Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho telling Babasa that Sandhya gave kidney to her. He says we kicked her out and ended our ties, she gave you kidney and new life. She says yes, I m paying for this favor, it would have been I died that time, it was easy for me, now I m giving our family’s ansh, it’s a bad deal for us. She gets sad. Sandhya and Sooraj have a talk. She says Bhabho agreed to give the baby and made Ankita tie thread to Kalash, but she was not happy. He says it will take time, see her heart, she went to explain a child and understood, her heart is soft than wax, like we melted seeing Bulbul, she also did this to bring smile on Bulbul’s face. He says it was tough for Bhabho to do this, she gave a big sacrifice, as she loves kids a lot.

Sandhya sees the two teddies and gets sad. He sees her and she smiles. Babasa says Sandhya’s sacrifice… don’t think it’s a deal. Bhabho says then what, that’s why I m seeing the baby go away, I can’t sleep if I have any loan, its imp to get loan back, so I m donating the thing valuable to me. Babasa says its little kid, you came in Bulbul’s words. She says no, today Bulbul said, tomorrow Ankur and Ankita can say, then Sandhya, till I did not know, the thing was different, now I can’t bear this, this was a bad day for me.

Bulbul comes to Sandhya and Sooraj. Sooraj asks is she happy. Bulbul says I m very happy, its good day for me. She says she will be happy when they give her the baby, she will play and go school with baby, she will give all her toys. He says yes. She sees two teddies and asks can I take it. He gives one teddy to her. She hugs it and hugs him thankfully. Sooraj says you should thank Bhabho, as she permitted for this, see her heart is so big.

Few months passes, Sooraj brings Sandhya and sees her eating many icecreams. He jokes on the kids’ name. He helps a little girl and moves the table, and the icecream tray stands on her big tummy. The girl sees it and he gives her the ball. He jokes on Sandhya’s table. She says you are taunting on my fatness. He says no, you are still slim and the baby is saying he agrees with me.

He says I m waiting to meet the baby, we have to go for Sonography, hurry up. She says its not my mistake, you were talking to baby. He takes her. Sooraj and Bhabho see the babies in sonography. The doctor shows the twin babies. Bhabho asks can they know Dadi’s touch. Bulbul comes there and Bhabho gets sad seeing her. Ankita looks on. Bulbul asks when will babies come. The doctor says after three months. Bulbul says such long wait. Sandhya says three months will go soon. Bhabho worries,

Emily shows the baby clothes and smiles. She says Meenakshi has sent everything and shows the cap Bhabho made by her hands. Bhabho smiles and says yes. Emily says now Sandhya’s 7th month is going on, its just 2 months now, then she will have two babies. Bulbul comes and asks what are they doing. Emily says they are seeing small clothes for baby. Bulbul says its old clothes and see the cap is stained. She says new baby will not wear old clothes, I will show new clothes of the baby and throws the cap Bhabho made.

Sandhya tries to take it and Bhabho stops her. She takes it and gets sad. Sandhya smiles seeing the clothes, and says she likes it a lot. She keeps Bhabho’s heart. She says Emily you did good by getting these clothes, don’t feel bad of Bulbul’s words, she is kid and does not know these things. Bulbul brings a big bag and says I m not small, I have done better arrangements for the baby and shows the new clothes.

Emily says yes, its nice. Bulbul says Sandhya can take it, she will ask dad to get more. Sandhya says no, the baby will wear the brother’s clothes. Bulbul says fine, you make your baby wear old clothes and I will make my baby wear new clothes. Sandhya leaves. Bhabho says if their baby wears new clothes, why will our baby stay behind, I will make such clothes that they come to us to ask for clothes, we will go to market today. Babasa asks is she stupid to do mine and yours, Bulbul is small kid, we don’t have to compete, both babies are ours.

She says yes, but Sooraj and Sandhya will decide, its not in our hands, don’t know which one to take and hug and which one to give others. They do Sandhya’s godh bharai/baby shower function in her 8th month. Bhabho does all the rituals and blesses her and Sooraj. Zakir joins them and Sooraj welcomes him. Zakir says congrats for double happiness. Sandhya says after such a long time, thanks for coming. Zakir jokes that Sandhya will lose today if she races with me. Sooraj says no, she is triple strong now. They all smile.

Vikram says its good Zakir came, Meenakshi could not come as baby is unwell. He says this gift from our side and Emily and Mohit also gift her. Chavi says she has a special game for all mean, its special day for Sooraj. They all look on.

Every dance on the song vaari javan. Bulbul rotates Sandhya a lot and Sandhya gets dizzy. Bhabho looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The concept of the last few episodes are not at all attractive for the viewers. Any other serial shown in Star plus is more interesting than DABH. Better stop this serial to save the image of this once great serial.

