My wife’s murderer shot 9-Ten Shots(KKB)

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It was a pleasant morning Shanaya was on her daily schedule of investigation she was checking out at some files, Purab was at hospital with Aliya as after one by one attacks Shanaya wanted to be sure that criminal must haven’t get another chance to proceed himself or herself on the way to success Abhi was trying to get out of the trauma, all were busy in their works when suddenly

Shanaya’s Phone rang
Shanaya: Hello Shanaya speaking
Person on call: stay back otherwise you will pay a huge amount to get into this case
Shanaya: when you can’t introduce yourself before speaking then how Will you come in front of me to receive that huge amount.
Person: Stay back otherwise your sister will pay for this
Shanaya: poor information brother nothing worth of try some another time
Saying so she hanged up the call and gestured something outside the room to an officer who was tapping the phone call and she gestured him to come in
Officer: yes mam
Shanaya: did you got any information that from where did that phone call was done
Officer: Yes mam we did it actually it was from Malad area and that also from public booth
Shanaya stressing her word: Public booth too smart well check that from which area it belongs to
Officer: Okay Mam
She again got busy in her work and screen shifts towards Purab he was calling Shanaya
Purab calling Shanaya
Purab: Mam Aliya is conscious now
Shanaya: that’s great news Purab, is she able to give statement
Purab: No mam still not but doctors said once the dose of medicines will get over she will be able to give statement
Shanaya: Oh that’s good well what happened to that person who is claimed to be Tanu’s husband
Purab: I got all information about him madam his name is Nikhil Sharma and they both were married about four years ago
Shanaya: what!!! four years ago!!
Purab: yes mam and the interesting fact is relations among both of them were so good that none of the complaints or issues is found yet
Shanaya: anything else!!
Purab: Yes mam actually Rajendra was telling he got one file from the store of the palace
Shanaya: again one file….(with a tired sigh) okay what is that about
Purab: Mam I am bringing that to you because it will be good if you read it on your own
Shanaya: okay
Purab hanged up the call and said to doctor
Purab: we are going from here Mr Rajendra is on duty and it is strict order from madam that no one should be allowed to meet her even her family members also understand
Doctor: sure sir
Purab: Rajendra
Rajendra: sir
Purab: No one means No one understood!! even doctors also have to show their identity and face too before entering okay
Rajendra: yes sir
Purab: okay go on duty I am going to show this file to madam
saying so he left from there and screen shifts towards Abhi he was setting his stuff in closet and packing Pragya’s clothes which were kept there untouched as they were no longer needed now so he was packing them in bags and keeping them aside as now they were only memories and while doing so something fell down from her side of closet it was kind of note but when he picked up it was a letter, thought to read but before that he completed his work and then sat on the bed and opened the letter and after reading it his eyes were filled with tears and more than that guilt that the letter fell down from his hand and when the camera zoomed it was written there
“My beloved person Abhi
I know when you will get this note it will be too late but still I have to write it because I don’t want that after my departure from this world you stay in guilt or think to spend rest of your life in my memories I know it is shocking for you that how am I writing all this how can I say that I am going to die you never allow me to think anything bad about your wife but today I have to otherwise I will lose my husband. Abhi what I am writing here is totally new to you not new exactly but shocking for you, I don’t have time to write about my feelings so I am saying that with heavy heart that one of your family members is planning to kill you and I can never let that happen so I have to send you out before that person could reach you it is too hard to tell you that what and how it is going to be happen hard to tell you who is that but I can’t and forgive me for what I am going to do, I can only tell you that who so ever is that person he or she had hired Nikhil to do fraud in your sorry our company. Abhi Nikhil is the one I know it and every evidence against them is with me so the chance of threat increases but dear don’t ever let yourself drown in sadness or guilt just get rid of it thinking that I am your past just like our daughter because I am sure that either today or tomorrow I will not be there for you after what I have done, please forgive me for what I did Abhi because it is necessary to bring out that person’s true identity in front of you I can’t lose you so I have to lose myself that evidence file is in the store room hidden behind out marriage photograph whenever you find it and secure yourself Abhi.
Yours beloved
Pragya ”

