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I am thankful to u guys who r supporting me by commenting daily….. i know i have many silent readers also….. hence thank u to them for reading the ff… many new people r commenting right now & that shows that there is increase in no. of readers of my this first ff…

I got one suggestion from Saasha on part 6 regarding the use of this F**K word, she asked me for not using this word. i also don’t like to use that word but what to do in original serial shivay uses that word frequently.. To show his frustration hence i had to use that word…. but after her comment i thought a lot.. & decided to use HELL instead of F**K …, both this words shows frustration so this will be change. try 2 understand it

I am so glad u r liking the ff so much some people r commenting that they r liking the way daksh proposed annika, his dialogues trust me guys i was so worried for that bcoz my relationship status is single, i am not in any relationship like this in my whole life…. whatever my knowledge about relationship and love i have, that is just bcoz of films and TV… hence i was so nervous but these guys just relieved me by mentioning it specially in there comment…..

now i will stop my bak bak…..


Epi 7


shivay pulls annika in dark room, pins her to the wall gets closer and tries to know the reason behind her anger but annika doesn’t tell him anything she behaves in very professional way. she taunts him indirectly. she hides her pain and gives fake answers bcoz of which shivay gets angry on her. he comes close to make her tell about the reason but lost his control and he tries to kiss annika’s lips, bcoz of his misbehavior annika gets hurt again and confronts shivay for this…shivay curses himself for increasing the problems…

somu finds annika sad and tries to know the reason but annika talks in puzzle and goes from there still our somu understands the issue and thinks to share with omru

daksh has asked dadi to gather all family members in hall…shivay finds daksh stupid. daksh tells them that he want to share his life’s most precious moment with them and proposes annika for marriage in a very sweet way… and pleads her to accept this relationship… everyone looks on being shocked.. shivay is shocked but has full confidence that annika will reject the proposal… annika is dumbstruck and confused……..



everyone is waiting curiously for annika’s reply. shivay thinks that i know ur ans annika, i am dam sure u will say no…. on the other hand annika is very confused and searches for words… she looks at shivay who is thinking in mind & smirking with wide grin..

daksh: plzzz annika tell me ur ans…. u know i can do anything for u….. i can sit here in front of u holding this ring for my whole life but it pains yaaar…. plzz my knees r paining alot…( and smiles broadly on his joke)
annika: (with daksh voice she comes out of her thought glares at shivay….thinks about his words,his misbehavior & looks @ everyone…. and forwards her ring finger in front of daksh & smiles faintly) daksh it’s yes from my side…..

[ daksh gets super happy…. he makes her wear the ring and kisses her hand lightly…. everyone claps for them…. annika is continuously looking at shivay… shivay has pain in his eyes which can be seen through the slight tears also….. he looks on shocked bcoz he didn’t expected this, he feels like someone is stabbing his heart with knife but don’t know the reason behind the pain…..]

dadi: oye hoye……!!! congratulations puttar. (and hugs both annika & daksh at the same time) annika beta i am so happy for u… bcoz daksh is very good guys he is like shivay to me he will always keep u happy..(and kisses her forehead & turns to daksh hits him playfully on chest ) oye khotya…U call darling to me and marriage proposal for annika & u didn’t even tell me about this
daksh: (takes dadi in side hug) sorry dadi, but i also don’t know when i started loving her this much but u know this is all just bcoz u after all i am a grand son of ishqbaaz dadi…(and pecks on dadi’s forehead)
tej: daksh my boy u have taken the right decision u have chosen the best girl for u…. she is like my family to me hence don’t u dare to hurt her (And smiles widely)
shakti: yes bhaiya is saying right u both looks like made for each other…. congratulations to u both…
annika & daksh: thank u uncle…(both says in unison)
shakti: bhaiya i have to discuss about the mehara’s project, can we?
tej: yeah, yeah sure.. (both tej & shakti goes from there)
pinky: ohhh my mata jethani ji….(sings) do dil mil rahe hai magar chupake chupake & we don’ts know ji….
janhavi: yes pinky u r right daksh u r a chupa rustam (means who hides things) and annika u also u said to me that u r not having any plan of marriage.
annika: it’s not like that aunty ji, actually i … i…( searches for words)
janhavi: it’s okay annika we were just kidding (& winks at pinky, later both pinky and janhavi hugs annika, congratulates her & goes in their room for some work)
om: (hugs daksh tightly and looks toward shivay…) bro…… congratulations !!! i am very happy for u ( he goes to annika and side hugs her) congratulation dear…
and guys one shayari for u both

