Jamai Raja 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with pandit starting pooja at DD’s house. Sid silently drops lamp on seating and sets afire. Everyone panic seeing fire. He brings water and sets it off with the help or Roshni. Pandit says it is a big abshagun. Biji asks the reason behind it. He says someone came seeking help, but they kicked him out from there. Sid says he is telling truth. DD comes and asks pandit to leave as she does not believe in all this. He leaves yelling she insulted him. Biji asks DD to listen to her as she is her mom’s age. DD says it is her family issue and asks Sid and Biji to leave.

Naani tells DD that she has to believe in pooja, etc., and bring back Shiv home. DD says she will not. Naaani asks what if roshni’s life is harmed. DD agrees. Roshni hears that and smiles. She informs Sid who says he will reunite her family for sure. Raj hears that and smiles. Sid says he will reunite sasurji and saasuma. Raj happily hugs him and says he has become expert in reuniting people.

Shiv comes back to DD’s home and touches Naani’s feet calling her maaji. Naani signals Kesar. Kesar asks Shiv to call her madamji. Kesar jokes if she teaches in school. Kesar say no. He says she is elder of this house and should be called a maaji. Naani asks Kesar to show his room. Mona asks if Shiv brother can stay in Kesar’s room as his still mentally unstable. Naani says no.

Roshni and Sid sit in a park. She asks how to reunite family. He reminisces Mona’s concern for her brother and says they should use it in their favor. He says they have to make fight first to reunite them.

During breakfast, Naani sees kheer angrily and asks who prepared it. Mona says she prepared it. Nani asks servant to take it away.

Simran and Krithika meet some lady and give her money for their evil plan.

Roshni gets into Sid’s car and thanks him. He tries to get romantic. He gets out of car and asks why is he so concerned about her and her family, but divorced her. He should stop meeting her completely now. She continuously if any relationship is left between them. He says yes there is.

Precap: Shiv hugs Roshni and Sid and says after many years he is meeting his family because of them. Naani enters room and asks what is happening.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really like this show.

  2. Aree yaar kis typ ki update dethe hai… giv us a complete details.. fool hasan… tumko kisne yeh kaam diya… ullu ke patte

  3. Lol at comments
    Fool uloo ka patha…lol.

  4. Nice episode sid a reunited every1 else expect this self
    Cum back to this two 1 is a witch n the next 1 is ugly duckling why r the two of them still doing in here n what is the evil plan come on raj u a waste time just give her a divorce an done maybe then she will learn her lesson for minding peoples businesses

  5. bakwees episode

  6. quboolhai4ever

    Here’s a perfect line for this show
    DD : SImran and Kritika where are your noses oh wait its all up in my business again

  7. Sid is reuniting every one except Roshni and himself.Anyway Sid is my special actor.Love Sid

  8. it is about time simran and kritika know their place and keep out of others business this is a next long and boring storyline the story is just not making any sense first simran took dds property away then she made a pact with sid to divorce roshini and she simran gave back the property to dd kritika took away crooked wicked murdering rajveer from samaria and now he is dead she is on mission to destroy roshini sid and roshinis family which does not make sense I cannot understand these writers at all why these serial cannot have decent happy endings it is always pure hate all the way and when these scripts are not good or making sense then the story becomes boring and this happens when the writers want to prolong the serial and just do not know what to write so come on writers please do the right thing and end the serial bring the both families together again

  9. Beautiful episode.

  10. What the writers have done to Simran’s character is really pathetic. She was an intelligent, loving, caring, supportive wife and mother, who actually doted on her husband and son. Now, they have changed her character totally. She is now a b*t*h that’s hell bent on destroying her son’s life and could lose her husband in the process. Why? Because her long lost daughter waltzed into her life with an agenda to make her mother pay for abandoning her as a child? Simran is now such an idiot. She is losing her son and husband for her daughter who actually doesn’t care about her family. Kritika is a young woman with a college education and she is content to sit at home doing nothing but thinking up schemes to destroy her younger brother. She has no clue about family – she is just like Rajveer – a taker not a giver! Simran is so stupid that she cannot see beneath Kritika’s facade. They are both LOSERS!! Can the writers create more realistic characters?

    For the record, I don’t think that Rajveer actually died. I feel that when he went to the morgue, they realized that he was still alive and saved his life. I think they will recycle that story line some time in the future.

    1. You are so correct.This makes me dislike her.

  11. Marita is not here.daughter when is a Fraud!

  12. @Gloria : Have you ever heard of the word called “puncuation” ? 😉

  13. punctuation* it is 😛 haha!

    1. Megha?? Frm Tripura??

  14. Kill Simran and Kritika’s character – this will bring the back on track wher everyone is happy happy happy

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