Hello Pratibha 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the morning there are people who want to introduce Pritabha as a singer to theworld.Sanjim says to Anmol that he doesnot believe that there are so many media people in their house.He feels happy.Sanjim then asks Ammol on the mike that how he feels that his mother is a star.Ammolsays that she has become a star today but was a star for me before and will remain even after. Then Prithba is offered saree and she secertely asks Mahen and politely rejects it saying that its color is not bright.She then holds another piece and again after asking Mahen rejects it .then she gets a a third piece and finally Mahen says yes and Parithba accepts it.then she is called for her shot and Mahen also gives her a go.Then sheis asked about her journey in the competation and how she feels and she says that she feels great .Partibha says that she is only here because of her family and her husband. Meanwhile Sunidhi is stopped from entering the area and she gets angary and thinks to stop Partibha from going further in this competition. then the scene is stopped and Sunidhi comes rushing to Partibha to ask her about how everything is going and pretends to love the set in their house.she says to Partibha that if she needs any sort of help from her she should say it without hesitation and says that she will go ahed.Piihu and her friends are relieved after paying the blackmailer as they are talking in a group.then pihu leaves for home and everyone else also goes but she does not know that she is being followed.Partibha says that she will get bored if she goes alone to kolkota alone so what if they all go as a family Ammol gets cery excited but Sunidhi interrupts and asks Mahen to listen to what she has to say Sunidhi says that if they all will go with Partibha to kolkota then she will get distracted but in reply Partibha says that if her family will be with her she will be more confident in the finals. Mahen says that a family is the support and a shield and if they all go with Patibha to kolkota then no one can defeat her.Sunidhi feels that her plans are destroyed .then in the night the bell rings on the door and Partibha goes to see a boy in a cap hiding his face .the boys says that he is the cousion of Pihu friend Shalini and is here to give her some notes .he says that he is in a hurry and to get Pihu so that he may get back on his way. Pihu suddenly comes there and seeing him is amazaed as Shalini never introduced her cousin to Pihu. He then gives her the notes and Pihu gets scared. Sunidhi saw everything from the back and gives a sudden gringe.Pihu rushes to her room and finds letter which is from the blackmailer demanding 20000 rupees more. she calls Shalini to ask if she also got a letter and shalini refuses that she got any letter and says that she will talk to her after some time.Pihu then calls her friend one. by one but they all refuse to help her Pihu then cries and says that the blackmailer only gave the letter to her and from where will she arrange this amount of money. Partibha then drops a mirror and says that she feels that something is not right even though she has the full support of Mahen and her family but still she feels scared then Mahen confirms. Partibha says that something is wrong and it will happen Mahen says that when something bis is about to happen in the life then things feel wrong but everything is all right. Partibha then goes to pihus room who is lying on her bed and does not turn back Partibha gets worried and pihu thinks what her father said earlier. Pihu says that when they will go to Kolkata she has to say something to her Partibha says that she can say anything to her whenever she likes and then tells her to go to sleep .Sunidh after throwing a piece of paper thinks that if Pihu finds ut that the massage was a lie then all her plan will be overrun.Sunidh thinks that to scare phu evenmore she has to write another letter. Partibha gets up and talks to Mahen while she is sleeping and she will tell him something if he was not asleep thaen Mahen gets up and holds Partibha back when she is about to leave and starts talking to her. and aska her to tell what is in her heart and tells that she will win in kolkota. Mahen then hugs her.Partibha when goes to wake Anmol and Pihu she finds a letter

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  1. Try to make paragraph please, it does not make you want to read ….

  2. Sunidhi is wicked b**** despite i can’t stand Pihu behaviour towards her mom what Sunidhi is doing is pure evil i can’t wait for Pratibha and Mahen to find she won’t be smirking then

  3. Shayon you are sure right.Jealousy is a green eyed monster that can destroy a whole generation.Peehu needs a good punishment when her parents catch up with her.I admire Mahen ,he stands with his wife to make sure her career moves ahead.Sunidhi is the worst mother I have seen.Also Sunidhi’s mother is encouraging her to be wicked and mean.All Sunidhi does is to do wicked things to Pratibha .I would like Pratibha to win this competition and let Sunidhi fall off a rock with her hateful self.She is no better than the black mailers.She is ugly and do not have a good personality.She does not even take care of her own child and husband.Her acting also is not all that and some.Sunidhi is emotionally and psychologically abusing Peehu and Pratibha because ofthe pattern of behavior used to undermine the emotional and mental well being of Peehu especially.


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