Humsafars 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alvira coming home. Sahir greets her. Alvira says I am seeing you tensed since many days and asks is there anything. Sahir says Zeenat will be send to US for further treatment and her chances to get well is very bright. Alvira gets shocked and asks it means you have less time to fulfill your promise. Sahir says less time. Arzoo comes to her room and dances with happiness. She falls on the bed happily and talks to Ashrafi. She says do you know how it feels to fly in the sky…….etc etc. She says love teaches how to fly. Since Sahir confesses his feelings, I am on cloud nine. She shows her bangle and says it is only mine. She then thinks she shall give him something and says he has everything. She gets an idea.

Zaki thinks how to inform Arzoo about Sahir. How to tell her that Bhai is betraying her. Samaira comes to his room while talking to her friend. She informs her friend that she is getting engaged to Zaki. Zaki gets surprised. He says you must be tired about dreaming fakely. Samaira says her dreams will come true. Zaki says your dreams won’t be fulfilled, I will end my life. Samaira keeps her hand on his mouth and says I knows you loves me. Zaki says I don’t love you. You needs a psychiatrist. Samaira asks him to prove if she is lying.

Zaki says very soon I will prove. Samaira thinks why Zaki is looking confident, surely Arzoo must have done some black magic. Arzoo comes to Sahir’s room and gets shy seeing him bare chested. He wears the gown. Arzoo says I wants to give you a gift and it was very difficult to think. Sahir says one more gift and shows it to her. Arzoo refuses to take. Sahir gives her something. She asks him to opens the knot of her dupatta and says it is my promise to myself and you that I will love you and only you. Sahir gets touched by her words. He opens the knot. They have an eye lock. Sahir gets close to her while holding her hand. He is about to kiss her, but gets conscious and moves away. Arzoo asks those three words…..which is life…….and smiles. She says I will wait for you and leaves. Sahir gets angry, but controls his anger.

Kurti Apa comes to Arzoo’s room and keeps the taveez in her room. Ashrafi shouts thief thief. Kurti Apa asks Ashrafi to keep quiet and says she is very clever. She says she got the taweez from big maulvi. She says now Sahir and Zaki will hate Arzoo and it will be fun.

Alvira comes to Zaki’s room and sees him crying. She asks what was missing in her upbringing. Did I teach you this? She cries with him. You and Samaira…..and now running away from your responsibilities. Zaki tells her that Samaira is lying and he will never marry her. Alvira says what do you wants from your life. He says he wants Arzoo. I loves Arzoo very much and will marry her only. Alvira gets shocked. He says his life’s motive, desire and everything is Arzoo. He says he can’t let anything bad happen to Arzoo and keeps her hand on his head saying I know your blessings are with me. I will tell entire truth to Arzoo now itself. Alvira is shocked and says what did you do Zaki….

Sahir comes to the outhouse where Arzoo stays. He sees the place decorated with candles. Arzoo goes to him smilingly and says she never trusted on love, but he made her believe on it. She thanks him for making her believe on love. She thanks him for becoming her humsafar and hugs him. Sahir reciprocates her hug and holds her. He gets moved by her words and closes his eyes. Zaki comes and calls Arzoo. Arzoo tells him that she is very happy today. She says today she got life’s beautiful happiness and says she wants to share it with her best friend. She says she got her humsafar today. Allah knows you won’t believe his name. He says my humsafar’s name is ……..Zaki says Sahir chaudhary. He says what you are thinking as life’s beautiful happiness is life biggest lie. Sahir doesn’t love you. Arzoo gets shocked and asks what are you saying? You are lying. Sahir loves me really. Zaki says all that glitters is not gold. Whatever you are thinking as love is just a lie. Arzoo asks why he will do this with me. Zaki says he can answer you better.

Arzoo questions Sahir about his love and asks him to answer. Sahir gets up and looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. please update fast…

  2. oh… god… this idiotic girl willnt believe zaki ‘s words…zaki must get that result quickly n prove his innocence.. similarly he should prove Sahir motive also…

  3. But sahir is also doing wrong by playing wth arzoo’s feelings

  4. Zeetv ??

  5. Yes Sahir is doing wrong with arzoo.
    One side he is jealous of arzoo moving with zaki and the other side he is telling lie to arzoo that he loves her. Now arzoo after knowing the truth should hate sahir and then saahir should realise his mistake and apologize to her and usko manane ke liye ideas doondne chaiye.
    Anyways thanks for the update hasan

  6. Zaki should have make Sahir admit his wrong doing to arzoo & arzoo should have hear it herself..cause sahir is good at turning things on zaki…n his gone do just dat so she will not believe zaki & believe sahir lies

  7. I don’t think sahir is lying. He just has not realized his feelings are real. If anything he’s lying to himself. The fact that he could not handle zaki loves Arzoo. He thinks he’s found the perfect excuse to keep them apart but he’s done it because he’s jealous n he is in love with Arzoo. There love is real n so intense. There’s real chemistry….love SaaZ

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