Kalash 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Saket says to devika my head hurts i should get some lemon, she says i will bring it. He says no i will bring it dont worry. you phone is here.
Ravi is outside, he says what should i do? should i knock or not? Saket comes out. He says in heart how did he come here? he is so clever he thinks. He asks what are you doing here? ravi says i came for official meeting. Saket says ravi i love devika i want to go closer to her. i want honeymoon before wedding, is it right? engagement is like wedding. you are a lover boy too our methods are different. stand here i dont want someone to disturb us. ravi recalls devika saying i feel so uncomfortable. Ravi says how should i save devika? she doesn’t even know about his intentions.

Navidita says where is this ravi? he knew it was the time to meet minister. i should go. no i better call him. there is no network. she says he is taking revenge because i ignored and insulted her. The minister comes and says i am free now i can give you the time. what you wanna know about the project? She says we need 5 acres more land. he says is it commercial or residential ? she says both. he says you should bring the guy he explains the plan better. minister says we will talk when that man is here. She says but this deal is important he says i will meet other people till then. She says he is just a PA, i will kill him when he comes back.

Saket looks at devika and says i will make her mine today. Devika gives him lemoade and says you will feel better. he says sorry i am asking you but it hurts, can you massage my head? He lays down, she massages his head. he says dont stand sit here.
He holds her hand, and touches her hair.
Ravi outside says what should i do? how to stop him. The woman comes and asks did you find saket? he says i can’t he is inside with a girl. she says knock it. He says i can’t. She says lit a lighter it will create smoke, security will come here.
he goes in and lits the papers. Saket grasps her and lays down with her. the alarms start to wail. saket goes out to check. Ravi comes in the room.

Navidita is looking for ravi. She says i have been looking for him and i got insulted because of him. I will fire him now.
Ravi asks devika are you stuck? i did this to save you. she says thanks you saved me. he says you are smiling you liked the action sequence? She says you have no idea how worried i was. he says you should go out of here. she says i dont know what would have happened if you weren’t here.
managers say everything is okay. saket says i should go and tell devika that everything is okay. He comes back to room and sees that she is not there.
Ravi and devika are out. She says you are smart. she sneezes, he says are you okay? she says i have flu. he says lets ask for lift. she tries to stop a car but it didn’t.

Precap-ravi takes off his shirt. she says what are you doing? He says girls stop the cars when they see my body. saket sees ravi in CCTV footage.

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