Jamai Raja 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Shiv joining everyone for breakfast and wishing them good morning. Naani taunts that DD will have to have breakfast in her room if he sits here. Shiv sadly tries to go back to room when DD comes and joins them. He sits back on his seat. Sid does his baffoonery. DD asks salt. Shiv gives her salt bottle. She angrily gets up and even does not allow Kesar to finish breakfast. She asks Naani to send her lunch to office and asks Yash and Sam to visit home often, before leaving for office. Naani taunts Shiv that because of him even Kesar could not finish is breakfast. Sid consoles her.

Sam gets jealous seeing Yash and Roshni closeness. Mona takes Sam to room and tells she should not doubt about Yash and Roshni’s closeness as they are childhood friends. Sam says without love marriage won’t stay for long.

Sid takes Shiv to DD’s office. He does some baffoonery there, gets DD’s lunch box from driver, exchanges it with Shiv’s prepared lunch box and asks him to go and give it to DD. Shiv says DD will hit him with this box. Sid encourages him that he is a stalwart and SRK of romance, etc. Shiv gets impressed. Sid fixes hands free into his years and sends him.

Biji sends Roshni to Simran’s room to check what is she up to and tries to hold Simran out with her conversation. Roshni gets file under bed. Simran gets a call and enters room, pushing Biji away. Biji starts acting as feeling severe pain. Simran comes back running. Biji asks her to get her water. She does and asks where is her caretaker. Biji says she is busy with other work and asks her to arrange food for her. Roshni silently leaves with file and signals Biji. Biji gets back to her room and asks Roshni to read what is in it. Roshni reads file and opens her mouth in surprise. Biji sees dog custody papers in it and tells this mother-daughter duo is planning something else and it is eyewash.

DD yells at Kesar for not checking quality of products. Kesar says lunch. She says no lunch until work is done. Shiv comes and clashes with her. She asks why did he come here. Sid over hands free asks him to tell if she was expecting Vinod Khanna than him. Shiv repeats dialogue stammering. DD asks what is wrong with her and asks why is he stammering and acting. He sits on table and asks her to have food. She says he can leave now. Shiv says he will not go until she finishes food. Sid who is also having food says it smells very good. DD fumes in anger. Sid says he is telling about his food. Shiv says repeats and asks her to have food. Kesar sees bhindi masala ,etc., and says it is DD’s favorite food. Shiv says he prepared it. DD angrily tries to walk out and he stops her, but DD leaves pushing him.

Precap: DD gets jealous seeing a lady praising Shiv that he looks handsome.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Whr s kumkum bhagya written update @hasan.

  2. If i understand correctly, then SImran and Kritika put a dummy file in the room to get biji off the track…
    but i wonder what was in the file that Raj got simran to sign….?? i think Raj knew that Kritika and Simran were in the room and trying to get the file back from him… I think Raj is playing them both for fools.

    1. Exactly you’re right..

  3. Kritika have to get all properties and kick out simran ….

  4. I gree with u rohan bt simran is behind of this matter

  5. I gree with u rohan bt simran is behind all dumb ladhki do smthng biji

  6. Lovely amusing episode.

  7. DD is becoming jealous of her husband.DD is only putting up a front to make believe that she does not love him but inwardly she is having jitterbugs.Sooner or later they will be together as love birds again.Simran and her daughter is made of the same metal but sooner or later they will be hurt real bad.The both of them are up to no good at all times.

  8. this storyline was about a you couple so much in love sidharth khurana and roshini patel they are divorced the storyline has become boring and uninteresting and the writers have strayed away from that storyline and they introduce all kind of different storyline rajveer storyline has ended and up to now simran and her wicked vamp daughter kritika do not know the real murdering crooked rajveer as yet and what he did for a living and so the writers left us hanging once more then simrans storyline where she tricked dd and got hold of all dds property where she blackmailed sidarth to divorce roshini and so dd would get back her property this does not make sense at all but then again we have writers who are just writing shit so what can we do is just ask for a quick end if my husband divorces me why the hell should he be still involved and all up in my family matters this just is not making any sense then there was the brief storyline with samaria and yash now it is shiv and dd writers come what the hell is really going on this serial is utter nonsense now so do the right thing and end it and do no forget I can go on and on and on about the pack of shit going on with all the other serials frustrated

    1. Gloria “STFU!!!!!!” Lmao!!!!

  9. Hi

  10. boring plz changr idea

  11. Hrmmmm boring same sceen over again & again….

  12. I agree with Gloria. Jamai raja has gotten very boring. We live in a house with like 50 people. Borders and stuff. All were stuck on the programs. But the story becomes boring. Even with kum kum bhagya. None o’s us watch anymorw. Because the story shud be about sid and roshini reunite in and not parting away from each other all the time…

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