says Titu will have some hidden talent, Lord will not ignore our dedication, pray that Titu gets his aim in life. Pratibha asks what work will he do, I have just seen him talking well. Panchi says I don’t know, but Titu will have anything good. Rekha, Mukund and Vaishaili are happy and drink juice. Vaishaili looks worried and Mukund says Govind praised me. She says I m very happy for you. She says we have to do something big. Mukund says yes, she is right. Vaishaili says we have to make Titu fall on eyes and Mukund to raise in his eyes. Rekha says don’t worry, I will just come.

Everyone come in the temple. Titu sits there as the Lord idol and smiles, dressed as Kanha.

Gulgule prays that he wants to win in Kavi Sammelan and he wants to meet Titu. Titu winks to him.

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