Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sharda telling Sarika to be happy, atleast try and give a chance to yourself. She says we all want Vikram to settle again in his life, and I can understand about you finding difficult. I want you and Shiobha to restart life, and forget all the pains. Sarika acts innocent. Sharad says you can take time, but promise you. Sarika thinks she came Delhi to move on, and will make others move on too. Sharda asks will she move on. Sarika says its not easy to forget my husband, I will try if you are saying, if you want me to move on with Vikram, I accept it. Sharda asks what. Sarika says Vikram or anyone, I will move on. Sharda says I understand thanks.

Vikram comes to meet Shobha. She says she wanted to help him. He says did I ask for help why do you make me feel I m lonely. She says we want to see you happy. He says why do you feel I m not happy, or I will get happy if I get any life partner, and talks about Samarth. He says we will replace Samarth in your life. She says what. He says then why are you replacing someone in my life. She says explain me. He says how to explain you, look Shobha, I trust you a lot more than myself or anyone else, when you do such things, I feel hurt. He asks is she understanding. She says she did not wish to hurt him. Sarika comes out of her room and sees Vikram talking to Shobha. She smiles and thinks of their past love.

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She thinks its matter of few days and Vikram will dance on my fingers. Vikram asks Shobha to promise she won’t do this again. He holds her and is shocked seeing Sarika standing. Shobha asks what happened. Sarika hides. Vikram looks around and says she is here, if I tell Shobha whom I saw, she will say I m mad. He leaves silently. Sarika smiles and says I came back on right time, Vikram is still in past and our love story will start again, I have to use Shobha for this, she does not love its love triangle, sorry I need Shobha. She thinks she will clear Shobha from between her and Vikram. She is glad.

Vikram comes to his home and sees his and Sarika’s pic in his mobile. He throws it and tells Nani that his past is coming infront of him, he does not know whats happening. He says whenever I try to move on, I get back, I can’t settle with anyone, I want someone who supports me in my pain, and completely understands me, that I feel we are one. Nani says you have made your life partner pic and its Shobha’s pic, without whom your day does not start and does not end, you both have lost in love, you both support each other, you became like her family, you love her kids and your life got calm by her. She says come out of your past and then you can think about Shobha.

He says you know Shobha is married. Vikram says she is divorced. He says she is not divorced yet. Nani says she got divorced the way when Samarth gave get those papers, he does not deserve her love, you deserve her, close your eyes and see does you see her face. Nani says its not filmi, this is reality. He leaves. Nani says I know your illness and you will its called love. Shobha thinks about Vikram’s words. She hears Sarika crying and goes to see. She packs her bag. Shobha asks what happened, tell me, where were you going and why. Sarika says because of Vikram. Shobha is shocked and asks Vikram? My boss? What happened? Sarika says I loved Vikram and I ruined his life. She says who is stuck in his past and could not move on, that Vikram….

Shobha is stunned and recalls Vikram and Nani’s words. She says you are Vikram’s past. Sarika says we are in relationship and loved each other a lot. Shobha asks did she break his heart, why, you took away his smile and happiness, he is afraid of life, why did you do this, you gave him pain, pain became his habit. Sarika says beat me. Shobha says stop it, and cries. She says I have seen pain in his eyes, why you did this. Sarika says Samarth made me marry Abhay, he did not listen to me, he did what he was going to do with Garima.

She says you stopped Garima’s marriage with Ajay, but who was with me, I was helpless. Shobha says I did not know this, I m sorry. Sarika says Vikram was my first love, I told him so bad to make him hate me and move on in his life, but he did not move on. She says even I could not move on. The FB shows Vikram begging Sarika not to marry someone and holding her feet. Sarika scolds him and says she is not foolish to marry him, and calls him poor struggling man. She kicks him out. She folds hands and tells Shobha that she begged Samarth that she loves Vikram, but he forced her to marry Abhay. She says I could not forget my Vikram, I still love him. Shobha hugs her.

Vikram comes in compound and Sarika. He holds her and turns. He smiles seeing its Shobha, as the present has get over his past in Shobha’s face. He sees there is no one. Guzar gaya jo kal gaya…………… plays…………… He smiles winning over his past and Sarika’s memories. He says you are the girl Shobha….. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………..plays…………… He recalls their first meeting and their journey.

Shobha says when Vikram comes to know what you did was by some reason, he will love you. Shibha tells Vikram that she is ready to move on. He asks is that means you are ready to accept anyone in your life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow Vikram realized his love Shobha!!! Nice episode!!! Vibha rocks

  2. its great that vikram saw shobha but one devil sarika has returned..vikram pls show n tell she dusnt deserve him or anyone now..she needs to be thrown out of d house n city..vikram needs to change his hair style pls.

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