Reading that Abhi was loss of words he was numb for some time, All the flashes started in his mind
Pragya: listen I don’t want you to go please don’t go
Abhi: Oh please!! Pragya what suddenly you have started!! behaving like a kid
Pragya: I am not saying like a kid but I am getting feelings like something bad is going to be happened for sure
Abhi: And may I know what is that and how suddenly you started getting such feelings
Pragya: I don’t know but…
Abhi: But what!!!! Pragya
Pragya: I don’t know but Please I am begging you don’t go out today it is not good, please
Abhi: I don’t know what is wrong with you today, you are behaving like a typical orthodox damn it suddenly you are getting instincts that something is going to be wrong what rubbish is all this it is being three to four days you are blurting out this kind of craps just enough for now, please
Pragya held his hand and resting her head on his shoulder said
Pragya: If something is related to you then I didn’t even bother to become orthodox but please don’t go out
Abhi yelled:Enough of you just enough of you if you said one more word like this I swear I will be out of my control just look at yourself damn it you was never ever like this (held her shoulders tightly) please don’t change yourself whatever it will be we will see it together but please don’t change yourself for my goodness this change is killing me day by day please
She was looking at him with pleading eyes and he went out shutting the door and with that sound, he came out of flashback with an expressionless face he took a deep sigh trying hard to control his emotions and then kept that letter aside remembering what Shanaya said to him and got emerged in another flashback where he was encountered with Shanaya after getting the truth of Aliya
“Abhi: no I never thought about that as…
Shanaya cuts off: It’s okay Mr Mehra now listen you told me she said that you have to stay at home that day right!!
Abhi: right!!!
Shanaya smirked: what if we think from another point of view
Abhi: What do you mean
Shanaya smirked: I will tell you when the time will come ”
Flashback ends
Abhi stood up from there and taking her photograph in his hand said “So this is it which was Shanaya trying to tell me… you did that because you knew it that I can’t hear anything which is said with the thought of being superstitious and you took advantage of that and being a fool I also did what you was wishing yes you were wishing to send me out and that also with my wish and with that opposite trick you did it too you got succeeded in sending me out and bear that all which was going to happen that day you cheated on me Mrs Pragya Mehra you cheated, you did it to save me right !! but believe me someone else’s life in danger now I won’t leave him for sure”
He picked up his phone and called Shanaya
Abhi in rage: Shanaya did you found anything about Nikhil
Shanaya: yes Abhishek actually we found a lot and…
Abhi cuts her off: where is he

Shanaya felt his behaviour suspicious: Abhishek is everything alright!!
Abhi banging his fist on a nearby table: Just tell me, damn it!! don’t start your question answer session here
Shanaya’s face is shown with shrunk eyebrows and expressions filled with the suspicious expressions she gave him the address and then gestured something to Purab who was coming from the front, he understood what she was trying to say gesturing the following sign showing the mobile phone
Screen shifts towards Abhi he was driving the car in rage and imagining the description of the last moments of Pragya which were given by Shanaya and took a sharp turn in rage then Purab is shown following him and giving instruction of the way to Shanaya second per second, Abhi reached to an apartment and rushed in followed by Purab and then Shanaya as there was a long lawn area before the entrance so Shanaya chose to park her car out as it will be better to follow Abhi hidingly
Abhi was inside the apartment now where Nikhil was he opened the door banging it out
Nikhil: Welcome Mr Abhishek Mehra welcome how come you remembered me today
Abhi: I never thought you are such a cheap man both husband and wife such a cheap personality (grinning his teeth)
Nikhil: Oh please hold on Mr Abhishek don’t praise us too much I know what I have done but don’t know what praisable work my wife did
Abhi holding his collar in rage: You killed my wife and your wife snatched our daughter from us I won’t leave you
Nikhil: just control your hands Abhi because you can’t even think what is where and where you are!! just think before taking a step and for your kind information I haven’t killed your wife but feel proud of my wife that she managed to give you so much pain right!!!