pyaar na dil se hota hai,
na dimaag se hota hai,
yeh pyaar toh ittefaq se hota hai,
par pyaar karake pyaar hi mile,
yeh ittefaq kisi kisi ke saath hi hota hai…..
daksh: thank u bhai, nice one haan…(and shows thumbs up)
rudra: (attention seeker fakes the drama) every one forgot me, u all r bad no one loves me…(goes to annika) annika didi i thought at least u love me but u also didn’t tell me anything.. i am angry on u for this (makes a frown face)
annika: rudra… it’s nothing like that u know na ur the most important to me… u r my lil brother ( and hugs him)
rudra: it’s okay didi u know na i can’t be angry on u… but daksh bhaiya i am angry on u…..(gives angry look to daksh) U have stolen my didi from me now she will love u more than me
[hearing this daksh blushes & annika feels awkward]
daksh: ohoo dumbell oberoi is worried for this, don’t worry my little bro she will love u more than me……. now happy…( rudra grins)
somu: so i am the left alone for congratulating u…..(and runs to annika hugs her ) di i am so glad that u got a life partner like daksh bhaiya …everyone doesn’t have this much fate to get a good husband ( and glares at rudra)
daksh: don’t worry dear…. u will also get a good husband like me but sorry i can’t help u bcoz i am reserved for my whole life for my annika….
om: somu u r actually wrong u r not the last one to congratulate…., shivay didn’t congratulate yet…. shivay what r u waiting for… ( and raises his eye brow looking toward shivay)

[shivay was fuming in anger bcoz of this all goody goody atmosphere and this congratulation and appreciation towards relationship of daksh and annika…. everyone is praising them both but more ever he was devastated to know the answer of annika. his belief got shattered in pieces today he was in immense pain but the reason was not known to him…..]

shivay: yeah, yes… y….(fumbles while speaking) congratulation annika.(and looks in her eyes directly to find some answers)
annika: thank u (she looks away and avoids eye contact from his eyes bcoz she don’t want to get lost in those eyes…)
daksh: hey bro, i must thank u for all this, bcoz if u were not there then how came i mate my annika…..(and hugs shivay tightly)

[shivay doesn’t react, words of daksh keeps hovering in his mind ‘ MY ANNIKA’. he breaks the hug and goes from there… annika continuously looks at his retreating image. om observes this all shivay’s reaction. every one goes towards there room just then daksh also gets some call and he excuses himself…. annika goes towards dadi]

annika: dadi all the preparations r done for sangeet function….. is there any work remaining ?
dadi: areey puttar how much will u work ? there is no work left.. u go home and take rest, i’ll ask daksh to drop…
annika: dadi… it’s not needed it is not that much late i’ll go my self & daksh is busy in some call hence i’ll go u don’t worry and smiles at dadi
dadi: okay beta if u r saying this much then i’ll not stop u.. but take care of yourself okay..
[annika nods at dadi and leaves from there….. she wants to leave oberoi mansion ASAP…. hence she takes her belongings and goes from there]


annika is walking on a road totally lost in her thoughts….


what is happening to me, i had decided to not marry now, then why i said yes to daksh……why i am not feeling any happiness after this as per everyone’s saying i should be happy bcoz now me and daksh r going to marry each other. later she looks at the ring which daksh made her wear… and some tears starts flowing unknown to her.
just then she gets conscious and feels someones presence behind her back, she turns to check but finds no one. she starts walking again and she speeds up and starts walking faster… the same stalker is following her whenever annika looks behind he hides some where… later he takes a knife out of his pocket and is gonna back stab her with it she turns and find him and screams loudly in fear…. bcoz of this sudden shock she falls on road but she manages to run from there…. the stalker asks her to stop and runs behind her with the knife…. annika stumbles bcoz of a stone and falls down just then the stalker also comes there chasing her she gets frightened and screams for help but no one is there to help her…she tries to call shivay but his phone is switched off…..the stalker says u can’t get saved from me annika u have to come to me only….. and shows the knife and comes closer… annika closes her eyes in fear…..

some one puts hand on her shoulder and she screams out of fear….the person ask her to open her eyes…and see him

