“TRUST” – THAHAAN (Part-2)

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Hey friends,
Thank u so much for bearing me with all my stupidity… ?
I know our thahaan is being tortured in my ffs ? but they’ll definitely be together at end, u have to be lil patient?

We’ll I’m thinking to make it a fan fiction instead of a TS, as its concept is lengthy n I’m trying hard to portray it as better as I can. Well I’m hardly getting time to write it at once…n mainly I’m very excited to post it in episodes ??
So…..if u will not throw chappals n sandals on me then I’ll continue it as a fan fiction ?


“No one trusts me” he spoke slowly to himself n carried his body with broken heart to his room, throwed himself on bed, on the base of his chest, his finger tips of right hand was touching the floor slightly, his chin was pressed between his head n bed. As he doesn’t wanted anyone to listen him n taunt him again,or, as no one was there to listen him to waste a single second on him. He was all alone between a family, who never loved him, who never supported him, who thinks he’s a murderer. His blinking wetty eyes releases tear dropped to the floor, “I’m sorry” said he closing his eyes.


“No one trusts me” she cried n dragged herself to her room sitting on the corner of the floor, as no one was there to listen her, no one she could say “family”. Her parents were in same city but she couldn’t tell them anything as her father could get a second heart attack. After her marriage with bihaan n after she left him….he suffered a heart attack because of the society. So she was shut. She married to kabir, whom her father trusts a lot!! But he was a devil in the dark house. He tortured her to the core n she was shut.

She was crying lying her head on the wall beside her. She suddenly saw something…. something which was unnoticeable, but she noticed. Something under the bed. She, don’t know why, pulled it out. It was a folded paper, seemed so old, she opens it. It was a phone number. She pressed it gently to clean the paper n to clear her vision. It was a phone number followed by a name “bihaan”. Her tears were unstoppable now. Her past was flashing in front of her eyes. “So this is the number of that murderer” she spoke gnashing her teeth. She was about to throw it when a voice of car horn gave her the goosebumps. She,in a quick action, keeps that paper in her purse n wipes her tears, hurriedly.

“Ting tong” bell rang n she rushed to open the door.

“Hey wifey I’m back” he said hugging her.

She pretended to smile.

“R u not ready yet!!” His sight fell on her while losing his tie.

“N-o I…I was abo-ut to…” She said rubbing her hands together, tensed.

“I said u to be punctual!!!” Said he tightly holding her cheeks. “Its ok now go n get ready” he leaves n she rushes inside.


“Bihaan bhai…..wake up” a voice called bihaan to grab bihaan from sleep. He opens his eyes. “You!!! Why r u again here!! What if anyone will see u here!!! Go from here right now” bihaan said in a low tone, hurriedly getting up from sleep n sitting on bed. “Shhh shhh shh….bihaan bhai, I’ll go but eat this first!! I know u didn’t ate anything since last night….. Why u do this to u bhai!!” She complained. The face revealed, she was kiran.

“Why u yet trust me??” He said with teary eyes seeing her concern.

“I know u can’t do what the family thinks!! U can’t kill dhruv bhai…I know.” She said wiping his tears. “Now stop all this n eat first” she ordered n feeds him.

“Thank u” all he could managed to say in crying voice.

“Bhai…..” She hugs him crying. “Stop punishing yourself”


“Come wifey let’s leave” kabir says holding her hands.
They both leaves in car.

“This is Sanjay Pandey, my friend.” Kabir introduces “n this is my beautiful wife Vani.”

Thapki gets shocked seeing Sanjay Bhaiya there. She smiles n folds her hands in order to say “namaste”. Sanjay feels strange but remains silent.

Other staff members comes to kabir n takes him to drink n dance. He leaves warning her through his eyes. They leaves thapki n sanjay together.

Thapki starts going when Sanjay stops her from behind “thapki….”

Thapki gets shocked n nervous.

“Nice …btw I’m glad u moved on in ur life. But…..u changed ur name!! N even ignoring me to recognize!! Gud……”

“Its not like tha-t Bhaiya….” She interrupted. “I can’t forget u all bcoz of that murderer….u all r still in m-y heart…but I can’t tell this to ka-bir” she continued. “Btw how’s everyone?? Maa, dadi maa, bauji, kiran n everyone??” She asked diverting the topic.

“Everyone is nice…. Maa is busy with her all stuff works of bauji n dadi maa is always busy in teaching various customs n rituals to her bahus.” Sanjay says gladly which makes thapki laugh, kabir notices it from far.

She doesn’t even asks about him weather he’s alive or not!! Not even he was interested to tell her about the criminal.

The party is over. Thapki is scared as she again had to enter in that life.

Kabir n thapki reaches home. “Party was nice” kabir said smilingly.