Abhi hit Nikhil hard on his face and about to hit more but before it his hand held by someone and it was none other than Purab who came there on time only because Shanaya ordered him and Nikhil was shocked
Abhi: Purab leave me I won’t leave him today he ruined my world
Shanaya yelled: we are there for punishing him Abhi don’t cross your limits over law
Abhi: NO Shanaya I will not he did it he snatched her from me
He looked Shanaya with tears welled in his eyes showing finally he is letting his emotions out which were buried somewhere he yelled “He snatched my everything from me Shanaya I won’t leave him she was my only world as she was the only one who was loyal to me when even my family wasn’t there for me to support she was there when everyone were in a thought to betray me she was there with me who was the only one I was having as a true relation Shanaya I am all alone now and that also because of this man she must have experienced an unbearable pain for sure he did so much with her I was there who saw her painful death Shanaya my family members just saw her body which was dead but I saw those deep cuts over head and face those lesions it wasn’t easy to look her in that state my whole world was spinning around me Shanaya that oozing blood from her wounds those blue marks over her hand were clearly showing that pain was there, more than the pain of torture she must have shouted in pain also but no one was there to hear she must have cried but no one was there Shanaya and she must have cried continuously must have tried to protest but this man he never let her take a breath and today he will also not get a chance (looked at Nikhil with rage in his eyes)
Nikhil: you brought cops along with you!!!
Abhi: Not only cops I am also there Mr Nikhil now start counting your minutes which are left for your life
Nikhil with a smirk: Do you really think you can succeed!! just look around it is not so easy to catch a person and that also like me
Shanaya: Just cut the crap Mr. you are under arrest
Nikhil with a smirk: me or you!!!
Shanaya looked around there were goons all around them then rolling her eyes said to Nikhil
Shanaya: Nikhil you are moron
Nikhil folding his hands: how
Shanaya: you have asked your goons to cover up us and left the main thing ignoring (stepping back)
Nikhil: what??
Shanaya: Purab my dear go and show Abhishek our brand new car and till then let me talk to Mr Nikhil
Nikhil was all lost in activities of Shanaya that how casually she was saying everything that as if there is no problem at all Purab went out taking Abhi forcefully and Shanaya tapping Nikhil’s head said
Shanaya: Abbey saley ye darwaja tere dadaji aakar cover karenge (you moron now will your grandfather will cover up this door)
Nikhil got into senses: idiots close that door
Shanaya: aan aan… ruko bhai employee bhag gaye boss yaha phasi hui hai achha lagta hai kya khud batao kaisa lagega agar mai tumharey boss ko rok lun to achha lagega (wait wait dude, employee escaped and boss is stuck in porblem is it looks good!! I mean think yourself if I catch your boss and leave you all then will you feel good)
Goons: no
Shanaya: phir!! pehle mujhe janey to do bhai phir to maza aayega na pakdam pakdai ka tab tak apne boss ke sir me tel laga do taki usko jo samjh nahi aa raha wo bhi samajh aa jaye okay (then!! so let me go first then only it will be fun in chasing game till then go and oil your boss’s head which is spinning in confusion)
she manipulated them well and escaped from there then Nikhil yelled “Catch her idiots”
All the goons ran behind her and she came in a rush to Purab
Shanaya: hurry up Abhi get into the car they are coming to us with lots of weapon and we don’t have anything else
Abhi: you have your revolver
Shanya: it have only six bullets and person are almost 20
Abhi: then we will run like a coward!!! you are a police inspector Shanaya
Shanaya: I am police but a human too
Purab: Oh stop spreading your moral duty thoughts and open the car damn it
Abhi: wo I want to say that…
Purab: that…
Shanaya: that…
Abhi: petrol tank is empty
Purab: saley to gadi me kya ek taraf ka petrol ab wo tau dalengey aakar hey bhagwaan biwi mari to mari iska dimag le mari ab to meri wali chudi zaroor todegi (you idiot so why you didn’t checked petrol tank before coming here now who will fill the petrol tank these uncles who are behind us!! damn it his wife died and took his brain with her too now my wife will be a widow for sure)
Shanaya: don’t waste your time Purab we can go in your car
Purab: yes sure
they rushed towards his car and Purab put his hand in pockets
Shanaya: what happened
Purab with a worried face: I guess the keys fell down when I was making him free from Nikhil
Shanaya patting her head: satyanash tujhse koi ummeed ki bhi nahi jaa sakti (nothing else can be hope from you)
Abhi: now whose wife will be a widow
Purab: tu to chup ho hi ho ja tere emotional honey ke wajah se hua ye maine bola the tau ke upar bina kisi wepon ke kood ja (you shut up! it’s all because of you neither you have become emotional and jumped over him without weapon nor this would have happened)
Shanaya: just shut up now and come with me
they rushed out and Shanaya entered the driver seat
Purab: no you will not no no no extreme no you will not drive I will be the only one who will drive
Abhi: you just shut up Purab, Shanaya you carry on drive fast
Purab with a pleading face: brother ask anything from me but dont ask her to drive fast becasue she never drives fast
Abhi with a confused face: so!! do she drives so slow
Purab: no acutally….
before he could complete the car was started and was talking to air Shanaya was driving so harshly that Abhi and Purab both of their eyes were opened in shock then Purab said
Purab: I have said you don’t ask her now I am sure we won’t be alive God only one request I have from you please kill me by sending on border or those goons itself but not by this driving of hers please god
Abhi being scared: Pragya my dear I said that you are cheater jokingly yr and you took it so seriously if something happened to me then who will search for our daughter yr I am sorry
Purab: god save us god save us
Abhi: aaltu jalaal tu aayi bala ko taal tu
Purab: jai ma kali jai ma kali
Abhi: jai Hanuman Jai hanuman
Purab: why the hell are you worshipping Hanuman now
Abhi: he was the only one who saved Laxman right!! so he can save us too you also do remember only those god who saved someone
Purab: right bro
Abhi: jai hanuman jai hanuman
Purab: jai mata di jai mata di

