Kasam 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Malishka tries to trap Mahima

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The Episode starts with Mahima taking Jiana to Akki’s room and says he is the same guy who had come to your office. Jiana gets upset. Mahima says your face is showing you didn’t like the room. Jiana asks her to tell about his choice. Mahima tells her suggestions and asks her to design his room well. Jiana asks for tea. Akki comes there. Jiana asks what are you doing here? Akki says this is my room. Jiana calls him parrot and recalls Kritika’s words. Akki thinks she is mad. Jiana says I was talking to him and he went. Jiana stops him and calls him firangi parrot for trying to ruin her career. Akki asks her to stop it. Jiana warns him. Akki asks her to have sympathy on him. Jiana asks what do you think I am following you. Akki says no and says I think you will change entire house. She gets angry.

Mahima tells Balraj that she is getting bored and have no friends. She tells that she will go to the neighborhood and may be she will make new friends. Balraj asks her to return fast. Mahima says don’t worry, nobody will kidnap me. Malishka hears her and makes a plan. Akki calls Ranbir and says toofani came in our house. Ranbir says so you also got someone. He asks him never to accept defeat from woman. Akki asks him to come and handle her. Ranbir says I am the Ranbir Kapoor and have some image, I don’t handle small storms. He asks him to handle her. Akki says ok.

Pummy is buying vegetables in the market. Kritika comes to her seeing her. Mahima buys mangoes. Thief comes and steals her purse and runs. Malishka has planned this and tells Mahima that she will get her purse, but thief runs near Kritika. Kritika beats him and gets the purse. Malishka comes and gets the purse saying it is hers. Kritika asks Malishka how is she? She asks about the case. Malishka excuses herself and thinks this stupid girl would have failed her plan. She hurts her hand and says thief has scratched me. She comes to Mahima and gives her purse, says she hit goon and brought the purse. Mahima gets thankful to her and asks her to come home.

Ranbir asks Akki to feel like a king and tortures the girl. Akki says yes, and says I will settle scores with her. Ranbir says my girl says that I am khiladi. Akki goes to his room and warns Jiana. He falls and she holds him. Jiana asks what he wants to say by doing comedy pose. Akki says why did you save me? To have a chance? Jiana says I saved you for my precious stuff and asks him to leave. Akki says I want to stay in my room. Jiana asks why you want hot girls as you told Mandy. Akki says he didn’t tell anything about her. Jiana stops him. He calls her Ms. Walkie Talkie. Jiana says it is unbelievable, how can anyone be so mannerless. Akki thinks even you, and says I wanted to say you a word and checks on google.

Mr. Batra comes to Vikas Sharma and says he wants to file case against Kapoors. Vikas Sharma says I suggested your daughter to be sweet to them. Batra asks him to send notice. Vikas says I can’t send notice just like that. He asks what is his plan? Batra says I can’t tell about my plan until it is successful. Vikas says all papers are fake and says if we sent notice then my law practice will go from my hand. Batra says he is not an ordinary planner and shares his plan.

Akki reminds Ranbir of Doctor’s words and says may be Kritika is your Past Tanu. Ranbir looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. KriBirTanShiForever

    Oh no, Malishka smells like trouble to me. I hope her plan doesn’t turn into an obsession and that she doesn’t become like Netra. And I hope Mahima will always love Kritika… And I think Akki will be the one who makes them réalisé their previous births as Tanu and Rishi.

  2. I have few random guessing thought to share it with you guys….
    Ranbir said they have the orginal documents of house
    Jiana working in their hom as interior designer whom have access to all the rooms
    Malishka ill definitely steal the paper and ill give to lawer then the blame will go to krithika and jiana just like that once the kappor get to know krithika is the opposing lawer

    Hufffff why can’t this serial guys just go easy on us and give something different. I have this strong feel this is gona happen but i wish this don’t happen

  3. Where is 31st episode update???

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