“Yess it was ni-ce” she replied smilingly thinking about Sanjay Bhaiya.

“U enjoyed a lot!! I see!!” Kabir taunted.

“Hmm” she replied when she felt her hand twisted by him. She moans. “That Sanjay was very nice right!!” He said twisting her hands more. She looked shocked.

“U r no-t in ur senses kab-ir…” She spoke anyhow.

“That’s why u were enjoying right!!” He shouted.

Thapki was in tears….”why u kept me here when u can’t trust me!!” She cried.

“Oh!!! So my love is a torture to u!! I see!!…ok then….leave me n go to whom ever u want !! I’ll not stop u!!” He said leaving her hands with a jerk.

“I can’t do this u know…” She broke down on her knees. “My papa could be una-ble to bea-r this” she said in a low voice wiping her tears. N sees kabir who slept on the sofa without listening her.

The next morning, thapki was sleeping n heard a voice “wifey”. She woke up hurriedly. She sees kabir holding a flower basket, n a breakfast tray. She suddenly keeps herself properly n managed to speak in a frightened voice “what’s th-is”

“Ooo my wifey….actually I’m really sorry for whatever I did last night….I should not talk u like this!! I felt bad.” He says making a sad face caressing her face with a flower.

“Its o-k kabir…” She said as she knew he was habitual of all those. Once he’ll say sorry n secondly he’ll again start all those.

“This time I’m really sorry thapki….” He says in a guilt. “See I bought a sorry gift for my beautiful queen” he says showing her a box.

“What’s i-n this??”

“Open yourself”

“Oh my God!! A mob-ile phone!!!” She gets glad. “Tha-nk u”

“See I’m trying to change myself….will u help me??” He says kissing her hands.

“Yes” she says smiling n hugs him.

“Now go to neetu aunty’s shop, for ur bandages n ointments.

Neetu aunty was the only one she could meet in her loneliness. Her shop was near kabir’s house thus thapki was allowed to meet her.

After kabir left to office thapki locks the door n goes to meet neetu aunty.

“Hey child… How r u??” Neetu aunty asked gladly.

“Hlo aunty…I’m gud” she said with a smile n touched her feet to take blessings.

“What u need beta?”

“Umm…..an oin-tmen-t” she said with her head down.

“Ok …take it” neetu aunty says giving her ointment after a short duration of search.

Thapki was paying when she saw the paper of bihaan’s number in her purse. She ignored n paid her.

“Wow u got a phone!!” Neetu aunty said happily seeing a phone in her hand.

“Yes…kab-ir gifted me” she said n left after a sweet meet with neetu aunty.

On her way, her mind n heart was in a battle. “I should call him once!!! He’s the only who could get me out of this” her heart shouted. “No….I can’t call a murderer for help….he’s such an animal!! So selfish!!” Her brain interrupted. “But he never tortured me!! ….” Her heart replied.

“I’ll call him” she said between the battle.

She goes to the shop again. “What happened child?? Did u forgot something??” Neetu aunty questioned. “Umm….actually I…I wanted t-o make a ca-ll. Can I??” Thapki asked hesitatingly. “Yes of course!! But… What about ur mobile?? Isn’t it working!!” She said sweetly taunting her. “Umm…no..act-ually…” Thapki was about to explain when she interrupted “ok ok..no problem!! I was just pulling ur leg… Take ur time!!” She said smilingly.

She dials bihaan’s number. His phone rings which disturbs him from sleep. He found himself lying on bed n covered with blanket. He wakes up n sees all this smilingly. “Thank u Kiran” he says in his heart.

The phone was constantly ringing which irked bihaan. “Don’t anyone has any work….they r calling a murderer!!!” He taunted himself.

“He’s not picking the call…I think I should stop calling him…after all I’m calling him fifth time!! Where had he gone!! Again to murder someone or what!!” She fumed thinking n was about to cut the call when she heard


“Hello….who’s there??”

“Am I talking to biha-an ??”


“I lo-ve u”

“What!! Who r u??”

She hurriedly cuts the call.

“Stupid!!” She pats her head “what had u done!! Atleast u should’ve think about what r u saying!!” “God!!! What now!!” She says embarrassingly. She goes from shop saying bye to neetu aunty.

He again calls on that number.

“Hello..who’s there??”

“Excuse me….u had called so u must know where did u call”

“Actually… A girl had called me with this number… Can I talk her??”

“I’m sorry she left”

“Can u tell me her name?? I mean….”

“She called u n u don’t know her name!!”

“Actually she asked me to call back….so I’m having only this number.”

Neetu aunty got irked.

“Ok her name is vani n her number is…….” She gives him number.

“Now call on her phone only” she irked n cut the call.

“Who’s vani now!! N why’s she irritating me!! She called me n said “I love u!!!…strange!!”

