Tere Sheher Mein 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone liking the arrangements. Rama’s dad asks him to meet the girl well, and not look weird. Mathur girls come there. Rama smiles seeing Rachita and wipes his eyes. Amaya says her mum went to Mumbai for some work. Mrs. Dubey asks them to enjoy the food, she has invested much money in this function. Rama goes to get water and picks an empty glass, while seeing Rachita. He gives the glass to his dad and gets scolded by him.

Gajanand comes there with his family and the girls look at him. He says Dinesh was busy. He sees the girls and gets upset. Mrs. Dubey asks the girls to meet their neighbor. Neeti greets Amaya and says we met earlier. Gajanand says lets go inside and see the arrangements. Pushpa thinks where is Sneha, and wishes to help her. Gajanand asks her to come. Rachita says we will go now, mum told us to be normal.

Rama’s dad asks him to get one more glass and sends him. Amaya says we will sit here. Rachita says no, chairs are not put right and cloth is not clean. They sit on a clean table. Rama looks for them. His dad asks Rama to sit. Amaya says it was so awkward, we met Gajanand, we should have not come. She says she will get juice for her, do they need anything. Jaz says no. Gajanand is busy in talks and Pushpa goes to meet the girls. He look for her.

Uma goes to get the keys of her friend’s bag. Mantu is in the way, and asks the driver to drive fast. He prays that Uma does not see Amaya. Uma does not see Amaya. Amaya leaves. Dimple sees Amaya and wants to talk to guests, but guests stop her asking about Neeti. Mantu comes there and hears the manager saying no one without invitation should come. He gets worried and says he has to go in function.

Jaz asks Amaya and Rachita to see a sweet couple. Rachita says match making is done here. Amaya says if mum was here, that aunty would have fixed your match. Jaz says if aunty can fine, why can’t I find any. Amaya says she says anything. Jaz says I will see and goes. Rama goes to see Rachita. Jaz shows some guys and Rachita says no. The scene gets funny. Jaz asks a guy his name. Rachita says what is she doing. The man says a long name. Rachita takes her and brings her back. Rachita says the man she chose were so bad and remarks on them. Rama hears her.

Rama corrects himself. Jaz asks what did she not like, she is rejection machine, she can’t find any guy for her. Rachita says she wants perfection finder eyes. Amaya laughs. Rama goes and arranges some glasses, and looks at himself. Amaya sees Gajanand coming and Neeti greets her. Chobey family sits far. Rachita says we will go from here, it would be good to avoid them. Rama comes back and does not find them. He says my fate is bad, it can be very late to apologize.

Mantu says why is Uma not taking my call, I have to go inside by finding some way. Jaz asks Amaya and Rachita not to get serious. Amaya asks her not to waste time to find her Mr Right. She says she can’t like any banarasi guy. Jaz asks her to describe her Mr Right. Amaya says he will be charming, people will welcome him, all doors will open for him. Mantu says he will not get entry today and hears about back door. Amaya says his profession will be easy, mind work. Mantu gets the catering work. Amaya says he will be brave.

Mantu says he is scared today. The waiter asks him to give it. Amaya says he will be handsome and good by heart, he will take care of me. Rachita says I think he will fall from sky. Amaya says who knows, he can really fall. Mantu says he has to stop Uma and Amaya from meeting. Amaya says he has to classy and sophisticated like me, who studied in foreign. Mantu talks to some guards. Amaya says he has to be rich to take care of me and my family. Mantu gives some money to the guard. Rachita says she forgot one quality, love, if they don’t love each other, then no use. Amaya says the moment he sees me, he will fall in love with me, I won’t love him so soon, if so, then he will be one in a million, who will be made just for me. Mantu looks on.

Mantu sees Uma and Amaya and is stunned. He prays to Lord to save him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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