Udaan 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Bhaiya ji asking Tejaswini to see how Bhagya Devi Maa has made the boy fine. Abha asks the people not to get superstitions. The people say they have seen the miracles. Bhagya tells Chakor that she is Devi Maa. Chakor says she is not Devi, and is like them. She asks her not to think what everyone is saying, they are not educated so they will accept what they are told. Bhagya cries. Chakor asks her not to believe them, and just trust the ring, Arjun said he will free her. She says when my mum sent to haveli, there was no one with me, I just had a moon, your mum also put you here, think this ring is a moon for you.

She asks her to trust, everything will be fine. Chakor recalls the past. Bhagya asks about Arjun Sir. Chakor says he is good, you also like him. Bhagya says I also like him. Chakor asks her to trust her and Arjun. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini come there. Bhaiya ji scolds her and asks how dare she come here. He drags her outside. Tejaswini asks Bhagya to sit in her place and not worry for Chakor. Bhagya looks at her and recalls her words.

She holds her hand and says Maa. Tejaswini greets her and says I m not your mum, and cries. She says I m your devotee. Aditya asks Abha to come. She says how did the boy get up suddenly. Abha says about sugar level neutralizing by sweets, its not any miracle. Bhaiya ji brings Chakor out. Chakor says she is not Devi, she is human, Devi does not have pain, how did Bhagya get hurt. Bhaiya ji scolds her.

The people also scold her for insulting Devi Maa. Chakor says he is saying as if Bhagya is more than Lord. She asks will they believe she is Devi is she wears such dress. The people go to beat Chakor. Abha and Aditya come in between. Chakor says I m saying right. Abha says yes, but its not time to say this. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to put Chakor in stable. Chakor says Bhagya is not happy there. Lakhan takes her. Arjun looks on. Abha sees Arjun. He signs her. Bhaiya ji asks people not to get into Chakor’s words.

Ragini asks Vivaan why is Chakor saying Bhagya is not Devi. Vivaan says she looks like us, how can she be Devi. Ragini says she showed miracle too. Aditya says my mum said the boy sugar level was down. Ragini asks how is Chakor sure. Vivaan says you stay in haveli, we will ask her what does she know about Bhagya, which we don’t know. Abha asks Arjun why is he hiding, she is stunned as Ishwar changed, I feel you also changed. He says I want to help Chakor in freeing Bhagya from temple, as I feel I m responsible for this, I don’t want to come infront of Bhaiya ji till I m prepared. Abha says I m with you. He says thanks. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to take care of Devi Maa and not let anyone meet her. He asks Tejaswini to come. Bhagya holds Tejaswini’s saree. Girja asks Bhagya to leave it. Tejaswini gets teary eyed. Bhaiya ji scolds Girja and asks her to free it. Bhagya cries. Bhaiya ji takes Tejaswini with him. They hear the lady saying Devi Maa saved her son’s life.

Lakhan asks Chakor to go in stable, if she comes out of haveli, he will break her legs. He asks the guard to take care of Chakor, she should not go outside of haveli. Chakor goes to Baa. She says no one is believing me, I said Bhagya is not Devi. Baa says its not bad to be Devi, there is no need of worry. Chakor says but humans can stay with parents. Baa says if she has understood this, why not Bhagya. Chakor says I don’t have anyone to help me. Aditya says who said there is no one to help. Vivaan says we all are with you. Ragini says me too. Chakor looks at them.

Baa asks her are they all her friends. Chakor says she will meet them at night. Baa gets troubled as she does not remember anything. Aditya says fine, we will go. They leave. Chakor says teach me to make thread. Dadi shows her. Ragini says I think Chakor is saying wrong, Bhagya is Devi. Vivaan says Chakor has explained us, even then she is saying Bhagys is Devi, tell me what proof you want, I will bring it. Chakor says I will bring the proof, I have an idea.

Chakor says she knows everything. I will save Bhagya by Aditya, Vivaan and Ragini’s help. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini see her and ask what is she doing here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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