Music of the heart {Chapter 9}

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Pragya reaches to her home and goes into Purab room hurriedly.Pragya”Kya hai Chico?” Purab does not speak anything and sighs keep silence.Pragya just nods her head. Purab”Ithink so you are very tired Teddy.So that you go and sleep in your room. Pragya”But..” Purab”No problem Teddy sleep now.”Pragya”haan ok.

Pragya’s phone rings.She fears.Purab eyes her to talk.Pragya”Hello.” Person”Wow darling!! what an acting!! Do u know I am impressed!!!” Pragya does not reply anything. Person”Hmm.. You wont reply to me na Anamika darling?” Pragya”How do you know that name?” Person”I said you na. I know each and every activity of your’s dear. Pragya looks at Purab helplessly. Purab eyes her not to worry.

Person”Keep going like this darling.Bye” and cuts the phone. Pragya” He will not leave us Chico.He will not let us live in peace” and cries.. Purab consoles her.

Next day,

Pragya comes to the office. Raghav comes to her. Ragahv”Good morning mam!’ Teddy”Good morning Raghav”

Raghav”Mam! Abhi sir told you to come to his cabin soon after your arrival.”Teddy”huh? but why?” Raghav”I don’t know mam.But he asked you to come.” Teddy”OK.I will meet him now.” and walks towards Abhi’s cabin.

Abhi was keenly working in his laptop until he heard the door creaking. Without taking off his eyes from the laptop, he said”Good morning Ms.Anamika.”

Teddy wondered how he could find it was her as she walked inside.Abhi”Don’t be suprised that i found you without even looking at you Ms.Anamika.” he said and she was shocked.

Abhi did not take his eyes off his laptop and said” Shocked?” Teddy nodded her head.Abhi”Even I am shocked?”

Teddy thinks why he have to be shocked? Abhi”The reason why i am shocked is a secret Ms.Anamika.”

She can’t control and asked to him”Sir do you know ind reading?” Abhi now looked at her and smiled and said”Hmm.Idon’t read everyone’s mind.But i know what is going on in my loved ones mind”

Teddy’s pov

Like seriously? He calls me his loved one? Yes i am his most loved one.But now i am not his fuggy.I am Anamika right?

Abhi”Don’t be so confused Anamika.Now it’s time and if you come out of your thoughts,can we start our work?”

She nodded her head and Abhi asked her to seat in the seat infront of him. Teddy sat in the chair. Abhi started explaining her about the company, her work, their associates and everything whereas Teddy was lost in his eyes.She was keeping on looking at him.

Abhi looked at her and understood that she was lost in her dream land and said”Fuggy” and she came back to her senses.

Teddy”hana.Did you call me sir?” Abhi”no.”Teddy thought something and asked”Wait..Did you call me Fuggy?”

Abhi nodded no and said”Ms.Anamika,you were lost in your dreamland so that you even misheard that i called you by your name.”

Teddy”No sir..But I felt that you called me with the name fuggy.” Abhi”Ms.Anamika.I think so you are having schizophrenia.”

Teddy glared at him and said”SO, are you trying to say that i am hearing voices sir?” Abhi”NO.. Ms.Anamika..I din’t mean that way.I said I think so..”

Teddy raised her eyebrows and said” You thought? This is so funny sir.” and she takes her things.

Abhi”Where are you leaving Ms.Anamika?”Teddy”Since the meeting has completed,may i go to my cabin?”

Abhi”For that, you should come with me Ms.Anamika” Teddy”Sure sir.” Abhi took her to the next room.Abhi” This is your cabin Ms.Anamika”

Teddy”Thank you sir” Abhi smiles and goes.

Abhi goes to cabin and looks through the glass what Teddy is doing. yes there was a glass which separated Abhi and Teddy’ cabin.Abhi could see whatever Teddy is doing but Teddy couldn’t see anything from her cabin.

One week completed and Everyday most of the time Abhi spent looking at her from his cabin which went unnoticed by Teddy. He was keeping on giving little shocks to her and kept on fooling around her ad poor Teddy she too believed that it was true.

She used to tell all the stories to Rabul and Praniti and they used to confuse her even more and she believed that she was imagining things.

The one thing which was haunting her the most was the calls of that idiotic person which would make her go all numb. Abhi has been observd her from the other side an was wondering why she had to be soo serious and soetimes even used to cry because of that call.

whenever she cries,his heart ached and he wanted to go right away and console her. And for each and every call he was getting more and more furious and wanted to kill that person for hurting his fuggy like that.But he waited patiently as he had something in his mind..

So guys.I am really very sorry for the late update..I was caught up with some works and uff..I was not able to update.. Next chapter will be soon. And this chapter is not htat much interesting i know guys..Whatever you can give your suggestions to me.. Bye guys..

With love,

Asmithaa{Cutiepie Achu}

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