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In the morning, Pratibha is in the kitchen. Shalu tells her she is lucky to be working in her home, people take her as stars and tells Pratibha she must win Kolkatta competition. The bell rings, Shalu goes to see and tells Pratibha someone is here to meet her. Pratibha comes to the hall and is shocked to see Shubda ji there. Other house members also come there, Mahen welcomes her home. Shubda ji asks will they offer her seat. Mahen asks her to take seat. Kaashi says she has heard a lot about her. Pratibha goes to bring tea. Shubda ji asks Pratibha to sit here with her, she has to say something special. She says it wasn’t easy that Pratibha passed this contest, now she has to compete in Kolkatta and if she wins, she will be known as a star. For this she must practice as much as possible, she says she will practice atleast four hours a day with her. Pratibha gets worried how she would manage it all. Mahen says Sunidhi will take care of all the work.
Sinidhi is shocked to hear him, Mahen promises that he will take care of children and home. Kaashi also says that Shubda ji is right, Pratibha has to get fame for their family and she will take all work from Sunidhi. Shubda ji says that this contest and her victory in it will not only be Pratibha’s but hers victory as well, she will teach her whole heartedly with all possible effort. Peehu and Sunidhi are frustrated by this talk. Peehu’s cell phone rings then, it was the black mailer and asks if she remembers his name. Peehu gets much worried; Mahen asks whose call is this. Peehu says it is her friend’s call and excuses herself to talk to them. Sunidhi thinks there is something wrong in it that Peehu is worried. Mahen stops Sunidhi and says in Pratibha’s absence she will have to take care of the household. Sunidhi assures she will. Shubda ji takes leave from them.
In her room, Peehu pleads to the caller not to do this, she gave him the money he asked for and he promised to delete the video. Where will she now arrange fifty thousand? The black mailer was indifferent and warns her to send this video to her parents. Peehu says sorry, she can’t arrange this money in one day. The black mailer says it is her problem that where she will arrange the money, else he will come to her home tomorrow to show the video to her family. Peehu cries in worry.
In the room, Pratibha says to Mahen why he said yes to Shubda ji, 4 hours is a long time. If she will be out of house for 4 hours who will take care of other house chores. She says when she has to go for auditions these days, she even dislikes this and now this 4 hour practice… Mahen says he will be the happiest person the day she will get rid of all these tensions and worries. Pratibha smiles. He says had it been someone else, she would focus on her practice and here is Pratibha worried about house chores. He says if the family adjusts from now, only then they will be able to manage when she will go to Kolkatta. He asks her to leave all these tensions, Sunidhi is here to manage everything. He says he is sure she will win those auditions too and then she will proceed to finals. He asks her to be positive. He says it has been great that Shubda ji is ready to help her practice. He asks her to go, he will drop her to institute as Shubda ji is strict with timings. He notices the missing earrings of Pratibha, Pratibha says Shubda ji dislikes much jewellery in music classes. Kaashi asks Mahen to drop her to temple, Mahen says he is already late. Kaashi is angry that now he thinks his maa as burden. Mahen says it isn’t like that, Pratibha interferes and asks her to come along. Sunidhi watches this all curtly.
In the car, Kaashi gets into the front seat. Pratibha winks at Mahen that it doesn’t matter and takes the back seat. Kaashi says she knows that she doesn’t interfering in their matters. Mahen says she isn’t interfering, she is their mother. Kaashi is happy.
At home, Sunidhi talks to her mom saying that luck is in favor of Pratibha, she is becoming a star and she, Sunidhi is getting mixed into dust at home. Her mother says she is being a loser again, in such times one must use brains. Sunidhi asks what she must do so that Pratibha can’t go to Kolkatta even. Her mom asks her to keep patience and think about some of Pratibha’s weakness. Sunidhi gets an idea.
At Agarwal Jewellers, Mahen was busy with the client and thinks Pratibha’s class must have come to an end. He takes an excuse from client to call Pratibha when she arrives at the shop herself. Pratibha tells Mahen that the class was really good, Shubda ji taught her a lot in one class and she will have to practice at home as well. Mahen says that is good, this way she will get to hear her voice at home as well. A couple of clients recognize Pratibha and come to her, Mahen says she is hs wife. They say they are proud of her as her voice is really good. A client asks Pratibha’s suggestion for jewellery as she wore great jewellery in audtions. Mahen says she is an old client of theirs, she might help her. Pratibha choses jewellery for the client. The client ask Mahen to pack the one Pratibha has selected.
Pratibha says to Mahen she really feels odd at this all. Mahen is happy and says he doesn’t, he likes it a lot. His wife is the super star of times to come; he had a sale because of her; what will happen when she will really be a super star. The salesman comes to Mahen and says that the new machine he bought for polishing is really good, it makes the old jewellery as new. Pratibha says this is a really good thing, she will give him her old jewellery and they will have to polish them as well. Mahen says he will get them done today. He asks her to go home now, he wants to have tea with her at home. Pratibha says she will make ginger tea for him at home.
At home, Peehu’s friends had gathered. Peehu was worried that her life has turned to hell now. Her friend says they have no option but to give him money. Peehu says she can’t arrange this big an amount of money, last time she had to steal her mom’s earrings. She can’t do it this time, else the whole house would come to know. Her friend says if she can’t arrange the money they will be caught, and because of her why should they pay. Peehu is left open mouthed at this. His friends say if she doesn’t do something they will tell her mother about all the truth, so it is better to arrange money for him.
Sunidhi knocks the door then. They are all shocked to see her standing with juice glass. Peehu unlocks the door, Sunidhi comes inside with the tray of juice and snacks and stares at Peehu. She smiles at her and asks what’s up, if she looks like ghost that they are all so worried seeing her. She asks has she caught them talking about something top-secret? They were all silent, Peehu says there is nothing like this, it is just that she came so abrupt. Sunidhi says her mom isn’t here, she thought she is here to get them snacks. Peehu says it is ok, their mom called and they are just leaving. Sunidhi asks really? The kids leave. Sunidhi says they are leaving so soon, and bids bye to them. Sunidhi smiles that she has caught the weak point of Pratibha.

PRECAP: Pratibha notices in the jewellery that her earrings are missing. She tells Mahen she kept earrings of Peehu here, where they go? Peehu comes to Agarwal jewelers for selling the earrings. Pratibha tells Mahen that the earrings she kept on dressing while leaving in the morning are also missing. Mahen talks to Peehu where she kept the earrings he gifted her on last birthday. Peehu was at the shop shocked to hear about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Peehu has become a thorn in her parents flesh because of her rude behavior.She is stealing from her parents to cover up a crime and she has refused to tell her parents about it when asked what is bothering her.She is a brat and Sunidhi is encouraging her to be rude to her mom.If Peehu gets into trouble now Sunidhi will have a field day with it.

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