Bigg Boss 29th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Pavitra gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 29th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says you have a relationship with these inmates. You people knew some of them with their characters on TV.

In the house, Jasmin dances like a Naagin.
Rahul sings bolna halke halke.
Aly dances on bachna aye haseeno.
Eijaz dances on humko hami se churalo.
Kavita dances as an inspector on dabang.
Rubina comes to the garden dressed as a TV drama Shakti’s bahu. She acts like her character.

Salman comes on the stage and says the next week will be a finale week. Only 4 inmates will be in the finale but the season will continue with new twists.

Salman says I have called some panelists here. He welcomes Kavita’s husband Ronit. He welcomes Kamya who worked with Rubina. Sandeep comes as he was a producer of Eijaz’s show. He welcomes Devoleena. Salman asks Ronit if Eijaz and Kavita were friends? Ronit says we just knew Eijaz but were not friends. Sandeep says before Eijaz going into the house, he said that Kavita would support him from the outside. Kamya says I am always active on social media, I have never seen Kavita talking about Bigg Boss so Eijaz chose the wrong person. Salman says I know Eijaz personally, he is aloof, he doesn’t have many friends. Sandeep says Eijaz was not expecting Kavita to support him on social media. Sandeep says Eijaz would talk to a person to support him only if he close to that person. Eijaz called her a friend. Devoleena says if they were sharing food then they must be more acquaintances.

