Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 19)

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Hiiii frnds!! I am so happy that u people are liking my story!! Thanq so much for ur support!! Keep reading!! Here’s the next episode!!

Recap: anika asks shivaye to stay away from her!! Dadi appoints anika as account manager at oberoi mansion!! Gauri is shocked to see omkara at NGO!! Om decides to help gauri in her mission!!

The episode starts with gauri and omkara discussing the plan!!
Gauri: we will do each and everything in a sequential order!! First we must know about those people who claim that the NGO is on their property!! I have already asked a person and he will be coming soon!
Omkara: but don’t u feel that they are powerful? 
Gauri: but our will power is even more powerful!! Omkara thanq so much for coming and helping us!! I will be very happy if the NGO kids will have their home!! 
Just then the boy comes!!
Boy: gauri deedee! I got the details! 
Gauri: very good!! Tell me!!
Boy: gurpreet Kaur and santoshi Kaur are punjabi couple! The old couple who gave this land as a charity are their relatives!! Gurpreet used to live in punjab!! He had a huge loss in his business!! He had no means of money!! But he came to know about this NGO through tv program!! Last year there was 5 yrs celebration of this NGO!! Gurpreet came to know about the land through the photo frames of the old couple in NGO Office!! Later he came to delhi and started living here with his brother in law and family!! His only goal is to snatch this land and sell it for a high price to get the money!! His brother in law suraj chaddha is a goon!! that is y he has become so powerful!! Taking the papers is not easy!!
Omkara: that’s y the goons stole the papers!!
Gauri: we need to be very careful!! 
Omkara: what shall we do next?
Mary: I think we must make two plans!! Plan A for main mission and a back up plan for emergency!!
Gauri: she Is right!!
Gauri omkara and Mary discuss!!

Here anika is thinking about her job in oberoi mansion!!
Soumya: anika? Will u work there?
Anika: that’s what I am thinking!! I warned him to stay away from him but now??
Soumya: I think u r meant to be together!
Anika: what rubbish!? Are u mad? It’s nothing like that!! 
Just then door bell rings!!
Anika: soumya!! Can u please open the door!? I am tired!
Soumya: ok!!
Soumya opens the door and finds rudra and dadi!!
Dadi: anika?
Anika: dadi..rudra? 
Dadi: can we come in!!
Anika: am sorry!! Yes!!  please
Dadi: is she ur friend?
Anika: yes dadi!! She is soumya!
Soumya: Namasthe dadi ji
Dadi: namasthe beta!!
Rudra: anika dee.. these are the old accounts of oberoi mansion!! U can have a look at it!! If u want anything u can ask me

Anika: but rudra..
Dadi: don’t tell me that u r not joining ur job tomorrow!! I don’t want to hear anything!! I assure u billu will not create any mess from tomorrow! Ok?
Anika: dadi..plz try to understand!! 
Dadi: if u really see me as ur dadi then u will be coming tomorrow!! That’s it!! Come rudra!! 
Rudra: yes!! After u!!
Rudra goes straight to soumya!
Rudra: am sorry soumya!! For that banglore fight!! It was my fault!! Hope u will forgive me!!
Rudra leaves leaving anika and soumya shocked!
here shivaye is in his office when the private detective(PD) whom shivaye had appointed comes 
Shivaye: what r u doing here? I have sent u all the payments!
Pd: am sorry sir!! But I came here just to return that money!! 
Shivaye: are u mad?
Pd: I was mad!! Sir I did wrong by obeying ur orders!! It’s a crime to watch someone without legal procedure!! I don’t know what’s in between u and her!! And don’t even want to know!! I realised that I did wrong! So I came here to return ur money!
Pd leaves!!

Shivaye: what the hell!! Everyone is acting as if I have done a crime!! It was just shivaye Singh oberoi’s style to show  her place!! That’s it!! 
Anika on the other side!!
Anika: what’s happening!! How can I work in a place where my enemy lives?
Soumya: anika…it’s just a job!! U just have to ur work..and then come back!! As far as I know dadi will not let shivaye to come in ur way!! So say yes!!
Anika keeps thinking!!

It’s evening!!
Omkara and gauri finally get ready with the plan
Omkara: I think we must send chotu now!! This is the starting point of the plan!! 
Gauri: yes!! 
She calls a boy whose name is chotu!!
Gauri: listen chotu!! U have to go to him and tell him that famous foreign couple have come to delhi and need a land to build a huge bunglow!! And they want it at any cost!! That too in 7 days!! Ok?
Chotu: ok deedee!! 
Chotu goes!! 
Gauri: I hope we will succeed in our mission!! 
Omkara: gauri!! U dont worry!! The children will get their home back!! 
Gauri holds omkara’s hands!! Om is little tensed!
Gauri: thanq omkara!! Thnq so much for ur help!! 
Just then gauri gets a call!!
Gauri: yes anika! Yeah I will be reaching soon!! Ok!! Bye
Omkara: anika?
Gauri: yes!! It’s too late!! It’s dinner time!! They r waiting fo me! I must leave!! Mary!! I will be reaching here at 10 and omkara we will have to complete all the arrangements soon!! 
Omkara: just wait!! I will drop u home!! 
Gauri: it’s ok!! I am going to anika’s place!! 
Omkara: let me drop u! It’s too late! U may not find autos!! 
Gauri: ok! Thanq so much!
Omkara: we r friends right? Don’t be so formal!! 
Gauri smiles!!
Omkara: can I ask u something?
Gauri: sure!! We r friends right? Don’t be so formal!
They laugh

Omkara: u said that u were working in a reputed company!! But y did u come back?
Gauri: because I was missing my people!! 
Omkara: what about the job? Ur career?
Gauri: a job without self satisfaction is not a job!! I just wanted to be with my family frns and my people!! I came back!
Omkaara: u anika n soumya live together?
Gauri: we are childhood parents!! I sometimes visit my home!! Most of the time it’s anika’s place!!
Omkara: I really like the bond u people share!! Very nice!!
Gauri: Thnq!! 
Omkara stares!!
Gauri: Ohh! Sorry!! No thnq!
They smile!! They reach anika’s place! Gauri bids bye and leaves!! Omkara still watches her and smiles!
The episode ends at omkara’s smiling face!

Precap: omkara and gauri in disguise!! Anika’s first day!! 

So how was the episode frns!! Plz drop in ur views in the comment box!!

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  2. Haridhra

    Wow I’m so excited abt this ff .. Its making me go crazy .. Ani is so rude to Shiv at least she could have heeded to Shiv’s POV.. But Shiv he is always busy showing his tadi not even trying to make her understand.. Hmm let’s see where this is heading to ..Good job Dimple di ..??????..

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    It’s was an awesome episode dear. update soon……


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    Wow! Amazing epi… Really AniRiYa bonding is very good… Waiting for next part…

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    Amazing episode dear , waiting for your next update, plzz post the next update soon ??

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    Wonderful updt

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    It is awesome dear

  11. Dimple dear, it was nice post next part soon.

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