ACP: hey annika, open ur eyes it’s me ranveer….. what happened ?
annika: (opens her eyes and sees ranveer there and gets relieved but she is still in trauma) wo…wo …. (& tries to tell him)
ACP: okay… okay calm down… (holds her by her shoulders and try to calm her) hey don’t worry i am here with u (orders his assistant) shinde bring some water( his assistant gives the water bottle) here have some water u will feel better.. (annika drinks the water now she is composed & calm) now tell me, what happened ? u look so tensed and what r u doing here? why did u screamed when i hold u ?
annika: (she explains him everything about the stalking incidents & cries badly) i don’t know who is that person….? & why is he behind me i really don’t know… me…
ACP: hey calm down, calm down… don’t worry i trust u (assures her by keeping his hand on her shoulder in assurance) U r safe with me annika… come i’ll drop u (gets up and gives her a helping hand)
annika: (takes his hand but suddenly feels the pain in her leg, she winces in pain) aahhh……
ACP: hey r u okay what happen (he gets tensed for her)
annika: i think my leg got sprain bcoz of the fall….
ACP: what…!!! let me check (he makes her sit on a bench nearby and examines her leg to check….) i think u have got a savior sprain… come sit in car (gives her support to get in the car)

and drives away from there……


he is speaking to someone don’t worry…. my plan is perfect. no one will come to know about it. u see now annika also agreed we r going like our plan only we will definitely gets succeeded in our plan……


dadi comes in the hall and gets shocked and call out everyone loudly………….everyone gathers tejvi (tej+ janhavi), pinksh (pinky + shakti), daksh, shivay, omru (om+rudra), sompri (somu +priyanka)…… everyone gets equally shocked…..
epi ends on everyone’s shocked face……



who is stalking annika…..?
how come ACP is behaving like this……?
what is daksh’s plan…?
why is every one shocked…..?

hey done with my update of part 7
i am feeling that i have typed a very boring one epi…. i don’t know
but i’ll come to know it by ur comments hence guys comment plzzzzzzz……………………

and i want ur suggestions guys i am gonna make the sangeet ceremony as the maha episode
so how u want that maha episode with details of their dance moves & songs
or with just song name and their feelings explanation…
plz tell me about this i have to prepare a lot for maha episode….

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    1. Mrunal

      Yep dear I’ll post it soon
      Till then keep thinking

  2. Anjaly

    awesome episode update soon dear

    1. Mrunal

      Yep anju….? thanks dea
      I am gonna type the next part today at night.

    1. Mrunal

      Thanks san…

  3. Akshaya

    I think prinku will give ranveer a slap for being sweet with anika . I think shivaay will join her too. Meri pannika . Great episode dear

    1. Mrunal

      Hey akshu good try dear…
      Keep thinking
      Thank u….????

  4. Anujohnson

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      Thank u anujohnson….?

  5. Nansshivika

    Suspense full end.episode is superb and mrunal shivay says what ta wuck TV shows they can’t use such words they use wuck instead of ………
    U can also use tat

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u nansshivika….
      Thanks for informing about the pronunciation of exact word which shivay uses….???

      Can i call u nans…?

      1. Nansshivika

        Sure dear.its nandini my name.u can call me ta way u love??

  6. Jazz1

    It’s awesome. But again u left us wid suspense . U r a suspense genius. For this I will give u an award.
    It’s a compliment for u dear and take it as a good one. Cuz I really love ❤️ ur ff and I like suspense stories

    1. Mrunal

      Hey jazz thank u so much for awarding me this WORLDS SUSPENSE GENIUS AWARDAWARD…???

      It is a great honor for me to get a comment like this

      Love u yaar….??

  7. Shivika

    It was awesome dear….i liked but suspense haunts me a lot…post nxt one soon

    1. Mrunal

      Hey dear… Thanks for the comment…??
      And about suspense don’t worry suspense is gonna end in 2-3 episodes…

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    1. Mrunal

      Thank u so much anu for ur sweet and lovely comment….?
      No need to use new words yaar ur comment is most imp for me…..

      And yeah annika is busy in wedding so don’t disturb her….???

      Hey i hope u will not mind if i call u by anu as a nickname….

    2. Ananya7044

      Ofcourse i wont mind mrunal..u can undoubtedly. …

  10. Priyali

    awesomeeeeeeeee again mrunal ,,,, u really know how to keep readers hooked to your ff!!!
    p.s that was a compliment

    1. Mrunal

      Hey priyu thanks dear for ur superb compliment….???

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      Jayu i know i am killing u with this much suspense sorry for that dear…?
      Ty for comment….?

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    Oh thank u for taking me suggestion and how come u always come with suspense oh god suspense queen mrunal di…. and comin to the ff fantabulous awesome splendid….

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      Hey saasha…. My dear thanks a lot for ur lovely comment…?

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    U always leave Ur update at cliffhanger
    I am eagerly waiting for next update
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    1. Mrunal

      Hey pinky thanks dear…
      Tomorrow morning u wil get the new epi….?

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    1. Mrunal

      Thank u dini?

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    It is great ?? but you are really bad by feeling that it is boring.
    I would suggest you to make the maha episode with just the song names and express their feelings in detail.

    1. Mrunal

      hey dear thanks a lot….for the suggestion on maha epi…

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    pls jldi post kro

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