Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 12

Next morning suh wakes up
Suh goes for bath
Yuv gets up
Yuv stands near the bathroom
Yuv – suhani come out
Suh – let me get fresh
Yuv – can i come inside to get fresh with you
Suh – yuvraj plz dont flirt
Yuv – then come out ( he bangs the door )
Suh – yuvraj plz wait for 5 min

Rags passes from the room and and sees YuvAni fighting

Rags thinks – this suh and yuv always fights i have to plan a trip for them so that they can give time to each other and stop fighting

Rags comes out and talks with pratima
Rags calls a travel agent and books 2 tickets for goa and a honeymoon suit for 7 days .

Suh and yuv comes out of there room
Ragini – suhani go and do packing
Suhani – packing ?
Rag – yes
Suh – why ?
Rag – bcoz you and yuv are going for goa
Suh – i dont want to go with that sadu
Pratima looks at suhani

Suhani pov…
Ohh were i m stuck i cant say no to them . Fine i will say yes to them
End of pov…

Suh – i mean bhabhi i was saying i dont want to leave you
Rags – dont worry i will take care of myself
Suh – ok fine

Suh looks at yuv
Yuv was busy in his phone with headset on his ears

After some time
Yuv enters his room and sees suh packing
Yuv – wow someone is leaving
Suh – yes we both are leaving
Yuv – we both ?
Suh – ragini bhabhi has planned a honeymoon for us to goa
Yuv – cant you say no ? Ohh i forgoted you are interested in me
Suh – shut up yuv i m not interested in you you and maa was standing there so i couldnt say no
Yuv – fine
He start to leave
Suh – aii pack your stuff by your own
Yuv – yaa i know you will never do my things
Suh – ofcourse
Yuv takes the bag and starts packing his stuff

Precap – goa…

  1. Rags is really too good… Awesome n update asap

  2. superb episode but short plz make it long next time..
    update soon

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you ans yes surely i will try to make it long

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode….excited about next update

  4. Yuvani

    wow, Goa.!! nice epi

  5. nice episode…ragini is good sis in this ff and i think yuvani will some how become close in goa.waiting for it.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you . Yes she is very positive in my ff and soon you will see what will happen in goa

  6. awesome yaar

  7. Superb avani..Nice epi..Update the next asap

  8. nice epi

  9. hav been waiting for tis ff frm so long. superb goa.! pl update soon

  10. Sanaa.khan

    This episode is superb….keep it up rashi dear

  11. Superb episode..update asap

  12. Wow I am so excited .I think there will be yuvani romance all d way .f2f is going very nice dear.

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