Tu Mera Hero 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi hearing Titu has come outside, She smiles and runs to see him. She stops and says 38%, dad will never agree, but I will see his face once. Music plays………… She sees people clapping for Titu. Titu and his friend act like Yamraaj and his assistant. He makes the guy realize that he would have got everything in his life, what should we do, whom should we get this fate now. He says Sonu is foolish. Sonu says why, all this is mine, why should I give it to him, I should get it. Titu says you were going to die. Sonu says sorry Titu, I will not die. Titu says value is of person, not marks, losing is when you lose life. Everyone cheer for Titu. Panchi smiles seeing him, and thanks Lord. She thinks he said it right.

Titu’s dad is angry after facing so much insult. He says Titu did not leave me to show my face to anyone.His mum asks him to think whats Titu’s mistake, the post was wrong. Mukul says we are foolish, to believe such good marks from Titu. Titu’s mum says see he has passed this time. His dad says we did not have police in this house till now, and he has insulted me. He shouts and leaves. Rekha and Mukul smile. Titu’s mum says how did he say this, is he father or enemy. Rekha says I don’t think he will agree today. Rachna makes ginger tea for her groom to be.

Panchi’s mum Pratibha talks to him. He asks where is Panchi, I have to say congrats. Pratibha says she went to temple, she will come. He says congrats Panchi, 88% is good marks, Panchi is in dram world. Rachna shakes her and says he is saying congrats. Panchi says sorry, thanks. Her dad says someone has changed her marksheet and sent his 38% marksheet to us, some Ashish Agarwal, he has failed twice and his family was partying at home. Panchi gets annoyed.

Rekha gives Mukul the shirt which Titu’s mum gave them for his best result. They laugh on everyone’s foolishness. Titu is tensed of his dad and enters the house. His dad is very angry and takes his BP medicines. Mukul’s son says crow is calling you at terrace. Pinky gets Titu’s message and goes. Bhagwati is not able to use grinder and asks Pinky for whom is she taking kachoris. Pinky signs Titu. Bhagwati smiles. Pinky keeps the kacchoris in the basket. Rekha sees this and thinks so Titu has hidden from his and enjoying at home. Titu does not like kachori without chutney and asks Pinky to bring, Rekha sees him and asks Pinky why did she send kachoris to Titu without chutney. She says it aloud to make Titu;s dad hear it. His dad gets angry and pulls Titu’s ears. He scolds Titu.

Titu says what did I do. Titu’s dad says I will beat you. Titu says first decide, I should be quiet or talk. Titu’s dad asks what would have happened if you studied. Titu says I did not have time. He smiles and explains how he did not have time in the year. Titu’s mum defends him and thankfully a guest comes. Maharaj ji talks to them, and asks Titu’s dad Govind not to be angry and bless Titu, as he is born after many prayers. Titu’s mum gives him Dakshina. Maharaj ji thanks them. Govind takes his blessings.

Panchi talks to Rachna. Rachna explains her about love, which is good for sometime and not always. Panchi says I will live with Titu always. Rachna says nothing can happen of you and leaves. Panchi dreams a dance sequence with Titu, on the song Ishq wala love……………….She mixes the black grains in rice. Rachna smiles and shows her what she is doing. Panchi laughs. Rachna says your love is making you do wrong. Panchi says about Titu. Rachna says you met him once and talking about marriage. Panchi says yes, my friendship is also not final, but Lord will set it. Rachna says you can never change. Panchi smiles.

Panchi falls and Titu holds her in his arms. They have an eyelock. She smiles.

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