Tu Mera Hero 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind scolding Panchi. Surekha asks him to scold her more. Govind says in much louder tone. Surekha asks him to say anything else. Govind says I will not leave you, I m your father in law, my name is Govind Narayan, I will not listen to you. Panchi smiles. Surekha takes the phone and ends it. Panchi says Surekha did this… and laughs. Govind asks Surekha to understand Panchi, what she is doing is not less challenging, she loves Titu and wants him to work hard and earn respect, she is making joke of herself, her intention is good and she will succeed now. She asks him to sleep.

She returns the Gajra being annoyed and turns to sleep. Arvind cries and says save me. Chetan and Rachna come to him and see Manorama crying. Arvind says I was sleeping, I felt strange and I was seeing Manorama wanted to kill me, save me from him. Manorama says I don’t know anything. Chetan asks her to sleep and not think anything. Manorama says I m scared of myself, now your dad will not sleep with me. Chetan asks his dad can he sleep here. Arvind says no. Manorama thinks he should take Rachna’s name. Manorama says she needs Rachna a lot.

Chetan says Rachna does not have any problem to be with you. Rachna says fine. Chetan says dad will sleep in my room. Rachna gets Panchi’s message and Panchi asks her the time to reach for reunion. Rachna says tomorrow 4pm. Manorama acts to sleep and checks her phone, while Rachna goes to talk to Chetan. Manorama says she will see how the plan works. Titu says he is tired to wear the coat and misses Golu. He asks her to help him as a friend, if not as a wife. Panchi makes him wear the coat and gets ready.

He says its impossible to understand a woman, Lord also does not know their moods. Nikhattu……………plays………….. Titu says he will arrange her hair in his style. She smiles. Titu does her hair do. She thanks him. He says he has always seen, when she gets ready or made him ready, then problems came on him. She says why, we will meet friends after a long time. He says yes, we are a great pair. He says he feels something, will anything happen where they are going. She nods no.

Sundar tells Bhagwati that its last day to pay fees tomorrow, else teacher said his name will be cut. She says Keshav pays on time. Sundar says teacher told dad, but he did not pay, he is annoyed with me, he does not want me to go to school, as I made his file fall, I will say sorry to him.

Bhagwati says no, he is not annoyed, I will talk to him, he is busy in work. A man Vikrant welcomes everyone in the party. Manorama comes there. The girls ask about Panchi, who was a dreamer and topper, she would have got a prince. Manorama brings some people hiding from Rachna. Manorama says I m feeling restless at home, so I came here. Rachna asks who are they and goes to see.

Manorama says they are from social group helpers, they can work here. Rachna says but… The girl takes her to meet Panchi. Manorama asks the women not to get in anyone’s hand and do the work. She takes him. Everyone meet Panchi and Titu. He says he is her husband. He says after marriage, he used the ears right, as he hears the day long story of wife. He says he gives his looks credit to Surekha.

The lady introduces her husband, a big lawyer. Titu says it means he lies and earns money. The lady says his sense of humor is nice. Panchi laughs. The other girl says Panchi said right, that she will marry Mr perfect, she got her perfect man. Titu says no one is perfect, but Panchi can make anyone perfect by her perfection, even when the person wants to become perfect or not.

Manorama talks to some guests. Rachna asks is she getting bored. Manorama says no. Panchi talks to her friends. The waiter gives juice to Titu asks for straw. He gets the straw and asks how do you know I like straw. Manorama says we know you need it. Panchi sees the women and the girl asks her to come. Panchi thinks why did they puit straw in Titu’s drink, who can they be.

Titu is made fun of in the party by Panchi’s acting of Titu. Nikhattu………..plays…………Titu is shocked.

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