Tu Jaane Naa – Memories bring back memories (Part 2)

Hai friends I never expected this much love for the first episode. Thank you so much for it.

Mishti is looking at the muffler and tears are rolling down her eyes. She sees the initials  AM on it and remembers Abir while Abir is sitting inside his room on a couch looking out at the snow fall. He too thinks of Mishti and the flashback rolls on

7 years before: Abir is working as a Lieutenant in the Indian Airforce. He is flirting with a girl while his friend rushes

Rahul: Hey Abir…Abir

Abir: What man

Rahul: Naman Arora ..has come to meet you

Abir: Naman Arora…Arrey Vivek’s dad

Rahul: Haan

Abir goes to meet Naman

Abir: Namaste uncle

Naman: Namaste beta.. I came to tell you that Mishti has joined in a hospital here

Abir: Mishti..Acha..Vivek’s sister he has told about her

Naman: I tried to stop her but she said that she wants to live in the place where her brother lived in his last days. I don’t know anyone other than my father in law and you here. Please take care of her.

Saying this Naman leaves. Abir is excited to know about Mishti’s arrival. Just then the girl he was flirting with asks for a lift.

He takes her in his jeep and his speeding car meets with an accident. Abir gets unconscious while the army forces are alerted about the accident. The rescue team takes him to the hospital

Meanwhile at the hospital
Mishti goes there with her documents.

Mishti: I’m doctor Mishti Arora . I have come to report today

Just then Preesha comes there

Preesha: Hello doctor Mishti..doctor Sania told that you will be coming today. By the way I’m doctor Preesha from Chennai

As they are talking Abir is rushed in

Rudraksh: Preesha..Preesha

Preesha: What happened Rudra

Rudraksh: AM had an accident he is bleeding profusely and is unconscious too do something

Preesha and Mishti run to Abir. On seeing Abir in that state Mishti gets emotional without her knowledge

Abir is taken inside and treatment proceeds when Preesha’s phone rings. She gets news that her mom fell ill and rushes home with Rudra.   Mishti stays with Abir the whole night.
Mishti is brought to reality when Rithu comes to her with her notebook

Rithu: Muma…muma…

Mishti keeps the muffler inside and wipes her tears

Mishti: Haan beta

Rithu: What is the meaning of AM

Mishti: Abir Mehra

Rithu: Does 9 am mean that

Mishti hits herself on her forehead

Mishti: Beta that means morning 9 am. Acha..you have your homework na..let’s do it now.
Mishti takes Rithu with her. The scene freezes.

Preesha is sitting with a book on her bed when Rudra comes there

Rudra: Preesha

Preesha doesn’t respond

Rudra shakes her

Preesha: Rudra what happened

Rudra: Where are you lost

Preesha: Rudra.. I’m worried for Mishti..what if

Rudra: No no don’t talk like that Abir will be safe

He consoles Preesha. The episode freezes.



  1. That’s a really nice story👌🏻🤩, very different and nice😍😍, keep writing

    1. Sai07

      Hai Ananya!! Thank you😊❤. Very happy that you liked the story. Sure dear I’ll keep writing with all your support.

  2. Is ae mere dil ff uploaded?

    1. Sai07

      Yes dear under the fan fiction original category.

  3. Denza

    Awesome dude….. while reading your FF, instead of rhea and shaheer…..Karthi and aditi were in my mind🤭

    1. Sai07

      Hai Denza!! Thank you so much dude 🥰🥰. 😂😂 They were really addictive dude.

  4. Jasminerahul

    shocking that abir met with an accident.but he reached the right place.mishti getting emotional n staying with abir the whole night was lovely.how is rudraksh related to abir? rudraksh consoling preesha was nice.mishti asking the full form of AM n asking if 9 am means that was so innocent n cute. perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! Happy that you liked Mishti feeling emotional for Abir and staying whole night with him. Rudraaksh is a doctor in the Air force and a good friend of Abir. Happy that you liked Rudra consoling Preesha and Rithu’s cute innocent dialogue.

  5. Radhakrishn

    I have seen the movie but till now I haven’t understood the movie. But your ff is amazing. Waiting to know their past.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Radhakrishn The movie is actually a bit complex to understand. So happy that you like the ff. The past will be revealed as the ff progresses. Hope you will like it.

  6. Wooow😍😍😍
    Amazing story.
    I got emotional while reading this episode.
    Surely your FFs r great n different.
    Just loved it.
    Keep going like this.
    Excited for next episode

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha!! Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me. Sure I’ll definitely keep going with all your love and support. 🥰

  7. Amazing story.rather than writing in the same story line as in the yrhpk. You do it with a unique prepective loved it and you nailed keep going

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zaha!! Thank you so much. Very happy that you are liking it. Sure dear with all your love and support😍

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