Salman connects the video call to the house. He asks the inmates to be more careful. I have called some guests before the finale week. These guests have seen you closely so you will tell you where you lost the plot. They have come to encourage you and give you a reality check. He introduces Ronit. Kavita screams and says hey baby. She starts crying. He welcomes Kamya. Rubina and Abhi say hi to her. Ronit asks Kavita to not cry. Salman welcomes Sandeep. Eijaz jumps seeing him. Salman says he had the same expression when Kavita came. All laugh. Sandeep asks Eijaz to smile. Salman welcomes Devoleena. She says hi to them. Salman says they are here to talk to you all. Sandeep says I want to ask Kavita that she is getting friendly with Eijaz again, are you feeling bad about what happened in the past? Are you feeling alone in the house as Nikki is with you. Kavita says Nikki can make everyone dance so I am not alone when she is with me, as for Eijaz, we need to end the fights. Kamya says why you always have to give big explanations to everyone? You don’t owe it to anyone. She tells Sandeep that people become friends from enemies in this house. Sandeep says I agree with that but I just want to ask Kavita why she has changed? You don’t want to see Eijaz’s face after the house? Kavita says I want to clear my stance, I won’t meet him. Kamya says you are not part of a group, they are a target you so you have become a hero. Kavita thanks her. Sandeep says Eijaz doesn’t b*t*h about anyone in the house. You want to play alone so you want Kavita and Nikki’s game to be seen alone? Why do you feel nobody is good enough in the house? Devoleena says I feel they target Kavita all the time. When Aly came into the house, he said that Kavita had Eijaz only to fight with. But now I see Aly only fighting with Kavita all the time. Ronit says Aly is always seen talking about Kavita. Salman says Aly feels for Kavita. Aly says it’s not like that, she makes issues of my words. Kamya says it’s not seen like that. Salman asks if the inmates think Aly has Kavita’s issue only? Jasmin says Kavita provokes him. Aly says I don’t fight with her for no reason.
Kanya asks Jasmin that we have seen two facets of yours. One was before Aly came in the hosue and the other one was after Aly came so which one is real? Jasmin says I didn’t know people before so I took my time. Kamya says you took 5 weeks? Jasmin says I was feeling lost before, then my best friend came so it spiked my confidence. Now I know everyone so I say whatever I want to, now they call me arrogant. Kamya says but they are totally different characters. Devoleena says now it’s over-confidence. You do as Aly says, you don’t put any efforts. Kamya says Jasmin is going over-board. Ronit says you keep taunting Kavita when she is not even talking to you. Jasmin says when I feel bad then I talk back. Ronit says so you feel better by mocking her daily? Devoleena says in the task, Kavita was asking you about the food but then you manipulated her by not telling her that you gave them 4 parathas only. You gave them paper-thin parathas. This is a finale week so you are making a mess, you have to clear all this. Sandeep says I know Aly very well, I just want to say that it’s good be taking support from each other but don’t become a burden on each other. He asks Aly that I know you are there for Jasmin but be careful about where you have to back-off. Before Aly, Rubina was the support system for Jasmin and now Aly is the support system for her. If Aly leaves then will Jasmin be able to survive in the house? Aly says I let her do her own fights. Kamya says you don’t have to jump in others’fights, you have destroyed Jasmin’s game. You can concentrate on your game, you don’t have to break things around and curse Kavita. Sandeep says Kavita kept calling Aly goon and made fun of his work. Kavita says I am being teased whole day. Sandeep says I don’t see Kavita in the house, I see her character of police inspector. Kavita has made fun of Rubiná’s work. Kavita says you don’t remember what Aly has said to me? Ronit says he commented that she was doing a show for 8 years in a bad way. Sandeep says Kavita targets people in the house.
Salman asks Devoleena if Aly has destroyed Jasmin’s game? Devoleena says Aly is destroying his and her game. You came here for but it’s not a couple show, an individual will win the show. You have to focus on your game. Kamya says let Jasmin fight her own battle. Salman says he is good looking and strong so he is seen more, all laugh. Devoleena says when Aly broke things in the house which was not required. Ronit says you think you will go to the finale week by doing all this? Aly says my mind was not working at that time but she didn’t have to bring my parents in a fight. Aly says it was my mistake.
Kamya says I want to tell that Abhi keeps pulling Rubina back and she is always struggling between her game and him. Devoleena says when Aly was not in the house and you had a close bond with Jasmin, was Jasmin using you as a support? Rubina says I was always a friend for her, I stood with her even in her wrong, I meant it. Kamya says no one is a friend in that house. Devoleena says I don’t agree with that. Kamya says Jasmin clearly said that there is no friendship in the task and nominations so why you become a fool? Abhi supported Jasmin in the theater task but Jasmin didn’t call you in the theater, she is not your friend, play your own game. Sandeep says Rubina was using Jasmin in Rahul and her fight. Rubina says I agree that I was a fool, Jasmin kept saying she wouldn’t be a friend in the tasks but I didn’t listen, I always had a liking for her and I followed it. I never thought she would back-stab me. Jasmin says I never back-stabbed you. Rubina says I never provoked Jasmin to throw water at Rahul. Sandeep says you were telling her to throw water at Rahul, you didn’t calm her down at all, you kept provoking her. Rahul says Rubina was provoking her and she was in her senses. Ronit says Rahul did the same with Aly when he was angry.
Ronit asks Rubina that you asked Kavita if she was fine after her fight with Aly was very sweet but then you said that she was wasting time by trying to bring Bigg Boss’s attention. Kamya says Kavita was attacked badly and nobody took a stand against Aly. Ronit says Abhi was stopping Aly but kept telling him Kavita was provoking him. Abhi says when Kavita gets angry, she doesn’t spare anyone. She goes to a very personal level.
Devoleena says Eijaz gets disrespected in the house, especially by Nikki, why is it happening? Eijaz says because it’s her personality. Kamya says Eijaz’s language is cheap which provokes others. Salman asks Eijaz to come out of his street zone, your language looks harsh. Eijaz says I understand.
Devoleena tells Nikki that you broke the luggage room boxes but then you said you are not like that. What is the real thing? Nikki says I didn’t want to break their personal items, I got angry so I broke the boxes but I didn’t break their personal items. Salman says don’t break their personal luggage (taunting Abhi), all laugh. Kamya says Nikki looks fun when she irritates others.
Kamya tells Pavitra that your game is not seen, you have to come out of Eijaz Khan. Play your own game here.
Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for you to think about how you want to move ahead. You have one week only. Devoleena says girls are stronger in the house, boys have to work more. Salman ends the call.

