Hum Hain Na 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma asking Satya to take bath at 3 a.m. in the morning and start fasting without even a sip of water. Satya says she will and continues working in kitchen. Amma says Paravthi/Sagarika will prepare food and she can go home and rest. Once Amma leaves, Satya taunts Sagarika that Amma gave her responsibility as she thinks her as her bahu. Sagarika says whatever she thinks, whole world knows that she is this house’s bahu and only she is legally Bunty’s wife. Satya gets irked.

Satya gets into Bunty’s room with food. Madhav calls Bunty and tells him about client, but Bunty starts acting and asks how is his sister, which hospital is she in, ask doc to take care of her well and save her life. He then says Satya that Madhav’s sister got ill due to fasting and dehydration and her condition is very critical. Satya thinks if she dies, how will she marry Bunty. She will have to act as fasting in front of Amma.

Amma in kitchen asks Ratna to prepare matar paranthas for her dad. Dad comes and says no need to prepare food for him from hereon as he has ordered a mess to send him food. Amma asks what is he saying. He says she is hearing right as she is very intelligent and can understand his words easily. Amma starts crying and Ratna tries calm her saying she will speak do dad once he comes from college.

Rani happily shows movie tickets and says Bunty has ordered them via Madhav. She says Satya that it is her favorite hero Salman Khan’s movie. Satya gets happy and says she will get ready soon. Amma says Satya will not go anywhere as she is fasting. Ratna asks Sagarika to come with her. She says she cannot as Bunty is ill and asks Ratna to go, else Bunty will feel bad. Sagarika says daadi that she will prepare kachori and samosa for her and Bunty. Satya’s mouth waters hearing kachori and samosa.

Once everyone leaves, Amma says Satya she can go and watch movie. Bunty comes down acting as ill and weak. Amma asks why did he come down. He says he was getting bored in room, sits on chair and asks Sagarika to serve him kachori and samosa she prepared. Once she gives them, he starts enjoying and asks Satya to try. She says she is not hungry. He insists. Amma says if she does not want to, he should not force her.

Satya acts as praying and thinks she has to act and get out of here, else Amma will not leave her easily. She acts as getting dizzy and murmurs water. Sagarika asks if she needs water. Amma asks what. Satya says she will finish fast but will go and rest. Amma says she will drop her till her house. She says she will go alone and walks out. Amma thinks if Satya drinks water, Bunty health will worsen more. Sagarika says Amma though she does not considers her as bahu, she is her bahu legally and is fasting for Bunty’s health, if she wants, she can perform pooja.

Precap: Bunty calls Satya, says he is proud that being a friend she is fasting for him, asks her to meet him in a restaurant where they can enjoy food and even watch Salman Khan’s move later. Satya boasts with her friends that she is going on a date with Bunty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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