Shanaya pulled a gear and car jumped from the stairs which were in front of her and shouted “Jai shree ram” Purab and Abhi’s eye were opened like they were pop out then Shanaya stopped the car and got out of it, it was a park an open area the cars of goons also stopped and all got out of it and Shanaya too
Purab while sitting in car trying to balance himself : This lady is cracked first escpaed now saying come on demon kill me
Abhi: God is great
Goons: finally you stopped
Shanaya putting up her shades: actually the fact is I never want to hurt any one who is innocent and there were many innocent so now this area is free let’s start your treatment as you all are ill
Purab getting out of the car: can’t you tell me earlier damn it that this is action time
Shanaya: is it Power Ranger SPD going on so I have to say SPD before action
Purab: No but let’s begin
Shanaya: exactly
and suddenly the fight starts there one goon was about to hit shanaya on head but she bent and kicked his knee by which he fell feeling extreme pain and then one was about to stab her but she smiled at him holding his hand and said “Not so soon bro” she slapped him hard until he fell unconcious then Purab was also fighting with everyone and one was about to hit Shanaya by cheat Abhi held his hand and then he also was on field when he noticed that Nikhil is about to shoot and on the target there was Purab and then Shanaya he pushed Shanaya and that time itself Nikhil shot the gun and the bullet hit his back he fell unconcious Purab took action and catch Nikhil immediately Shanaya arrested him and then took Abhi to hospital
In the police station
Shanaya: So Mr. Nikhil finally you are caught now the case is solved
Nikhil in rage: Miss Shanaya case is not solved yet real culprit is still out of your reach and believe me you can’t even reach them
Purab slapping him: Stop blabbering
Nikhil: I am not blabbering and I am telling the truth only I never did anything neither killed Pragya nor my wife it was someone else hired by them
Shanaya pulling his hairs: who just spit and shoot
Nikhil: they want him to be death and they only called me to shoot him targeting you was only an excuse as I knew it he will save you for sure
Shanaya smirked: do you reallly think I am going to hear your fake stories
Nikhil: I am not cooking up as it is of no use I am already in your clutches but they are free believe me I was only doing fraud in company but they were the one who was planning it all
Shanaya: who are they
Nikhil: I don’t know about them as they were hidden everytime but I know about the person who killed Pragya
Shanaya: who is he

Screen freezed upon her face

Precap: Climax time
So hope this is up to expectations just one more to go

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