Shivika ss- SE MIO part 15

Part 15

Shivay was as usual busy in his work. Last week he had a chest pain and om took him to hospital. Doctors advised him to take rest. If he continues to stress himself he may end up having a heart attack.

Pinky was very disturbed. She was not able to see her son in this condition. She was not talking to him from that day when Anika left him. But today she was not able to hold herself back. She went to his room.

Merely after 8 months she visited his room. She observed it carefully. She was surprised to see the changes in his room. Entire painting of the room was changed. Everything was according to anika’s taste. Wallpaper, sofa, dressing table and many more. She very well knew that her bahu always liked simple things. She noticed a big picture of her in the center of his room. She also noticed some pic of her with sahil.

She felt happy for her bahu. Anika changed a tadibaaz into ishqbaaz. But at the same time she felt sad as Anika was not here to witness all these. She was worried about her as well about her son.

Shivay entered inside his room. He was shocked to see his mother before him. It’s nearly 8 months she stopped talking to him. She never visited his room. But he very well knew that his mom was punishing herself as well as him by keeping her away from him.

He slowly went to her.

Shivay: mom

She turned around

Pinky: shivay, she called slowly

That was enough for him. He hugged her tightly. He was constantly crying.

Pinky: shivay Mera beta please don’t cry. I am with you. U also see Anika will come back soons.

Shivay: mom I missed u a lot. I thought you would never forgive me.

Pinky: shivay a mom can be angry with her child but she can never hate him from her heart. I know you did wrong but that doesn’t mean that I will hate u. I know u r repenting for your mistake. Don’t worry I’m with you.

Shivay: thanks Mom now I am sure I will find her and Anika will come back to me.

Pinky: bring her soons so that I can see my shivika and ansh soon.

Shivay: shivika and ansh ?

Pinky: haan shivika and ansh rudra already told me.

Shivay: this rudra will never change.

Saying so both mom and son laughed together after a long time.

After few days

Om: u have to go to hospital shivay. U already missed your last appointment. He is a famous cardiologist. I don’t want any excuse now.

Shivay: but om listen to me I have to attend more than 3 meetings.

Om: don’t worry about that shivay. I already spoke everything to mishra. He will take care of it.

Shivay: om u r impossible. Just for one appointment u want me all the way to go to Kolkata.

Om: don’t be stubborn shivay. I want u to go and that’s final.

Saying so he went away from there.

At Kolkata

Shivay went to hospital. He was waiting for his appointment. He was not the same tadibaaz anymore. He started to give respect to rules. He always heard Anika complain to him that he should not always use his money to buy everything. He should respect rules and rules are not meant to be broken.

He was deeply immersed in his thoughts. That’s when a voice disturbed him

Receptionist: Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi u can go inside. Thanks for your patience sir.

Shivay: that’s completely alright.

Shivay went inside the cabin

Doctor: hello Mr.oberoi, I am very surprised to see you here. Even last 3-4 times u cancelled your appointment.

Shivay: yes doctor I am sorry about that actually I had to work for few major projects that’s why couldn’t make up to u.
When you have a lovable family it becomes really difficult for you to disagree with them.

Doctor: that’s true. We can never break the heart of our loved ones.  Anyway Mr.oberoi u have to give few tests and wait for your result. I hope that’s fine for u.

Shivay: it’s my pleasure doctor. Please do take your time.

Just when he was about to step out. He saw a woman barging into doctors cabin.

She was speaking with doctor but nothing seems to enter his mind. He was continuously staring at her. On the other side she was talking with the doctor.

Anika: I am sorry doctor for meeting u without appointment. Actually I came to know that u r going to London and will be back after 6 months.

Doctor: that’s okay Anika. I am going to London but I arranged everything so just don’t worry everything will be fine soon.

Anika: thanks doctor I don’t how to thank u. U already helped me in getting a discount on treatment. U took immense care Thanks a lot again. doctor.

Doctor: Anika u r like a daughter to me. So please stop thanking.

Anika: but doctor when own relations betray u and someone who is not your relation helps u it’s a rare thing to see Such things nowadays.

Doctor: u will never change Anika.

Just then he noticed shivay in his cabin.

Doctor: oh Mr.oberoi I didn’t notice u. I am sorry I just got a bit busy.

Just then Anika turned around and noticed a pair of green eyes staring at her. His eyes was moist and displayed a lot of emotions. He was looking very fragile and weak. He had black circles and his hair was not perfectly setted. He was wearing a three piece suit. He seems to be a bit aged. His eyes showed his defeat and he was afraid of something. It felt like he was defeated. But he always wore a mask that perfectly covered his emotions.

Maybe the whole world can fail to read his eyes. But she will never fail. She wanted to be strong before him. Tears brimmed in her eyes but she controlled herself. She remembered all those harsh words he said to her. She didn’t feel pity for him but still her heart loved him and she can never deny that.

Doctor: oh sorry Mr. Oberoi I forgot to introduce u. Meet anika, she is more like a daughter to me. I am sorry she was just a tensed.

Seeing no response from him doctor looked at him. He then noticed shivay staring anika. He was also able to see few tears in his eyes. She wondered what was between them.

That’s when he witnessed something that shocked him to the core. He saw shivay hugging Anika tightly. Doctor immediately closed his eyes to avoid embarrassment. Seeing Anika not shouting on him. He felt something between them. So he slowly left from there giving them privacy.

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