    1. falthu serial .., dnt hve any sense to the director.

  2. Sandhya character become weightless
    Suraj and santhosh are brainless
    The director is useless
    And the is serial become totally waste

  3. Bakwas again, what is age of bulbul that she is talking like that….

  4. Hey Brainless Director. …plz give me one chance to meet that blo*dy bulbul. ..i will kill her.
    For the first time bhabu turned as mother to sandhya. ..but this mindless bulbul demand abt babie by saying Sandhya’s sacrifice made her negative impact on sandhya.

  5. Arre yaar!
    y bulbul dng so much of dramA

  6. How can these people of DABH can celebrate 1000 episodes with happiness.
    Show lost it’s TRP,became worst and recently lead role actor’s made big disaster for the show.
    How stupid it is…to celebrate

  7. Seriously ..stop this show before it’s too late to make up.
    How can anyone not explain a little girl?

  8. Stop this show please….they are distributing babies as if they are chochlates..i hate bulbul and sooraj character..brainless and stupid..i hate this show now..

  9. Sooraj is telling Sandhya that how we understood Bulbul’s problem Bhabho also understood, did he forget that he made a decision and forced Sandhya to support it without her willingness.
    I started watching this serial from last year by viewing all old episodes online because it was different and interseting but now as they are near to 1000 episode its getting worst day by day…
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya which was once getting worst is better now then this stupid track of DABH..

  10. To say d truth they are during nonsense why a small girl control them and sanday need to control her brother daughter b/4 is too late

  11. I think Sandhya will fall and loose one baby

  12. sandya is the most strong inteligent and respectable character in starplus. now how come she becace so stupid weightless and dramabajj, all of a sudden suraj sandhya become weightless. what will people learn from her this baseless dramabaji!!!!!!. child is so valueless thing to her& suraj. bulbul needed medical attention and counseling not a human baby to pacify her, stupid ….

  13. I have stopped watching this show since stupid story lines have written in
    everyone falling for a stupid spoilt brat !! Giving a twin sounds very much like the 3rd world country mentality!!!! – written into the script !!!- no one is going to think Sandhya & Sooraj is so great by giving away the twin to make a brat happy!!! only idiots will write such story lines!!! should try and have twins then the stupid director will know how it really feels…..
    please stop writing this script most defiantly this show will go down if you don’t change it

  14. Bulbul becomes a killer….

  15. plz end this serial as it is…if it s continues like that then it will get lose its TRP..more then that it lose all fans…very awkward to see sandhya and sooraj after hearing the slapping incident…even i’m also watch each and every episode…retelecost also..tamil dubbing too…but now i only read written update….plz put an end to this serial…..

  16. As shown in precap.. Sandhya also loss her babbies becoz of Bulbul. Bulbul can’t wait for 3 months for baby. That is why she rotating sandhya. So that bulbul get baby early. .
    Stop this non sense and take bulbul to a psychiatrist.

  17. Overall this drama is flop b’cause of this adamant bulbul and brainless Suraj and stupid director. Dont know the meaning of twins. I know ready Sandhya going to lose one baby and give birth one and that one also going to give this idiot bulbul for promising word of suraj.

  18. Every time this drama will give a lot of message, do not do wrong but why they never teach kids should not do this. Why they showing like this type lesson to our fans…. why Sandhya IPS officer also cannot tell bulbul.

  19. Show is going downwards.better to kill bulbul on accident.she is so annoying

  20. not interesting to see. I think bulbul doing over action. why her mother not old to anything her behaviour.

  21. please continue this serial as sandhya was a powerfull police officer.she can do more for pushkar.its really inspired those who want to became an ips after baby born sandhya want to be an please continue its really super serial if sandhya was good mom good wife good police officer.and catching the terrorist seans was very very super episode.suraj and sandhya a best couple.

  22. How can all elders in Diya aur Baati hum listen to a sick and spoilt brat Bulbul and separate a kid from his mother, his own family. That brat Bulbul needs to be taken to mental hospital. Today she wants this kid, tomorrow she might hate this very kid for sharing her parents with him. What will these people do then. Such a selfish and spoilt brat Bulbul and to top it all, a very selfish brother Ankur. How could he allow his spoilt daughter to ask his sister to give away one baby to her. First he spoiled her life by getting her married off with false information about groom and family and now when her sister’s life is finally good, he doesn’t want mind snatching away her baby to satisfy HIS RETARD DAUGHTER BULBUL. Mentally SICK RETARD BULBUL.

  23. Bulbul is retard. Send her to mental hospital.

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