Salman asks who they want to see in the finale? They mostly agree on Kavita, Eijaz, Rahul and Nikki’s name. The panelists leave the show.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says we will do a task. He shows them two hearts and says these hearts belong to people who have the most hatred. Eijaz says maybe Jasmin and Rubina. Salman says you are right. You all will tell who has more hatred in their hearts between Rubina and Jasmin.
Eijaz: He says Jasmin has more hatred in her heart right now. Their friendship was strong but it’s completely changed now. She is always mistreating Rubina. She is spoiled right now.
Rahul: He takes Rubina’s name as she always targets people to hate them. She is hating me and Jasmin now. She thinks only she is pure. Rubina asks him to end it. She is very arrogant. Her attitude has changed as she was praised today.
Pavitra: She says I am talking to Rubina and I have seen she doesn’t b*t*h about anyone. Jasmin hates people and b*t*h behind their backs.
Abhi: He says I know them both. Since the last two days, I have seen hate in Jasmin with her tone.
Kavita: She says I am not Jasmin’s friend but I know she is a good friend and a strong enemy but Rubina’s heart is ice-cold, she thinks everyone is zero in her eyes.
Nikki: She says I think Rubina is jealous of others. She is never happy for others. She never appreciates others and only she is great. She doesn’t respect others. Rubina asks her to sit. Nikki says don’t dominate me, who are you?
Aly: He says Rubina’s heart is black.

Salman says the inmates think Rubina’s heart is black. He ends the call.

Nikki says I am not going take Rubina’s shit. I will not spare this couple. Abhi says why are you angry with me? Your fight is with Rubina. Nikki says I will not spare here when you are not here. Abhi says you already insult her. Nikki says I respect you so I don’t want to insult her but you know about her behavior.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s meet the contestants who will meet the finale inmates. He says let’s meet the challengers.
Vikas Gupta: He says it’s not going to be easy for them as I am coming as a mastermind.
Rakhi Sawant: She says nobody can copy me.
Mannu Punjabi: He says I am coming back
Rahul Mahajan: He says I am the king of Bigg Boss.
Arshi Khan: She says I am the real diamond.
Kashmira: She says I am coming to end their game.

Salman says it will be fun. Salman welcomes Neha and Tony Kakkar. Salman jokes with them and sends them into the house.

In the House:
Neha and Tony enter the house. Neha says I got married. All congratulate her. Neha says I am looking for a sister in law for my brother Tony. I see Neha, Jasmin and Pavitra being the single girls in the house. Neha says I will ask for entertainment, romance and heart to heart connection in my sister in law. Rubina says you won’t find these qualities here. Neha says first Pavitra will dance and entertain us.
Pavitra seductively dances to Tony’s song. Eijaz smiles at her. Neha asks Tony how she liked her? Tony says her dance had a drunk effect. Pavitra laughs. Neha thanks her.
Neha says I want a romantic sister in law. I want Nikki to romance with Tony on phone. Nikki calls him and acts excited, she says why are you lazy in picking up the phone? All laugh. She says I will meet you outside the house, we will go on a date. All clap for her. Tony says she is very pretty.
Neha says now Jasmin will guess what Tony is trying to say. Tony enacts what he wants to say. Jasmin tries to guess and is correct. Neha says she is smart.

Neha says now I will choose the sister in law. She asks Tony who will be my sister in law? Tony says you choose. Neha says I want to pick Jasmin. Jasmin wears the garland. Jasmin says I am not that nice so Tony shouldn’t marry me, all laugh. Neha laughs. Neha says I will sing a song which got me married. Neha sins


Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they have to tell the names which they want in the house. They will kick their balls.

