Love between souls… KRIYAM… Part 7

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Krishna and Saiyyam have an eyelock.Krishna break the eyelock.

Krishna:- Ah.. Thanks Saiyyam

Saiyyam just looks at her.Krishna leaves.

At night Saiyyam thinks about Krishna.

Saiyyam:- (thinking) why am i thinking about Krishna.What is special about her.Why i do all the things she say.Why can’t i see her sad.What is happening to me.No I can’t be like this

Morning.It is marriage going.During bidaai Krishna cry.Saiyyam feels bad for this.But he didn’t express anything.

After two days later they were going back to their college. Krishna’s parents see off them.They get into train.Saiyyam sleeps .

Krishna:- (thinking) is this time to is only 5pm.

Krishna nitices some boys watching her.

Saiyyam wakes up at 7pm.

Krishna:- Saiyyam is this time to sleep.You know is was not feeling comfortable.

Saiyyam:- (looks at her fearful eyes) don’t worry I am here.

They have dinner together.

Saiyyam:- Krishna you sleep now.

Krishna:- ok good night

Saiyyam goes somewhere.

One of the boy comes there and touches Krishna’s hands.She got really scared.She gets up.

Saiyyam comes there.She hugs Saiyyam tightly.Saiyyam gets shocked.She cries hugging him tightly.He hugs her back

Saiyyam:- Krishna what happened.please don’t cry.Tell me what happened

The boys were seeing all this.Krishna tells him what has happened

Saiyyam wipes Krishna’s tears.

Saiyyam:- Krishna i will come just now.

Krishna:- No Saiyyam please don’t go.I am scared

Saiyyam:- Don’t worry Krishna.I am here.Nothing will happen to you.

Saiyyam goes to the boys.He takes them to doorside.

Saiyyam hits them.

Saiyyam:- How dare you to touch MY KRISHNA.I will kill you.

Krishna come there.She sees Saiyyam hitting them.

Krishna:- Saiyyam no stop

Saiyyam:- No Krishna.You go i will handle this

Krishna:- What will you do? Do you kill them

Saiyyam:- Ya i will kill them.They have hurt you.I can’t see you crying.(He says all this during hitting them.)

Krishna:- please Saiyyam for me just come from here.

She takes Saiyyam from there.

Saiyyam:- Krishna now you sleep i am here.

Krishna:- ok Saiyyam

Krishna sleeps thinking about Saiyyam’s words.

Saiyyam saw her hair comes to her face.
He goes to her and removes her hair.He unknowingly caresses her face.Then he comes in senses.He takes his hand but Krishna holds his hand.She sleeps holding his hand.He sits on Krishna’s side and gradually sleeps.

It is morning.Krishna wakes up.She sees Saiyyam sitting beside her and sleeping holding hands.She smiles slightly.She pats his head.She thinks about his words.

Krishna:- ( thinking) why i am happy about Saiyyam’s words.I just wanted to be friends with him.I don’t know.It is complicated.

Saiyyam wakes up.

Saiyyam:- woh.. last night you hold my hand so i sit here.i don’t know when i slept.Sorry

Krishna:- Its ok Saiyyam

Saiyyam:- After one hour our station will come.

Precap:- Krishna and Saiyyam reaches college

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