Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 8)

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So hope u like this part
Recap: shivaay’s misunderstanding is cleared
Shivaay got to know about anika
Shivaay: priyanka but anika Abuja in this dress
Priyanka:bhaiyya bhabi is an actress now it is posted by her fans
Shivaay was he’ll shocked that Anika was an actress he knew anika was interested in dancing but never in his life he taught she will be an actress
Shivaay:khanna find where anika is I need know everything about her immediately
Khanna:ok sir
Om:shivaay are u ok
Shivaay: yes om I am fine I just want meet Anika and my child
Dadi:do u think she will forgive us
Ru:yes not o ly Shivaay no one trusted her expect om bhai
Om:but no use u guys didn’t allow me to search her
Shivaay: I just hopes she comes back to me
Hyderabad sighaniya mansion
Anika was sitting simply
And looking at her ring
Beside her is ansh who is sleeping peacefully
She just one her Insta account and looked it for some time and slept
Oberoi mansion
Shivaay: so she is in Hyderabad with some friends
Pinky: we all are going there today so that we can meet them tomorrow
They travels in private jet to reach there

Next day
On set
Anika: Dev what are u doing
Dev:anu just getting ready yaad
Anika: no I are making me mad how any more time
Dev:I don’t get it why I have to wear this heavy Kurta
Anika: ok then what about me oh god this much heavy lehenga
Dev:I look beautiful and hr comes
Gul khan: ready
Anika: born ready
They were doing the shooting
The oberois arrive they were not allowed to go close as if is shooting but being an oberoi they went
Shivaay pov:my Anika she is not old anika a new Anika but still she is mine I don’t like that man coming near her but still she is mine I am sooo sorry anika I am sooo sooo sorry for hurting u

Break time
Dev:anika say it’s live now
Anika: omg god God I am live hi guys how are u all she turns and find them
Anika was freezed her pov:why did they co.e back to take away my happiness but I won’t allow them to do that
They went was comming near me
Dev:what happened
Anika: shivaay
Devs blood boiled hearing his name
Dev: anika don’t worry be strong we are here
He called the other friends even they are angry as they they what shivaay did with her
Shivaay: anika

And goes closer to her
Anika: stop therer oberoi
Shivaay: I know I did wrong with u plz forgive me
Anika: is this some kind of joke common just why can’t I leave me alone
Dadi:puttar plz forgiveus
Anika:plz I can’t and now fi ally I am happy and why are u all coming to destroy it
Shivaay: why Anika we won’t do anymore mistake plz atleast u r my wi
Anika shouted :stop it don’t ypu dare say that
Pinky:anika plz

Anika: look plz leave me all alone and elders I respect u plz don’t make me hate u Dadi and Pinky
Shivaay: what about our child Anika
Anika was shocked pov:how did he get to o know he will take my and I can’t allow that Anika was about to fall as some gentle familiar hands holds her
Man:anika Abuja and hugs her
Anika: sidharth (ravi dubbey guys if u are confused them think anikas brother name as sidhant rana o.k ok hope u liked ravi dubbey)
Shivaay: just leave her
Anika:sidharth plz take me from here
Anika was taken away
Sidharth:mr oberoi stay away from her atleast she is happy why do u want to destroy that
Shivaay: sidharth khurrana she is my wife and it isy personal matter
Sidharth:no more as she isy fiancee u know who I am don’t mess with me as I Will destroy I oberois
Shivaay was shocked

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