Aly says I don’t understand what Pavitra is doing right now. He kicks her ball.
Abhi says I want Rahul to go out of the house, he doesn’t have any issue so he keeps targeting me and my wife. He is not funny. He kicks his ball.
Rubina says I feel Rahul should leave the house, he is monotonous and it’s not required. She kicks his ball.
Rahul says I have to choose between the couple. I will take Abhi’s name as he is useless and without an opinion. He kicks his ball and falls down. Rubina laughs at him and says it’s karma.
Jasmin says fights happen here and I don’t feel bad but I have felt most bad about Kavita finding cheap meaning to the concern I showed her. She kicks her ball.
Pavitra says Aly is not required here as Jasmin can play her game, she kicks her ball.
Nikki says Pavitra is not seen anywhere, she is alone but can’t be seen now. Pavitra says I don’t need your approval, you have just used people. Nikki kicks her ball.
Eijaz says Nikki is very irritating so I kick her ball.
Kavita says I have tried to make an equation with Rubina as I like Abhi. This is my try to make friends with her but Jasmin wants to look negative and doesn’t let me move on. She kicks her ball. Jasmin says time will tell who will go out first.

Bigg Boss says you people have told us about your choices but it’s time for the eliminations. Bigg Boss the person who is eliminated today is Pavitra. All are stunned. Pavitra hugs everyone. Eijaz hugs her and says I will miss you. He kisses her cheek. Pavitra leaves the house.

PRECAP – Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they have a chance to snatch the immunity stone from Rubina. The inmates have to tell their secrets to get saved from the eliminations. Nikki cries and says I have never told this to anyone. Eijaz cries and says my father doesn’t know this, only my therapist knew, I am sorry but it was not my mistake. Rubina tells that Abhi and I did this show to give us more time, we were about to get divorced in November. She cries while Abhi hugs her. Abhi says it will be flashed all over the media. Rubina says we wanted a chance. Abhi cries and says I feel bad, Rubina consoles him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sabse pehle koi Nikki ko batao ki she is the most useless person.. she is nobody and usko koi ni janta.. and Rubina ko everyone knows.. she doesn’t need to go to such a low level like nikki to prove herself.. and jab yeh nikki bahar ayegi tab isko pata chalega who RUBINA DILAIK is.. and how much people hate her and love Rubina

    1. There are ppl who love nikki as well
      She does wrong this but entertains and adds spiciness to the show
      No one lower or higher than anyone
      Everybody is equal

    2. Maybe u don’t know… in south ppl love nikki….and BTW nikki is from tollywood and its her television debut!!… obviously we don’t know!!…also it’s a game….also as @rekha said everybody is equal…..nobody is great!!…both are playing their games….. also they were never friends, they are enemies only…soo its okk….if were there u would have done something like that only……no need to go hyper!!

    3. Arey Mai tho south se hu mujhe tho bilkul idea Nahi tha ki Woh south ki herione hai Woh itni bhi Badi herione Nahi hai ki usko zyada fans honge and fans ki chodo Woh kaise batameezi se baat karti infact Nikki sochthi hai usse zyada koi dikhthe nahi honge aur Woh khud Soch thi hai Woh great hai

    4. Rubina feels she is the only one but in actually she is the dumbest one…actually who is she…alwaz blah blah…no dressing sense…she is getting attention only bcoz she is the channels face…she irritates not entertainment whereas nikki entertains alot…she is fun to watch

    5. from what i read Rubina was stopping Rahul and NIkki when it was their turn to speak by saying “end it” to Rahul and “sit” to Nikki. This was not necessary.
      On the other hand using some words that some times NIkki (and also Rahul) use for Rubina can be unecessary.

    6. Ho gayi apki nikki famous south me.. but she doesn’t know how to talk .. all she knows is to use people .. that’s what she has done till now.. she has no humanity in her.. and she doesn’t have a stand that all have seen when jaan was there.. and entertaining my foot.. usse zyda irritating and annoying koi ni hai in BB ever.. and now also she using using kavita cz nobody wants to talk to her.. so please.. and Rubina is strong in herself.. she doesn’t need to use people like nikki does.. and purane seasons dekhkr.. usko chat kr ana.. and kisi ko copy krna yeh hai Nikki and not Rubina.. and Rubina is much smarter than this Nikki

    7. Yaar @aku u may not be loving Nikki in the show…u can state all the reasons…but never compare and degrade a person…she doesn’t deserve that..nobody deserves that..neither me nor u…they are definitely not gonna behave this wild outside…its a show and they resort to different means for attention…some may like it and some may not…u not liking her is justified but don’t compare and stamp unnecessary views on her…

    8. @Rekha comparison krne ke liye kuch hona bhi chahiye.. I don’t want to degrade anyone by comparing them to Nikki.. this is she who herself does this.. she is the one who keeps on bragging that she was the first confirmed member.. ..and we all know she was cz of sidharth Shukla only.. she is the one who keeps onsaying that tu dikh ni raha tu nalla gai and all.. so that shows her standard and her language.. i toh find her the most fake person in the house..

