Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Parag Shocked As Kanak Returns To Write Exam

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dr. Parag asks students to get into exam hall and orders guards to close door and not let anyone in, smirking thinking Kanak will not come to write exam. Kanak enters just when guard is about to close door. She reminisces Bhabo encouraging Kanak to write exam for Uma’s sake. Parag is shocked seeing her. Kanak walks into exam hall. Chinmay tries to stop her, but she already walks into exam hall. He calls Uma and informs that he heard Parag and Madhavi talking about setting third year paper for Kanak. On the other side, Saras goes to hospital for checkup and finds an toddler on door. She informs nurse who says someone left the child as usual and a childless couple will adopt it. Saras calls Bhabho and informs that she got a solution for Payal’s happiness.

Kanak looks at exam paper and thinks nothing came from what she studied. Maasi enters as peon and gives spy pen to Kanak and says Parag has set 3rd year’s paper and Uma wants to help her. Kanak speaks to Uma over phone and says it is wrong. Uma says Parag did wrong and they are doing right. She reads questions and he answers all questions. She finishes exam within 1 hour and walks out. Parag asks if she finished her exam. she says paper was so easy that she finished all questions within 1 hour and exam solved optional questions. Parag is shocked and walking into exam room checks Kanak’s exam paper and is shocked seeing her clearing all questions. Chinmay and Tiara collect all student’s papers and mix them with Kanak’s paper and hands them over to examiner. Parag stands fuming.

A neighbor goes to Payal to get some sugar and sympathizes saying she felt bad hearing about her, but she saw Saras and Bhabho happily shopping in market. Payal gets jealous thinking how can they when she is sad. Saras and Bhabho return home and Payal walks to her room. Ved says she is behaving weird since evening. Saras tells her about adoption.

A lady comes to meet Uma and informs him crying that she took her husband to Prathistha Hospital, but since she did not have money, Parag threw them out, so she took her husband to a govt hospital where he died. Kanak asks her not to cry, they will get Parag punished and even pay him for troubling her. They get lady disguised as rich lady and Kanak becomes her rich daughter. Lady worries if she gets caught. Aditya encourages not to worry, she is just has to and is main lead of this act. Uma wishes all the best to Kanak, her jewelry get stuck in Uma’s holy protective thread and breaks it. She gets worried it is an abshagun/bag sign. They both reach Prathistha Hospital in a big luxury car acting as panicked and Kanak pleads to save her father, she can spend any amount they demand and even sell her house. Doctors check up man and declare him dead, but get greedy seeing her luxury car inform Parag. Parag orders to bill them heavily for fake tests and procedures first and then inform about man’s death. Parag after sometime informs Kanak and lady that they could not save the man. Kanak removes her wig and shows man’s death certificate issued at a govt hospital. Tejaswi Prakash/Mausa reaches with doctors and slaps Parag. Aditya brings reporters and informs that Parag was treating dead body since 2 hours for money. Senior doctor tongue lashes Parag for misusing medical profession for money while honest doctors like Uma are suffering, he says he will suggest medical board to cancel Parag’s license and even reexamine his all previous cases. Police arrests Parag. Reporters report that Parag is arrested in fraud case.

Precap: Uma goes to treat road accident victim who is in deeded Parag’s goon and attacks Uma. Uma gets severely injured and falls unconscious. Kanak gets worried for Uma.

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  1. Ok here’s my imagination of tomorrow’s epi as per the precap. A massive fight will happen between uma n goons n kanak worrying n they go in search of uma n will be shocked to c him in semi death state..panic moments leads to kanak use FIRST AID box which eventually saves uma’s life..uma n adi will be surprised that she saved a life n handled pressure beautifully n uma says now u r a perfect doc n perfect wife..we are perfect diya aur bhati ..n kal se doctor doctor khelenge.wearing a white coat..holding hand in hand they treat patients.?.no proper happy family moments..I just hope my imagination is wrong n get a proper ending

  2. memory loss

  3. Tagore movie scene hai eh

  4. The exposure of Parag is copied from Ramana movie in Tamil except some small changes.:D :D.

  5. Damn SP because of the channel they had to condense the story in few days Will never see a better show like TSMSP on SP ???

  6. Oh I m very sad bcs we got 2nd position in jodi award n 1st position got that stupid n boring show n pair kumkum bhagya who watch that torture. …..but we glad that with kept voting we atleast got 2nd position bcs it was very tough to reach 20000 votes bt we reached to 26000 not bad yar….. for me rhea Sharma n avinesh Rekhi deserve best pair award n they r truly winner????

    1. Right cutie it was a tough task for us bt we tried hard & reached upto 2nd position
      No matter Yar Rhea n avinesh is the best Jodi no comparison of them
      Kumkum bhagya jese bakwas se to koi comparison hi nhi h hmari Jodi or show ka

    2. Very true shreya no comparison with psycho ekta kapoor serials……tsmsp is best if writer dont ruined the storyline n put unnecessary separation then it ll not gonna end so soon atleast this show can easily complete 2 years…..I told many times dont follow other show u can make unique show n present something different but all in vain…..sometimes they should listen viewers point of view infact they make serial for viwers not for walls….

  7. today update please post soon

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