Tu Mera Hero 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu talking to the kids and telling them about marriage and how wife change and also how a man changes. He tells Golu and asks the kids to become statue. A man comes and says he is Tipu’s uncle and should he give apology letter for not coming for one week. Titu says he is not teacher here, he is in crèche after his marriage. The man says so I did not marry, I m doctor. Titu hugs him and Golu takes him, saying he will inform him. He asks the kids who are doctor in their house and kids tell him.

Chetan asks Rachna for food. Manorama asks Arvind to take off her bangles and shouts. Chetan goes and asks what is she doing. She says she is giving her jewelry for managing her medical expenses. She says she used all savings for his studies and upbringing. Chetan says he will be with her and she does not need to worry. He asks Rachna to give his mum cash. Rachna thinks she did a plan with her. Manorama blesses Chetan and hugs him, thinking she will not leave Rachna.

Panchi sees Surekha and offers her lift. Surekha taunts her and says she has left family and home. Panchi says Titu is happily going to crèche and the kids became his friends. Surekha says stop the rickshaw and says Titu has no need to work, he is not made to work, don’t try. Panchi says everyone has motive to come in world and maybe all comforts are to shape his way, I m showing him the right way. Surekha says she will regret. Panchi says I will regret if I don’t do anything. Surekha asks her to take the fare and goes. Panchi says you are annoyed today, but one day you will realize what I did is for Titu’s betterment.

Golu says he has made the list. Titu asks him to take them home. Golu asks do you think this is right. Titu says he has understood Panchi’s wishes, but she is feeling bad with me, I have got the sense and I will give her the sky where she can fly with the best man of these three, we will make her marry that man who is the smart and hardworking. He smiles.

Bhagwati does the boarding school parcel and is shocked seeing his admission notice and school items. Titu says we will see who is the best groom. Panchi asks whose groom. He says you here. She says I got scome documents, having got call from crèche. She asks whats going on and sees the pics of the men and also their bio data. She asks what are they doing, do they wish to open marriage bureau. Titu and Golu say yes. Panchi says I can’t believe you want to work, I m very happy. She asks who is the first client and Titu points to her.

They lie that they are finding the groom for Golu’s sister and she asks Golu to say her likes. Titu says every girl likes similar and asks for her choice. She says fine and checks the bios. Titu smiles. Rekha asks the man to take the old clothes and he asks why did she tear it. Vaishaili acts sweet and thinks she should act to get some benefit.

Bhagwati comes to ask Keshav and shows the admission card in Nainital boarding school and says you did not ask me, or inform me. He asks her to go home. She says she will not go till he tells her why she did this. She says she spoke to school and came to know she signed on form, it means he cheated her and took sign. He says he did this for Sundar. She says she did much to make him accept Keshav, she respected him but now he has fell in her eyes, and if Sundar goes to boarding, then she will also go with him. She cries and leaves.

Panchi chooses a doctor and asks Golu to talk to his sister. Titu says he felt the need for this marriage and thought to unite two people, does she really like doctor Kumar. She says yes, I will tell this to dad, he will be happy. He says tell him when its done, I will call him today and talk. Panchi says but Golu’s sister is not here. Titu says she is coming. Panchi says fine, call him. Titu says its late already, I will not make it more late. She asks him to register by the name she thinks for his marriage bureau, she will do perfect arrangements.

Govind asks Titu why is he getting these people. Titu says he wants to make Panchi marry Dr. Kumar. Everyone is shocked.

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