    9. Ofcourse not..many people like nikki and hate rubina.. And i am one of them..dont overthink about the public opinion you don’t know everyone’ Choice

  2. It was obvious for pavitra to be eliminated.. I don’t get why they were stunned 😂💔

    1. Absolutley, every one is a good actor here 🙂

  3. Shaheera Khan

    i like nikki she is harmless to an body and fun to watch her sorry to say before the show started i used to like rubi and jas but very dissatisfy[pointed by rubi she is so big headed every one else is dirt for her thank God jas came out of her shadow other wise she would have been kicked out same as nishant but i sport Ejaz never liked pavitra because of her kai kai .

  4. I’m from south and had no idea who nikki was!

    1. I think you are not the only person from south

  5. Often confidence is slightly misunderstood because there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance. Rubina is confident not arrogant. Some men really feel threatened by such a strong lady. They feel compelled to “put women in their place”.
    I think she is a true example of modern indian woman- a great blend of Western emancipation and Indian values.
    Rubina is bold with her fashion choices, not afraid to experiment. She has got that individuality in dressing

  6. Just an update.. there is an error in your write up.. it should be Rubina in place of Nicki…. as per your write up “Salman asks who they want to see in the finale? They mostly agree on Kavita, Eijaz, Rahul and Nikki’s name. The panelists leave the show”… mostly they agree on “Rubina, Kavita, Eijaz, Rahil”… nobody mentioned Nicki-Jasmin but everybody put Rubina’s name.

    1. Awesome,I really like their decision.Kavita,Rahul,Rubina, to go to the final week.jasmin stoops so low she’s fake and rest .I want Kavita 2 b the winner 😍

    2. I want Kavita 2 b the winner of 14 Bigg boss.she’s the best.i love her ❤️

  7. Keshni Lingappa

    Nikki is over confident but in saying that I can’t even decide who should win.

  8. I am also from south but don’t know who Nikki was , Sure she’s not famous here in south.

    1. I think you are not the only person living in south

    2. Richi You keep commenting this on every south indian comment😂 copy paste copy paste.

  9. And you think you are the only person living in south, matlab kuch bhi😂

  10. Nikki by far best than the arrogant Rubinaa, who she thinks she is…. act like as if she knows anything and everything, high handed approach, give least respect to others, always b*t*hing about her opponents… she is mother of all superiority compled…. if her friends counters then she reacts and calling them immature etc…. i long to see her exit in this show…. may be after her exit Abi may do well….. I would love to see Nikki, Rahul, Jasmin and either Abhi or Kavitha in the final….

    Some critics are unreasonable with Nikki, she may not be wise as she is too young yet harmless, and fun to watch… she adds colors and value to the show….. The other finalists waiting to join these four are going to make this house a war zone indeed…. let us wait and see….

  11. Guys aap log kisiko pasand kaise kar rahe ho mujhe to koi accha nai lag raha sare ke sare fake hai. This season is totally scripted

  12. This season is a disaster I have never seen such a scripted show where even contestants are acting according to a script

  13. Hmmm.. Being nasty and acting selfish is no fun. You don’t have to sink so low to win the game. Bigg boss is all about mental endurance. All nikki can do is shout and blabber on and on.
    She is a a foul mouthed person, a person without integrity. she won’t win, that Iam sure of

  14. I want jasmin to be winner. She really deserve it. I hope everything goes well.

    1. Yes @ hiya I too wanted jasmin to be winner but everyone is accusing her…she is not fake …Aly came to support her but it was rubinas mistake that their friendship is broken

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