Sinhasan Battisi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into palace the fake samrat enters the jail and talks to samrat saying tat how is he feeling as he has successfuly stolen his everything his kingdom his name his people his status and says tat u must be getting very angry but u r helpless and cant do anything but then samrat gets up and says tat y would i be angry rather i m happy tat i m retiring now and u will handle it all and i actually want to thank u the fake samrat then says tat he appreciates tat he thinks this way and says tat he was here with some dinner for him but i think u don’t want it but the samrat then says tat he will definately have food and also says tat the food never gets bad even though it is being served by bad people and takes the plate from his hand and eats peacefully seeing this the fake samrat gets furious and takes the plate and throws it on the floor and starts yelling at the real samrat saying wat kind of person u are hw could u behave like this as u know tat u a re the real samrat and u r doing nothing to save urself the real samrat then replies tat he knew the truth but wanted to hear it from u the fake samrat then says tat yes he is fake and he is here to destroy u and spread adharma every where and u wouldn’t be able to do anything and leaves
Varhamirji is seen worrying about the arrow and a teacher comes in and asks tat y he called him from the secret path varhamirji then tells tat he called him to know wat kind of arrow is this and to whom it belongs the acharya then sees it and says how is it possible and varhamirji asks is there a problem and then acharay asks him to come with him and puts the arrow in water pot and the arrow dissolves in it and evapourates varhamirji then asks how did this happen and acharay then says tat this arrow is not from this planet and it is prepared in some other planet and the one who has used it is also from the other planet varhamirji then thinks tat who could be the one from other planet

The fake samrat is then shouting and calling out to give him more power to destroy samrat and then he gets it and says tat next day will be the last day of samrat and adharma will be spread everywhere and bhadrka will rule all over soon samrat vikramaditya is seen tied with handcuffs shouting for help to release him as he is the real samrat and suddenly chitalekha wakes up in fear and starts crying in the name of samrat and her parents rush to her asking if she had seen a dream while chitralekha tells tat she saw i dream and he was caught and shouting for help but her parents say tat she just overthinks about samrat and tat is y she just had a bad dream and there nothing wrong while chitralekha prays to god to keep her samat safe
The next day in Ujjain palace the real samrat is been taken to a stage by senapati while the fake samrat asks wat should he cal him samrat or a fake person but then the real samrat says tat the death is tied with every human being and he is not feared by death and asks the fake samrat to once just accept the dharma and even u will feel good the fake samrat then gets angry and asks the soldiers to attack him with the arrows and kill him the soldiers then target him but then could not release the arrow and they say to the fake samrat tat they are not able to attack by looking at the face as it is their samrats face the fake samrat then gets angry and says how did u called him samrat i m ur samrat while varhamirji looks all worried
The fake samrat then shouts at the soldiers and asks them to go away and the samrat then says tat now he will kill him and takes the bow in his hand and targets at samrat while varhamirji prays tat the truth wins and then samrat jumps into the pit under the staget and the fake samrat then looks wat happened and asks the soldiers to find him and declares tat whoever finds him he will give him lot of gold and then senapti asks soldier to find him as he is fake samrat then comes out and thinks tat these soldiers are in his influence and wont listen to him so he has to act yet smartly enough to come out of this then the fake samrat is seen shouting at all others and asking how did he escape and who told him the way to escape there must be someone who has helped him people deny and varhamirji says tat he knew tat there is some secret path but only real samrat knew where it is the fake samrat then says tat does tat mean i m fake varhamirji clears the confusion saying tat as he knows this secret even u know it and in anger the fake samrat was about to reveal the truth but stops and varhamirji notices that shadow of samrat cant bee seen even when he is standing in sun the fake samrat then says tat he will not let him escape and varhamirji is seen worried about how there is no shadow.
At night samrat calls the justice committe and tells them it was necessary to tell tat there are some things tat cant be talked in the morning and so he called them at night and tells them the one who we declared as real is a fake samrat they asks him how varhamirji tells tat every living thing on earth has its shadow while the one who doesnot have a shadow is not from this planet and the one whom we have declared as samrat doesnot have a shadow and so he is fake and from some other planet every one gets shocked after listening this and asks now wat they will do as they have put the real samrats life in danger while varhamirji says tat everything is not over yet and they will have to wait for the right time to arrive and in the village all the soldiers and villagers are searching for the one smarat who is considered fake and ran away while samrat is seen hiding himself with a blanket a soldier then announces tat samrat has declared tat the one who finds him he will give him a lot of gold and silver the samrat then thinks tat he has successfully influenced the people in his kingdom while samrat decides to leave from here as it wont be safe for him as he is escaping someone calls him samrat and asks him to stop saying tathe knows tat u r the real samrat but samrat doesnot listen to him and goes ahead he again comes and asks him to stop saying tat he knows tat u r the real samrat and asks to come with him samrat then thinks tat should he belive him or not while the man constantly asks him to come with him,
Into old fort raja bhoj asks vishakha tat there is no life on other planet and how come this man came to earth vishakaha then tells tat there are 9 planets in the universe and unlimited stars there in universe and so anything can happen raja bhoj agrees and vishakha narrates further
Samrat goes with tat villager and in his hut his wife is asking samrat to have food wen smarat asks where is her husband she tells tat he has gone out for some work and will be back soon but then samrat says tat he will have food wen he comes back along with him and in palace the villager is seen telling the fake samrat tat if he weighs him gold then he would like to tell something about the samrat who has escaped and where he is the fake smarat gets happy and asks where he is the villager tells tat he is at his home and as he is a businessman he wont lie the fake samrat gets happy
Into the hut the villagers wife asks samrat to please have food as if he didn’t had it her husband will get angry one her and samrat then agrees and eats the food and thanx her for so much care towards him and in palace the fake samrat tells the villager tat if he has trapped the samrat then he would give him a lot of gold and the fake samrat calls the soldiers
The justice committe then says tat y r we here we should go and save samrat but then varhamirji says tat we should not consider the fake samrat weak and should do something in more smarter way and there arrives a soldier telling varhamirji tat the samrat is been found and he is at one businessmans house but the fake smarat has got the news and he could capture him anytime while listening to this varhamirji says tat he has to leave sooner to save samrats life into the hut samrat after having food takes permission from the lady to leave and says tat he cant stay for alonger time at one place and the lady then asks him to stay until her husband comes but samrat says tat he must be busy in some important work and he should leave and then comes the villager samrat asks him where was he and he tells tat he was out to make some arrangements for him and asks him to come out to see when samrat goes out he is hit by an arrow by the soldiers he is shocked to see soldier and the fake samrat while chitralekha is doing mahakal pooja and the diya gets off and she looks worried.

Both the samrat are seen fighting wit each other while the fake samrat says tat he cant kill him until he dies and wen samrat attacks the fake one he himself gets hurt but the fake samrat does not even gets injured.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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