He calls vani.

Thapki gets scared when saw her phone ringing, she anyhow manages to pick up the call.


“Hey wifey…how r u feeling baby”

“Gu-d kabir….when will u co-me home??”

“We’ll I think it’ll take time today….bcoz of workload so….I can’t say”

“Its ok ka-bir… Come whenever u r free”

“Ok bye sweetheart… Take care”

He cuts the call.

“Vani madam’s phone is busy now” bihaan fumed as he wanted to know who’s his new well wisher who said him those words without knowing how much this will hurt his heart.

“Who’s number is this!!” She thought when he again called her.

She picks the call


Thanks for reading ?
Hope u like it ❤
Don’t forget to comment weather u r liking or not!! ? n should I change it to a fan fiction instead of Three Shots or not ?
Luv u all ❤

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  1. Just wow ? ?

    Hmmmm wel Agr ap ko jaise thek laga Waise kar lo per bihaan ko thek kar do ??? us ko ma Aise Nhi dkh skti ho ??? acha hua thapki ka sath Aise hihune chahye tha ??? kabir ne thek kar ka rka hua hai ? bihaan ka sath bura kya tha ne itne us ki badle hai ya ?? ? per bihaan ka sath Kuy huta hai ??? Jaldi se thek kar do bihaan ko plz…..thapki ka sath Jo rha wo khud thek kar dy ga ??

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much noor for the precious n lengthy comment….it really feels gud when u r writing even without having much time…. N getting these type of comments is really feels priceless then!! ❤ thank u so much… Be like this

  2. Very interesting plot. Kabir is so mean n evil. Looking forward to your next update.

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u mala….yeah kabir is evil but thahaan will be united at end. Will update whenever I’ll get time ?❤

  3. You know Vinni…I would throw flowers on you for making it an ff…yippy… 😉 🙂
    I think kabir is a mad psyco !! And you describe it so well…my heart’s beating in every thabir scenes, scared by what would he done with thapki. Awesome
    How could she said i love u to bihaan? It’s mindblowing…
    Eagerly waiting for the next.
    Thank you and tc 🙂

    1. Vinni7

      Aww lee_na thank u bae ?
      Its my really a great pleasure that u r feeling like the characters!! I’ll always try to give my best dear ❤
      Will try to update soon…?
      Thank u again for ur regular n precious comments ❤

  4. Manish ki deewani

    hello vinni ….both thapki and bihaan r in so much pain but happy that kiran is with Bihu who take care 4 him .and kabir torture thapki uff evil ..thapki love bihaan she said this wow ..hope thapki trust him..
    dear why we throw chapal on u . i also throw flower on u u r my friend na .i am very happy if u turn this ts into ff .tc. love u dear

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much dear ? yeah kiran is with bihaan but many more twist is to come ?
      Ok so I’ll turn it to some shots rather than a ff….so that it could define the concept properly!! I’ll try to update soon ? n thanks for throwing flowers ❤??

  5. kishor Lembhe

    Wow interesting feeling sad for bihaan and thapki hope bihaan save thapki from that evil kabir waiting for next part

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear ?
      Yeah they’ll be together soon ? stay tuned bae ❤

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    Amazing vinni..nice plot. I’m waiting to know the secrets behind it..hope thahaan meet soon

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks juvi ?
      Even I’m desperate to reveal the secrets…. N will do whenever I’ll get time for next ❤ thanks for ur precious comment ?

  7. Wow amazing I am very happy that you are making it as a ff it’s very interesting waiting for next part

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks kiran ? I’ll divide it in various shots rather than a ff…
      Glad u liked it ? stay tuned ❤

  8. yes plz continue it as ff….nuce storyline….poor bihan.
    ..thakpi abrupt love confession i like it….upload soon….

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u sadia ?
      Thank u so much for liking storyline bae ?
      Will update soon ❤

  9. Vinni Di …. First of all I’m really sorry … Because I didn’t comment on your last episode and this time also I’m late …
    A very big SORRY ?
    And di Plz turn this into a fan fiction …
    Kabir’s character as an obsessive lover ?? Just no words
    And Di Thapki’s abrupt love confession … ❤❤ Oh My God ?

    Di love u ❤
    Take care ?

    1. Vinni7

      Hey naitan ? I was actually waiting for ur comment from so long n finally u commented!!! but its ok…u can do comment whenever u like dear ?
      I’ll turn it to some shots don’t worry ?
      Luv u ?
      Stay blessed ❤

  10. Sulbi

    Fantabulous vinni… even am scared while reading… superb… TC 🙂

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks for ur precious comment sulbi ? I’m glad u r feeling just like the character!! ❤ ?

  11. Its amazin keep writing dear

    1. Vinni7

      Hey simi ? thank u so much ❤

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