Swim Team 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Coach TK tells he want a perfect team..Coach TK agrees and tells yes…Rewa cries and cuts her swimming suit..Umang calls Rewa and tells that Coach is giving her chance….Rewa cuts the call..TK tells that he known Rewa refused..Umang tells no.. Rewa agreed..
Deepsi tells that there is a good chance in compedition ..Priyanka tells that Kanika will win the race..Priyanka and deepsi tells Umang that she should do something soo that kanika loose..Umang tells she have to think.. Umang goes to Rewa’s house,, Umang tells Rewa to join academey….Rewa tells why she should come for two weeks??Umang show Team India jersey give to rewa tells that Coach TK gave to her,,Rewa sees and wears it..Rewa agrees..Umang shows the photos of kanika to Rewa..Rewa finds lipbalm in the pocket,,tells that Umang lied her it is her tshirt,Rewa throws and tells she dont want charity….Rewa tells Umang is selfish..Rewa tells Umang to go away,,She is showing false dreams In which she is not intrested…Umang goes..Jai comes and sits..Jai asks Rewa how is she??Rewa tells okey..Umang text jai to come as its urgent…Jai goes..
Umang and Jai goes academey,,Umang tells Jai that they have to go and see the video..Umang breaks the fire alarm.The watchman goes to check…Jai and Umang and goes into the room Jai searches the video,,Umang gets the CD…File is not opening,,Jai tells may be it is corrupted..Umang tells that Jamwal is blo*dy cheater’s..As watchman checks the room and goes..Umang and Jai hides..Umang comes out and cries,, Bhagat calls Rewa,,,Bhagat tells that he recharged his phone three times and called many matur.Rewa asks what he want??Bhagat tells a coffe date!!Rewa tells no..Bhagat tells that he will come her home..Rewa tell she will come…Bhagat tells that its good that Rewa leave swimming..If she done BBA will get a good job and life is set..Bhagat gives the phone to Rewa with a new cover..Rewa tells why free cover??Bhagat tells he liked it…Bhagat sees pictures of Kanika and shows to Rewa tells that kanika is too hot and check her out..Rewa tells how Bhagat knows kanika??Bhagat tells he is a fan of Kanika…Rewa sees the pictures of Kanika and find out that Umang is not in the pictures..Rewa call Jai,,Jai tells that Umang is cryin and not participating..Rewa tells jai to reach academey..Rewa asks Bhagat If he have car..Bhagat asks why??Rewa tells she have to go as its urgent..
In academey Kanika is doing photoshoot,,Bhagat drives while Rewa sits back,,Rewa tells to speed up..Bhagat why??Rewa tells just to drive..Rewa tells that audition is going on Umang is sitting here??Umang tells that she wil no go..Umang tells that TK gave Rewa a chance was not a charity,,Umang tells Rewa to promise that she will come in team..Rewa agrees…Rewa tells that Umang have to go for Photoshoot..Rewa and Umang goes..Rana takes photo of Kanika tells that she is looking hot..After that he packs up..Rana tells kanika that she is looking good..Kanika smiles..Rana tells he hopes kanika will win,,.Rewa,,jai and Umang comes..Umang tells Rana that he photoshoot has to be done,,He tells that time is over..Umang pleases He tells no..Jai asks what happend??Rewa tells that Jai is refusing to take photos..Rewa tells Jai to show kanika’s portfolio,,Rewa sees and tells that some mistake will be there..Rewa sees and call the hotel,,Rewa asks for bills..Rewa shows the bills to Umang,,Umang sees and smiles…Umang stops Kanika and shows her bill…Umang tells Kanika that her father dont know about her last stay with boyfriend Rana..kanika asks what she want??Umang tells Photoshoot..Kanika calls Rana..

Precap:::Kanika asks Umang whom she likes??.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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