Tu Mera Hero 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind asking Mukund and Vaishaili what happened to their legs. Pinky tells everything. Surekha wishes happy holi to Rekha and hugs her. She says they have to get the chillies don’t know how it broke. They all apply holi colors and greet each other. Mukund says his legs are hurt as he stood on chilies for 15mins. Keshav greets elders. Mukund applies holi to Vaishaili. Bhagwati smiles seeing Keshav. Keshav also sees her and Surekha asks him to go and color Bhagwati. Keshav goes and Mukund stops him.

Panchi colors Bhagwati and greets her. Bhagwati wants to apply color to her and Panchi sits to apply holi to Sundar. Bhagwati applies to Keshav and they all smile, seeing their eyelock. Rekha gets angry. Surekha asks Bhagwati to get cool thandai for everyone. Rekha asks is it over, go and get thandai now. Panchi asks Sundar tp apply color to his dad. Sundar goes to Keshav and shows colors greeting him happy holi.

Keshav looks at him, and Sundar puts the colors back. Bhagwati looks on. Keshav stops Sundar and applies him color wishing happy holi. Everyone smile. Sundar also applies color to him. Rekha says what am I seeing. Bhagwati gives thandai to everyone. Panchi says why did Titu not come till now. Govind calls Sundar and hugs him. Titu puts colored water and it falls on Panchi. Titu tells Panchi about the new morning. Govind asks him not to act smart else he will slap him. Panchi and everyone smile.

Titu says you don’t understand joke dad, this was Golu’s idea. Golu says Titu did it great. Panchi asks him to come down and play holi. Surekha says Titu is naughty, he will color everyone and not let anyone color him every year, and even this year no one can color Titu. Titu smiles. Govind asks Surekha to leave saying yes to Titu, this is not bravery thing that no one can color him, its just excuse that if he plays holi, he will have to bath well to clean the colors.

Surekha says my son is moon and laughs. She says she has work. Govind asks Panchi to go and change. Keshav says he will go to shop and leaves. Chetan applies color to Rachna and wishes holi. She reminds about Titu and Panchi’s first holi, and says we have to go there. He asks him about his leg pain. He says its fine, don’t worry, I will play holi well. Manorama and Arvind hear them and she tells she has to do something to make Chetan out of Rachna’s control.

Manorama colors Chetan and Rachna. Arvind too wishes them. They bless Chetan and Rachna and act sweet. Rachna also applies color to Manorama. Manorama thinks to get all colors from her holi. Panchi comes to Govind and gives sweets. He likes it and says how did you know that my likes and dislikes in food. She says if you take care of my happiness regarding me a daughter, then I can also take care of my dad and friend. He laughs.

She reminds what they decided yesterday and she feels its good day today, its Holi, its not necessary that it does not happen this year what did not happen before, the fun will be when all Mathura color Titu, and then Titu will start working to clean the colors. He says yes, our first victory, how will this happen. She says her solid plan and they do high five. She says we will win and laughs. He asks her to do her aim and wishes her luck.

They go to Titu and she says he is in bathroom, I will go. They hear Titu come and hide. Its Golu, and he sees the water bucket. She says I forgot this Golu. He says even I forgot, I will see him, you go and cut the rope. He makes Golu busy and scolds him. Golu says leave me, I will not anything again. Govind signs Panchi and takes Golu.

Panchi cuts the rope and Govind talks to Golu. Panchi cuts the rope and shows done to Govind. He smiles and leaves Golu confused. Titu calls Golu and Golu asks him why is he wearing white clothes if he knows no one can color him. Panchi hears them. Titu says about the detergent ad model. She smiles. They go out and see whom to fool now. They see the rope cut and Panchi comes out saying happy holi. She puts colors on Titu and sees Golu came in between. She asks Golu to stop. Golu says all colors have to go through me, and says Surekha has made Titu have bath 15 years ago to get colors off, then no one colored him. She says I will color him this year and asks him to move. Titu asks her why is she after him, she is so good, why is she doing torture on him. She says its wife’s right, he tells stories to everyone, hear a story from me.

She says a husband and wife’s story of wife asking for newspaper and husband taunting her on old times, and giving laptop, she then hits laptop to cockroach, and it means wife rocks. He says fine, I m ready. She smiles.

Everyone go to color Titu and Govind stops Surekha.

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