Tu Aashiqui 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pankti checks the CCTV footage

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The Episode starts with Pankti telling Reyansh that she will manage alone, else she will get habitual to seek his help. JD rushes. Sheetal tells Tara that jailer stays good with good behaving people. Tara says you are very lucky, I wish to take my life sometimes. Sheetal says don’t say this Aarohi, life is precious, never think so. Tara thinks my enemies will die, Deep and Aarohi…. now Sheetal will become my ticket of freedom, I will become Aarohi and make her emotional, once I get out of jail, Deep and Aarohi are gone. She smiles fooling Sheetal. She thinks I will be using Sheetal. Poorva gets lunch for Monty and says we didn’t had a talk till now. He recalls the pictures and says even I need to talk.

He shows her the pics. She gets shocked. He asks why did you do this with me, was my love less for you. She says these pics are not true. He gets angry and scolds her. His imagination ends. Kaira asks him to come for lunch. Sheetal gets into an argument with jail mate. Tara acts as savior. She fights with the ladies and get hurt. Sheetal worries and calls warden. Tara smiles. Warden stops them. Sheetal cares for Tara. Tara thinks you will be paying for this wound soon. Reyansh comes to meet Pankti. Anita says I didn’t know you will come to handle my work so soon. Reyansh says I remember my word, I have come to… She says to meet Pankti, she is lucky to get you to handle her work. She says I was waiting for a manager like you, who can set Pankti and my life, Pankti has gone out, but we can talk. He says we shall talk soon, I m busy with recordings today. He goes.

Anita says he will come back. Sheetal does aid to Tara. Tara makes her emotional. Sheetal says my husband cheated him, I loved him, now he is not in this world. Tara says my husband Deep cheated me for Tara. She tells her sad story. She says Deep and Tara have ruined my family, they killed my brother and nephew too, if I don’t go out, they will kill my Bhabhi too. Sheetal says I m going to get bail tomorrow, I will bail you too. Tara says no, I can’t even escape, where will I go, who will support me. Sheetal says you can hide in my house for some days. Tara asks will you really help me, thanks. She thinks I m coming Aarohi. Poorva comes to meet Monty. Lady says Monty has gone out for lunch. Pankti is at bakery. She says I lost my earrings here, I need to check the CCTV footage. The man asks her to come. Sheetal’s lawyer gets her bail papers. Warden checks.

Lawyer signs the lady. The lady asks for washroom and goes. He says papers are fine. Sheetal gets free. Tara cleans the floor. The lady comes to her and drops a packet there. She signs Tara. Tara checks. Sheetal goes with her lawyer. Tara takes a disguise of a cop. Tara says I m more happy to surprise everyone. She removes the cap and loosens hair. They smile. Ahaan plays music and thinks of Pankti. Aparna comes and says I feel something is troubling you. He says its nothing like that. She says don’t try to hide anything, tell me if there is anything. He nods. She goes. Pankti checks the CCTV footage. She says there was someone, why didn’t he get recorded in camera. The man smiles and recalls getting an offer from Reyansh.

Vikram likes Sheetal’s fav dish. Aparna says she will be here with us soon. Sheetal comes and says Lord has fulfilled your wish. They all smile seeing her. Pankti says this footage is not complete. She asks the shop owner about it. He says its complete, I have much work, I can’t help you, buy anything or leave, sorry. She goes. The man informs Reyansh that his work is done. Reyansh gets relieved. The man says I deleted the portion where you were seen. Pankti hears him. Reyansh says I will pay for your loss. Pankti says my doubt was right, the shop owner is with someone, I have to find out.

Continued in Ishq Mein Marjawa

Update Credit to: Amena

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