Tu Mera Hero 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with a couple watching DDLJ and his wife speaks of having labour pain. She gets admitted in the hospital and soon gives birth to Panchi. Panchi is not crying and her father makes his entry and the newborn Panchi hears Tujhe Dekho To jaana sanam songs and starts to cry. Panchi’s parents visit a temple with her and now she is grown and is a young child. Titu also comes there with his parents and they scold him for being lazy. Titu’s parents tried to get a child and after 18 years he was born. Titu’s parents get info from the pandit that he will eat while sitting. Titu and Panchi are meeting and her parents learn that only love is her life. Titu is 10 yrs old and his parents are advised by the pandit to take more care of him in his upbringing. They are also told to look the girl for him.

Titu throws a small bell to Panchi which took it with smile. Panchi and Titu went far from each other. Titu was in Mathura but Panchi’s parents were transferred to Saharanpur. Panchi have grown-up watching movies. Panchi is seen watching a romantic movie and her sister asks whether she did exams well. She learns about her parents anniversary and her sister learns that she gave all answers correct. Panchi feels the romance in the air and imagines her father to propose to her mother with a rose and also their dance and Tujh mein Rab dikhta hain song plays in background. She comes out of the imagination and finds her father giving a vegetable – Karela to his wife and she wonders why her parents doesn’t do romance like shown in movies.

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Titu at his end is being called and everyone wonders where is he ? Titu is found by his parents when he was sleeping. He is told to get up but he doesn’t want to get up and is supported by his mother. She asks her husband to lift the gifts and belongings and he takes it with annoyance. Titu wakes up and speaks to his Aunt and shares his knowledge – wife requesting her husband to eat food with much care in 1st year, in 2nd year the wife requesting her husband to eat food with less care, and in the 5th year the wife speaks of not cooking the food and in the 6th year even starts to make taunt on her husband why he eats so much.

Titu says the husband calls his wife as Jaanu and shows much care, 2nd year – shows less care to wife, 4th year – starts to argue with wife. Everyone gets a laugh on Titu’s lines. Titu’s father got transferred to Meerut which is 200 kms from Mathura and the distance was getting shorter between Titu and Panchi. Panchi speaks that 24 boys wanted her to put Rakhi on their hands and she is not happy about it and thinks that friendship and Rakhi day were on same day. Panchi’s friend pulls her leg. Panchi is being forced to take a pic with Rakhis in hand. Panchi wonders why her father is a policeman. Titu gets many friendship bands on his wrist by many girls and his mother asks about the girls name to him. He replies of not telling the girls name. All the gifts that girls gave to Titu have been told to be distributed by his mother.

Panchi’s father got transferred to Mathura and now the distance between Panchi and Titu is zero. Titu is seen in a rickshaw and an announcement is made about the magic show. Panchi tries to get more info and gets a pamphlet of the magic show and feels excited. Titu have arranged the magic show and gets compliments by some girls. Panchi comes there and the magic show begins and there is a love boat where the magic will take place and a girl will get his dream partner. The magic man asks Panchi to come on stage which makes her surprised. She goes on the stage and is told to get ready for magic. The magic begins and bull comes there and the magician runs from there.

The audience runs as well and Panchi is stuck on the boat with her hands tied. Titu is also told to run but he is not taking seriously. The bull creates havoc there and Panchi wants help from God and is worried. Titu runs to save Panchi as the bull was approaching her. Panchi imagines the Tujhe Dekho To Jaana Sanam song and Titu comes to the boat and makes her free. She falls and puts her hand on Titu holding him.

Titu is being asked to get 50 % grade. Panchi wants to know the name of the guy who has saved her and asks her friend about Titu.

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  1. not bad….

  2. It’s okay…but I’m not sure how the story is going to go on for months…I still miss Ek Haseena Thi…EHT’s 1st episode was 10x better!

  3. starting was ok.i hope the love story b/w panchi and titu will be a good one.

  4. plz start EHT2

  5. the 1st epi is good. i liked it

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