Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the Goddesses bless Anjana and her baby. Anjana is overwhelmed to hear their words / special blessings.

Shri Krishna relates an incident when Hanuman ji’s life was in danger even though he was still in Anjana’s womb.

Bali and Sugriv are two sons of a very famous vanar raj. Bali is arrogant while Sugriv is grounded. Bali and Sugriv jump off from a cliff above. Bali wins again. They both throw a very big rock towards the sea and as usual Bali wins. As punishment, Sugriv goes to bring bananas for him. Meanwhile, Narad ji appears there. Bali greets him. I am the best the bravest warrior of the world. Narad ji finds it a little doubtful though. Bali says when my own brother, who is very brave too, cannot win from me then who can challenge me? Narad ji says maybe there is someone who can help Sugriv in doing so. He next tells him about Kesari and Anjana’s unborn baby. Bali fumes in anger. No one can challenge me. I am undefeated and will be number one always. Bali makes up his mind to kill the unborn baby to remain number 1.

Bali later tells his Vaid to make such poison which can instantly kill someone. Vaid ji grinds special poisonous herbs for him and gives it to him. This poison can kill anyone with immediate effect. No Vaid will be able to understand about it or even cure it.

Bali reaches Kesari’s palace stealthily. He notices someone making kheer for Anjana. Bali had made up his mind that he wont let any competitor survive. He tries to enter the palace when the room is empty but cannot enter inside because of the holy threads tied around the room. His hand gets wounded in the process. He notices the hold threads. Bali still dint give up. Next day morning, Anjana and Kesari are praying in the temple. They are greeted by Bali in the disguise of the priest. He offers them Prasad. Kesari wonders where their usual priest is. Purohit ji is shown tied to some tree. His mouth is also gagged. Kesari addresses Bali. You have made a mistake (in a teasing way). If Purohit ji was in your place then he wouldn’t have offered just a little bowl but the entire pot of kheer. Anjana smiles. Bali signals her to take the Prasad. Anjana accepts the Prasad and takes a bite of kheer.

Precap: A daasi informs Kesari that Anjana has been given poison. Anjana is lying in her bed. Her colour has turned blue. Ma Lakshmi comes to bless her at night. Anjana becomes normal again. Baby Hanuman is born.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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